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Help celebrate the revitalization of this historic West Oakland icon

We’re Having a Community Celebration


Do you know the 16th Street Station? It’s an elegant 1912 Beaux Arts building, once the terminus of the transcontinental railroad.  We are trying to breathe new life into this site. We’d love to invite you in, but the building needs a lot of repairs before we can occupy it. In the meantime, we want to have fun on the plaza in front of it.


Why? Oh, there are many reasons:

·      Who doesn’t like a great party?

·      West Oakland neighbors need a place to come together

·      A food truck event is like a pop-up restaurant in a neighborhood where there are no restaurants

·      Who doesn’t want to bop to The Blues Society music on a Sunday afternoon?

·      Events at the Station will send a message to vandals that this building is not abandoned

·      Bringing people from all over Oakland and San Francisco showcases West Oakland as a great place to live

·      We will give you a peek inside the building and it is really stunning—not to be missed.




Weather permitting, this event will be on Sunday, November 13 from 1 to 4 p.m. Bring the family! Bring friends and neighbors.




Great music by The Blues Society. Fabulous food from sustainable Oakland food trucks. Tours of the building. Kids activities organized by Rock, Paper, Scissors.




16th Street Station, 16th and Wood Streets, West Oakland

Is There a Bigger Picture?


Yes. Fortunately this incredible historic icon still stands. It has played an important role in the history of the Bay Area. Hosting events is a way to begin showcasing the building, testing whether people will utilize the property, show potential funders that there is demand for redeveloping this space for the community, saving the building. But total redevelopment will require a lot of money and will take some time. We don’t want to wait. We want to start now with what we can.


We believe that if we begin activities at the Station, other development in the neighborhood will follow. This will create jobs, more housing, and will bring more vibrancy to West Oakland.


What’s Your Role?


We need you to help us put on this party. Even a simple event, when it attracts a lot of people (1500 people came to our kick off event in July!), costs money. It’s not glamorous, but here are some things we need to pay for:


·      Entertainment

·      Security

·      Porta Potties

·      Insurance

·      Promotion


Not only will your donations help us put on this celebration for you, but it will help us leverage other funds. We need money to stop continued leaks into the building, begin designing the front plaza, cleaning up the spaces inside the different parts of the building, and we have some promises of funding, as long as we match the funds dollar for dollar.


Who is this We?


The 16th Street Station is owned by an affiliate of BRIDGE Housing, a nonprofit affordable housing developer. In 2008, a nonprofit called RAILS (Restoration Association for Improving the Landmark 16th Street Station) was formed to be the stewards of the property. The RAILS board is comprised of community leaders, civic leaders and representatives from BRIDGE. BRIDGE in conjunction with RAILS, is working to develop both short- and long-term plans for the Station. For more detailed information, here is a Fact Sheet.


Why Now?


We want to keep the momentum going that was started with our July All Aboard event. We want one more event at the site before the end of the year.


What’s Next?


Next year is the centennial of the building. There will be celebrations throughout the year—if we can demonstrate continued demand at this event. We are calling this Second Sundays and if all goes well, we’ll have regular Second Sunday events all next summer.


What You Can Do

Help us spread the word. Share this video campaign with your friends and families. 

Become our Friend on Facebook.com/16thStreetStation and follow us on Twitter @16thStStation.  

Donations can be tax deductible. Please email 16thStreetStation@bridgehousing.com if you require a receipt.


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