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Help Earthship Biotecture and Empower Malawi to build a community center that will create food security and sustainability in Malawi Africa! Donate today!
Justin Henson
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Help Malawi Africans 

Thrive and Survive!

Help us build a special community center that will create food security, local economies, and sustainability in Malawi Africa.

Support the dream to be self-reliant and free in Malawi!

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Donate today! 

This October Earthship Biotecture will be joined by a team of student soldiers to build a unique 'Earthship flower-design' community center in Malawi, Africa.  We are working together with, Empower Malawi, to gather volunteers and funds necessary to build two rooms, or petals, of the eight-room community center over the course of ten days. The project, Kapita Earthship Community Centre, is to be the first of its kind in the area and will become a sustainable development epicenter for 38 villages and over 5,000 rural people in South East Mzimba district East Mzimba district in Malawi. The Kapita Earthship Community Centre is to house a secure community bank, a library, a dispensary for medical services and supplies, administration offices, classrooms for teaching children and adults, and a local food bank to develop food security. All of these are that do not exist for the people of Mizimba, Malawi and the surrounding areas.


Background: Malawi, Africa


Malawi is a landlocked nation in Sub-Saharan Africa bordering Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia. Malawi’s population of 15.8 million people mainly live in rural areas and grapple with a wide range of socio-economic and environmental challenges. The UN Human Development Report 2010 ranks Malawi as the 17th poorest country in the world. Malawi has a national electrification rate of 7%. This is far lower in rural regions. Malawi’s poverty headcount is estimated at 40%, with Life expectancy at 52.2 years and adult HIV prevalence is estimated to be 10.2%.

The closest bank in Mzimba is currently over 50 kms away. This self-identified need for a sustainable source of capital lead to the collaborative decision to develop a regional community bank for 38 villages.




The region has no access to electricity and has poor sanitation, healthcare access (closest clinic 15 kms, major hospital 200 km) and the closest bank and market is over 60 kms away. That said, the hilly region is blessed with high levels of sunshine and rainfall which allow for an abundance of fruit and vegetable varieties to be grown in the region.

Creative, resourceful and sustainable local solutions are in abundance if individuals or groups are afforded encouragement, tools, capital and support.


BabyThis Earthship build in Kapita is an integral part of the Kapita region's own vision for self-reliance. All 38 villages in the region have been working with the support of local partner Empower Malawi to plan, action and review their own development initiatives. Existing community-led initiatives are holistic and involve projects like community banking, solar lighting, organic agriculture, water filtration and eco-sanitation. The region identified the need for a community centre and the need to improve existing design and building techniques to be self-reliant. Hence this project is not just the building of a valuable community resource, but the building of community capacity to achieve their dream for self-sufficiency.


Michael Reynolds' Flower-Petal Design 

 photo Earthship-Flower_zps830579a3.jpg

Inspired by nature, Michael Reynolds' Flower-Petal Design evolved from Earthship's disaster relief project in Haiti, and was implemented at Earthship's first project in Africa, Goderich Waldorf School, in Freetown, Sierra Leone. 

The Kapita Earthship Community Centre in Mzimba, Malawi will replicate the success of Haiti and Sierra Leone. Earthship will employ sustainable technologies such as rainwater catchment and filtration, solar energy, waste water management, thermal cooling and greenhouse technologies. Earthship Biotecture and Empower Malawi will work together side-by-side with 50 volunteers and the local people of Mzimba, Malawi to build two of the six rooms of the Community Centre in order to train the people of Mzimba to finish the remaining rooms and to impart the people of Mzimba with the knowledge and sustainable practices in order to guarantee success for their future. 

 photo Smile_zps375a40fc.jpg

Village elder and former Chairman of the Village Development Michael Banda from Zatuba Village in Kapita.


Who is Earthship Biotecture?

 photo 9-1109118-EarthShipPhoenixGradientlowres2_zps8c55d398.jpg

Michael Reynolds, the founder of Earthship Biotecture, has spent over 40 years working to perfect and provide sustainable, "Off-the-grid" solutions to address ever-present global issues such as dwindling natural resources, energy crises, pollution and an overabundance of waste.

 photo diag_zps95bafb6b.jpg

Michael addresses these issues with an elegant architectural design that not only harnesses the forces of nature, but reduces waste by using recycled and repurposed materials.

 photo earthship-diag_zps51995db8.jpg

 photo Kurt1_zps25448fdf.jpg

Comfort and sustainable in any climate!

What is needed!

A total of $13,000USD is needed to help purchase additional local supplies and other materials such as concrete, rebar, wood for the structure of the building. Solar cells, charge controllers, solar batteries and electrical wiring for solar electricity. Water filtration system, pipe fittings, roofing materials, and cisterns for rainwater catchment.   

Here is a breakdown of costs for materials needed:

100 X 100 pound bags of concrete $2,000

200 Meters of rebar $ 2,300

Lumber $2,700

2 x Solar cells $500

Charge Controller $150

Electrical wiring $100

Sediment filters $100

Simple water pump $150

OGWM Pipes and fitting $150

2 x 2000 Gallon cisterns $2,500

Tank fittings and pipe $150

Roofing materials $1200

Windows $1,000

Estimated Total Material Costs:           $13,000


 photo Earthship-Sierra-Leone-1_zps7c21bf57.jpg

Help us help the people of Malawi Africa. Be part of the movement that is happening around the world towards a more sustainable planet with Earthship Biotecture and Empower Malawi. If you are not able to donate at this time, please help us by spreading the word to your friends and family about this project! Helping us spread the word is just as important!

We are only successful by your efforts and support!


Support the dream to be self-reliant and free in Malawi!



 photo baby_zpsf0669f95.jpg

Donate today! 


The dates of this project are October 7th-18th, 2013.

Donate today and be a part of sustainable history!


 photo garbageprincipal_zps21e4ae84.jpg


"We have the potential to enhance the planet. Trees enhance the planet. People could go further. We could make the Earth sing."

- Michael Reynolds, founder of Earthship Biotecture


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  • $1USD

    Every little bit helps in this cause, even one dollar! Donate today and help us support the dream to be self-reliant and free in Malawi! :)

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  • $10USD

    With your donation we will create the Kapita Community Centre's library with a book in your name! With your donation we will help the Kapita Communnity Centre's library by donating a book with your donation!

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  • $25USD

    We'll send you a digital copy of the official blueprints for the Flower Earthship design via email. Donate today and received your very own blueprint of Michael Reynolds' Flower Design!

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  • $50USD

    Malawi is a very isolated and rural region of Africa, and basic tools can be very difficult if not impossible to find in the surrounding areas. With your donation, we will bring the necessary tools needed to the people of Malawi. Donate today!

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  • $75USD

    For your contribution we will plant a fruit tree in your name that will go on to feed the people of Malawi for generations to come! Each fruit tree will contribute to a nutritional base for the community. Permaculture principles can create large amounts of high yield, high nutritional foods in relatively short periods of time. Donate today, put your name on a tree and feed the people of Malawi!

    1 out of 170 claimed
  • $100USD

    Pounding tires with a sledge hammer in the hot African sun is hard work. Your contributions will help us gather important local materials needed to start building the Kapita Community Centre. With your very valuable contribution, we will engrave your name into building itself to show appreciation. Future generations will see your name in recognition of your efforts in helping Malawi have a safer, more sustainable future!

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  • $275USD

    Experience living in a real Earthship for two nights in the beautiful Earthship Greater World Community in Taos, New Mexico. Donate today!

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $500USD

    We'll send you the complete collection of Earthship's 'How To Build Your Own' Volumes 1 through 3 personally signed by the Garbage Warrior himself!

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $750USD

    Get a copy of the official architectural plans for the Simple Survival Earthship design at a discounted price -- normally $1000.

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $1,000USD

    Be one of the 50 volunteers to help build the Flower in Malawi. Learn everything about Earthship engineering while making history with Michael Reynolds. (Does not include airfare to Malawi)

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    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $1,500USD

    For your very valuable contribution, we will send you the Earthship Malawi, Africa T-Shirt, the complete collection of Earthship's 'How to build your own' Volumes 1 through 3 personally signed by the Garbage Warrior himself, and finally, a one hour skype consultation with Michael Reynolds! Donate today!

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $2,500USD

    GUARANTEED SPOT AT EARTHSHIP ACADEMY -- Due to the large number of applicants, there is usually a 6 month wait for the Earthship Academy. Guarantee yourself a spot by making a donation today! Donate today!

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $5,000USD

    For such an honorable contribution, not only do you guaranteed yourself a spot at Earthship Academy, but you will also receive the one hour skype consultant with the Garbage Warrior himself, Simple Survival Plans, and Volumes 1 through 3 of 'How to Build Your Own' Earthship. Finally we will make a special plaque engraved your name that will hang inside the Kapita Community Centre in recognition of your valuable contribution in helping the people of Malawi! Donate today!

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
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