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On 2/4, my friend survived being taken hostage outside her own home, raped and robbed by 3 men. Let's raise $ for her relocation and long-term recovery support.
Ben Lantham
New Orleans, Louisiana
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On 2/4, our friend survived being taken hostage outside her rental home, raped and robbed by 3 men.  The media coverage (which she did not want -- we're trying to extract a silver lining from the fact that it went public) is here and here.  Afterward, her face bleeding, she walked back into her home and told her terrified landlord "Don't touch me. I'm evidence."

She could have easily been killed, but she wasn't.  We are working to raise $10,000 for the survivor's relocation and long-term recovery support.  This fund will go towards the immediate costs of moving from her rental apartment, medical and mental health care bills, any legal fees, and when she's ready, partial down payment on a home.  It is our hope, as the victim's friends and family, to help provide her with support and stability during what we know will be a long and difficult path to healing.

This happened in a nice neighborhood of New Orleans to an incredibly savvy, street-smart chick who couldn't possibly have been doing something more ordinary; walking from her car to her own front door. She doesn't need our pity, but she deserves some awesomeness to come out of this insanity from the people who care about her, near and far.  Please donate, and remember to raise awareness of and support causes that alleviate sexual violence, in NOLA and beyond.



UPDATE, FEBRUARY 7: You are amazing.  All of you.  This generous and swift response is beyond our wildest imagining.  

We picked $10,000 as a pie in the sky number, and we never expected to get near it -- we figured whatever we raised would be a drop in the bucket compared to the costs that the #nolabadass will incur, and we appreciate your patience while we figure out what to do with all of this. 
If you are moved by what has happened and would prefer to donate directly to a charity supporting victims of sexual assault on her behalf, we ask that you consider the Metropolitan Women's and Children Center at
The costs are still growing, and already they include replacing the car, relocating her, and some very significant medical expenses. Until the doctors tell us the extent of what she is facing and until the investigation and trial are over, we do not know the full cost she will endure. While we picked $10,000 because it seemed impossibly large--we are now confronting the possibility that her bills will greatly exceed that.
Please understand that our first priority is to make sure #nolabadass will not go into debt as a result of what has happened. Many of you have also been moved to donate specifically to her, and for these reasons we will continue to keep this page up.
Thank you so much.
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