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Our Campaign meant to create awareness among the masses about Sanitation & Unsafe drinking water and its effect on Girl Child Education and there health.
Gagan Deep
6 Team Members

Support us in Providing Girl Child Education, Sanitation & Safe Drinking Water Facilities .


Heeals is a Non Profit Organization registered under the Indian Government societies act 21 of 1860 .A vibrant civil society organization aims to safeguard health, environment, education and livelihood to promote sustainable development of society. 

What we wants to do :

Our Campaign meant to create awareness among the masses about Sanitation & Unsafe drinking water and its effect on Girl Child Education and their health.

Through this Campaign Girl Child Education in Context To Sanitation and Safe Drinking Water we are aiming to create awareness among Girl Child Population & Families about good sanitation, Education and safe drinking water facilities in schools,at their homes and their community .We wants to spread our message in Downtrodden and marginalized section of urban & rural slums through the use of communication tools such as ICT (Information Communication Tools) , IEC(  Information Education Collaterals) and by the use of more alternative & interactive methods such as Drama , one to one interaction , survey etc.

Why we need funds

This is the pilot project of our organization through which we are trying to touch One of the major factor responsible for low literacy rate among girl population and increase in Girl Dropout rate from schools. We have already done immense research and work, we also reached out to the beneficiaries in about three states of India and implemented our project successfully in the benefit of the community and girl child in the past one year.

But now we don’t have any funds left to take this Project Forward, as we were funding out of our pocket before.This project is very very important not only to us but for the Girl child community & families who are waiting for our Project to be implemented and we are targeting to take our project in five majorly affected states of India.

Magnitude Of What Contributors Will Help US Achieve:

The funding from the contributors will going to help our project immensely in benefitting the community, the funding will going to help us in reaching out to 1,00,000 people or 25,000 families in five states of India.

What We Need & What You Get

Funding Break Up :

Total Project Cost For 3 Months Implementation in Five States of India

Total Project Cost : US $ 5672

Funding required: US $ 3970

We are contributing 30 % of the total cost from our pockets that is US $ 1701 and only need 70 % of the total project cost as mentioned above to reach out to our beneficiaries and to reach our target.

The funds generated from  this campaign will go directly in implementation of our Project meant to provide awareness to about 1,00,000 people or 25,000 families concerning education to Girl child ,good sanitation &  safe drinking water facilities and methods to obtain the same in five states on India.

We will provide the detailed break up of the funds utilized in implementing the project to the contributors.

Perks !

We will Provide Handmade Tribal Handicrafts and Hand woven stole and apparels made by  beneficiary families. Framed Pictures , Posters and Paintings by Children. Children Hand Made Post Card , written by them to the contributor specifically. 

Where the funds go if we don’t reach our entire goal.

We are aiming to reach our Goal of US$ 3970 , if we are not able to reach the target amount then we would not be able to reach the targeted  5 states of India and have to make our self limited to 3 states.

The Impact

Why Project Is Valuable To Contributor and To The World

India is the open defecation capital of the world, where people have more mobile phones then toilets, having easy access to banks as compared to toilets. Open defecation is a big concern and a big issue to be addressed which still is not that touched upon subject among the community. As people here do not wants to talk about this issue. People in many part of the villages here make there homes without the toilets as they don’t see any use of it , instead of this they go out and defecate in the open , without knowing the ill effects and consequences of it on girl child education , health and environment.There is also lack of knowledge among the girl community in rural areas about the basic mentrual hygiene, precautions and steps.

Girl Child education is suffering a lot due to the non availability of toilets, sanitation facilities , methods of obtaining safe drinking water . Due to non availability of these facilities not only education and health is suffering but girls and women are also becoming subjected to sexual harassment and eve teasing incidents which are on a rampant rise due to these factors.

We wants to address the problem by making the community more aware regarding Sanitation , Methods of Obtaining Safe Drinking Water and Its relation To Girl Child Education.

Activities that we are targeting to perform and to execute the project are mentioned below :-

  • ICT Tools such as Sanitation Games and Application Over the Smart Phone and Using them to Interact with Targeted Population, Bulk SMS , Video Van , Documentary Shows , Online Heeals Website, Blog, , Mass Mailing , Social Media.
  • Through IEC material such as Posters , Banners , Wall paintings , Flyers and Through Interactive Book We have developed to create awareness among school children and women.
  • Dramas , Street Plays , Nukkad Nataks ( Community Play Shows), Magic Shows 
  • Drawing Competitions, Sport Meets , Symposiums, Quiz Competitions in schools
  • Participating in Village Trade Fairs , Cultural and Festival Fairs ( Mela ) , Involving Religious and local Leaders to influence the public about Sanitation , Safe Drinking Water and Its Effects on Girl Child Education to attract masses.

By Creating Awareness Here contributors are not only supporting a single project but also supporting & nurturing the lives of 100,000 Individuals or 25000 families that comprises of large number of girl population. About 66 % of girl education is suffering because they have no toilet or sharing the same one with boys in schools or they either have to run away to fields or have to control till they reach home to relieve themselves.

41 % of the girl student drop out from schools is due to lack of  toilet facilities,sanitary pad disposal fcaility, lack of knowledge at the time of mensturation and sanitation among girls, things become much worse when the girl students achieve puberty , they become subjected to the incidents of sexual harassment , eve teasing cases , and mental breakdowns.41 % of girl dropout rate is among the students after they enter into 6th standard and most of them drop out due to fear of harassment and embarrassment due to non availability of toilet facilities in school and due to less knowledge about the menstrual hygiene and sanitation during the periods.

Many of the students and families also suffer due to lack of knowledge in obtaining safe drinking water, sanitation , it severely affects the life of Girl Child student as they keep suffering from Cholera , Typhoid , Diarrhea and many other water borne diseases which are directly effecting there attendance in school. This is impacting not only the education but also the lives of the families and also there ability to manage and handle household chores and work.

We are doing thi sproject from past one year.Our Work has been highly appreciated & mentioned by the public and the media in Different platforms and forums such as, News Papers (Dainik Jagran) , Online PR media , Public Forums  and in  National Sanitation Portal called India Water Portal  where our Campaign Reports , Survey Reports and Press Releases has been highlighted and immensely appreciated among them Social Media is the other

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

There are always various ways through one can help in achieving the goals of helping the one who need our help.

As a contributor apart from money you can contribute a lot in following ways :

  • You can Share the knowledge with us and with public which can make our project and program more reachable and impactful in the benefit of community.
  • You can spread the words about our project through the use of Indigegogo share tools
  • By the use of social media you can spread the words , can run online campaign about our project to garner support. 
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$3,970 USD goal
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This campaign ended on March 25, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Invitation For Volunteering

    Official Invitation For Volunteering with us,with discounted registration fees

    0 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $25USD
    Hand Written Letter

    Thank You Letter on Recycled Paper Made By Girl Beneficiaries hand written by them , addressed to the contributor.

    0 out of 25 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $50USD
    Hand Made Greeting Card

    Hand Made Greeting Card From Girl Beneficiaries , Made by them on Recycled Pulp Paper With The Name Of Contributor on It and personally signed by the girl who has made her and will also send you the Picture and Story of that girl written in her own handwriting

    3 out of 15 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $100USD
    Painting By Beneficiaries

    Painting Made by the Girl Beneficiaries with the whole story behind the picture and thank you mail to the contributor with there name and personally signed by the girl or group of girls on painting and on both the letters

    1 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $200USD
    Indian Tribal Handicrafts

    Indian Tribal Handicrafts personally made for contributors by the beneficiary families living in tribal villages. Hand Made by them and also there name engraved on the handicrafts as a thank you note . A personally written letter by group of girls on a tree Skin Paper known as Bhoj Patra in India , on which ancient Indian Text were written thousands of centuries ago.

    0 out of 2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
  • $500USD
    Hand Woven Stole (Shawl)

    Full Report of the Project Campaign ,Hand Woven Stole & Indian Tribal Handicrafts personally made for contributors by the beneficiary families living in tribal villages. Hand Made by them and also there name engraved on the handicrafts as a thank you note . A personally written letter by group of girls on a tree Skin Paper known as Bhoj Patra in India , on which ancient Indian Text were written thousands of centuries ago.

    0 out of 2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013
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