Support the 'I'm Leaving' Music Video! Let's Get This FUNDED!!!

We are raising production funds to film the music video for N$G member, Dougie Jay's first single, "I'm Leaving."
Victor Ramos
Seattle, Washington
United States
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Short Summary

My name is Victor and I'm a filmmaker from Hoboken, New Jersey.

I came to Washington a few years back and met local recording artists, Dougie Jay. Together, we have made a great team and have helped each other reach our goals. His first single, "I'm Leaving," went to the top of the charts with his fan base and so, we would like to produce a music video, not only for media coverage, but to also greatly enhanced the reputation and livelihood of the incredible local talent that will be involved with the project.

The artists here, both filmmakers and recording artists involved, deserve so much more recognition and exposure than they currently get. I was so thankful that what I had done previously with my team, on a short film called "Alistair" that I directed and wrote, wound up moving people, as well as increased our audience and fan base.

The Goal:

One music video to further promote Dougie Jay's EP. He has already been on a radio station and has a loyal fan base that are just waiting to hear other songs from his EP and mix tape. In order to successfully promote Dougie Jay's song, "I'm Leaving," we need to create a visual element.

This is where we need YOUR help to keep the momentum going and I ask you to please do the following...

Take a look at the trailer to the short film "Alistair" and with Dougie Jay in a supporting role:

This is the kind of experience and skill-sets that are at my disposal. If you enjoyed the trailer and you feel that this music video is a worthwhile project and want to see this music video produced, please kindly give what you are able to and help us spread the word!

What We Need & What You Get

Your hard-earned money will go directly towards funding the following:

-music video director

-art director

-director of photography

-the RED One MX

-make-up artist

-location fees

- lighting


-travel and craft services


I can't wait to share the results with you!!

The Impact

Music videos involve a whole team of people. I know from the experience of making my first short film that there are always bumps in the road… somebody not showing up, unexpected costs, delays, etc. However, with unwavering determination, I know that just like my past projects, we will do whatever it takes to make our vision come to life.

Other Ways You Can Help

-ask friends and family to get the word out!

-make some noise about this campaign!

-remind people to use the Indiegogo share tools!

That is all there is to it!

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  • $5USD

    Pick out your favorite social media site (one): Twitter, Instagram, or FaceBook & Dougie Jay and I will gladly put you on blast for all the world to see. AND you also get a copy of Dougie Jay's YSAS2 mix tape.

    1 claimed
  • $10USD

    You a HUGE fan of N$G members: Dougie Jay, Rahale B., or Redhead? If so, you will get a personal N$G beanie cap OR an N$G t-shirt that you can wear at all their concerts that you attend!

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  • $25USD

    All the above, PLUS a newly released Black Diamond t-shirt. You can choose between black or white.

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  • $50USD

    All the above, PLUS a Black Diamond Hooded Sweater. You can choose either black or white!

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  • $100USD

    All the above, PLUS a signed copy of the "I'm Leaving" music video script, autographed by the Director and Dougie Jay. You will ALSO receive an autographed picture of Lexi Mei.

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  • $250USD

    All the above, PLUS being in a Vlog with Dougie Jay. ALSO, a digital copy of the making of the music video will be sent directly to your email.

    0 claimed
  • $500USD

    All the above, PLUS you get to spend the day with the Director, N$G, as well as Lexi Mei. AND you get to be an extra in one scene of the music video.

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  • $1,000USD

    All the above, PLUS you get FREE tickets to the J. Holiday and Dougie Jay live performance in April AND you get to be V.I.P. and spend the night at the after party in the same booth, as J. Holiday and Dougie Jay! You will ALSO be receiving Producing credit at the end of the music video!

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