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An environmental surf documentary about the rich heritage of surfing, the science of surf, threats to ocean, coast & wildlife & the people making a difference.
Leo McCrea
United Kingdom
1 Team Member

Short Summary


My names Leo McCrea, I am a UK based TV Director and Producer with over 70 hours of prime time factual broadcast experience. I have made many shows for UK Broadcasters Ch5, Ch4 and the BBC. Most recently Robson’s Extreme Fishing but also Scrapheap Challenge, Shipwrecked and Undercover Boss.

For so long I have been passionate about creating a TV show that really matters and important to me. I am a keen surfer who loves to travel - yet noticing the world around me change day by day with environmental, humanitarium and wildlife issues.    I have realized that I wanted to make a pilot about surfing, the history of surf, the science behind it, environmental issues and the good work people are doing all over the world to do something about these issues.

I hope to obtain this funding to help me make a pilot with a view to gaining a sponsor and a broadcaster; who will hopefully commission the remaining shows.

I have enough ideas for 6 solid shows to begin with but your initial contribution will help to get the pilot made and hopefully start to make it all happen.

This is a brand new TV show idea, the first of its kind. I want to use all my experience for the good of the programme to get these important issues out there in a fun and informative manner.

The pilot will be the first film of 6 - each film based in a different country.

The important issues we will aim to look at will be:

- Annual dolphin slaughtering into the tens of thousands

- Plastics polluting our oceans

- Rising sea levels

- Islands full of rubbish the size of 123 football fields

- Local wildlife and coastal nature in danger

Plus the rich heritage of surf, surfing personalities and the people working on good causes to do with surfing, the ocean and sealife.

What We Need & What You Get

We need $20,000 to get this project off the ground. This will pay for the location costs and expenses whilst shooting on location, the equipment hire, the post production costs of editor and suite, and hopefully go some of the way for the final picture and sound mix.

As a substantial contributor you will get a with thanks to in our end credits and on the shows website. You will have the knowledge that you contributed to something worthwhile that hopefully will make a difference and expand awareness.

Myself and the presenter will invest our time in this project for free because we believe in it and really want to make it.

The Impact

Your involvement in this project will get important environmental messages to the general public to raise awareness, at the end of the film we will show a website where viewers can find out how to donate to these issues, helping the charities that are supporting these causes.

How you can help

If you can’t contribute please share this to your social media, post it on facebook, email it to friends, share it on twitter, you never know there might be someone out there willing to help and get involved!

Many thanks for reading and if you can contribute I promise myself and my team will do our level best to make a stunning, informative and meaningful film.

Leo McCrea






Sam is a new presenter who has already done some great documentary work, he is a geographer, pro surfer and published travel writer, having written Surfing Tropical Beats and Surfing Brilliant Corners. He also writes for numerous international surf magazines. Plus he has an active interest in environmental and humantarium issues.


Find out more about Sam here: http://www.sambleakley.com/



Will is an adventure travel specialist having filmed documentaries across the globe from the jungles of Guyana to the Sahara to the Arctic Tundra. Will has worked with top talent including Ben Fogle and Louis Theroux.

Find out more about Will's work here http://willmilner.co.uk/#/recent-work/4569571737 



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    Contributors at the $1000.00 mark will receive a with thanks at the end of the show. and a mention on the website with a website link. A digital download and invites to screenings.

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    Estimated delivery: September 2013
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