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We sell premium coffees as a fundraising platform designed to raise funds and acquire partners supporting projects to aid Disabled Veterans and their families.
Tony Hudson
Scottsdale, Arizona
United States
1 Team Member
G.I. Joe Coffee Helping Veterans One Cup at a Time

3.5 million American Veterans are enduring service-related disabilities!

  • As of June 22, 2013; 756,888 compensation claims remained pending, with two-thirds of them older than four months — a backlog of more than a half million claims.
  • Only 22 percent of the pending claims are from veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The rest are from prior wars and peacetime, with Vietnam War vets — at 36 percent — comprising the largest group.

Quick Facts

Welcome to G.I. Joe Coffee Company! We welcome you to not just a coffee company but a company with a mission that helps those who have lost their limbs and lives to ensure that the U.S. maintains its freedom. We benefit both disabled Veterans and supporters in the following ways:

  • We provide a way to support these heroes by doing what more than 50% of us already do every day…and that's drink a cup of coffee. Every bag or can that is purchased, as well as associated products and accessories, contributes a royalty fee to fund disabled Veteran cause projects. 
  • We enable millions of supporters to provide funds for causes such as disabled Veteran homes, horse therapy ranches, scholarships for their children, specially designed sports equipment, and more.
  • We give great rewards for those highly motivated supporters who refer us and our causes; ranging from free coffee, gift cards, apparel, shopping sprees, and luxury trips.
  • We design fundraising campaigns for partners who also need to raise funds for Veteran causes, while at the same time funding G.I. Joe Coffee's causes.

Our goal is to provide multiple ways for Veteran Cause Supporters to contribute their money safely and economically, by simply purchasing coffee that they would normally buy anyway; but instead, from G.I. Joe Coffee Company...knowing that we provide funds that are "directly" related to projects that aid and improve the lifestyle of disabled Veterans and their families.



Our G.I. Joe Coffee Referral Contest allows you to be rewarded for supporting our campaign.  It is our purpose, through your efforts, to raise the funds necessary to allow us to expand G.I. Joe Coffee, in order that we may distribute our products through major retail locations to include military exchanges. Please visit the contest details on the Updates Page to learn about our selection of great prizes and rules...including our Grand Prize...just waiting for you!



1.  Create an Indiegogo account!

2.  Copy your personal link located next to "Share This Campaign" located under the Welcome Video!

3.  Share your link with friends and family, and anyone who might benefit by "Being An Angel"!

4.  Track your referrals and receive rewards for all contributions made under your link!

Ron Cortez Roastmaster

We are a Veteran coffee company that provides high quality "More than Fair" coffees using a special process backed by more than 30 years of roasting experience.  Using a nostalgic look and feel, our coffee can will be a collector’s item for the military history enthusiast.  Each can provides a brief history on the side of the can of the military branch the specific blend represents, and its sturdy construction is great for storing other items as well.

Our unique blends of coffee are matched with military branches providing brand names such as "Aim High" for the Air Force, "Gung Ho" for the Marines, and "Anchors Aweigh" for the Navy.  Premium blends consisting of espressos, Kona Hawaiian, and South American Costa Rican beans make up G.I. Joe Coffee's initial brands of coffee.

Why did we call our coffee G.I. Joe?  “G.I. Joe Coffee” comes from the following: G.I. was taken from the common designation for the American fighting man or woman. G.I. is an abbreviation for Government Issue.  The Army labeled everything from boots, to guns to tanks as government issue.  So naturally, the soldier adopted that as a name for himself.  Thus, since we represent a coffee that helps Veterans, it was natural that we labeled our coffee “for the G.I.”. The Joe part of our name comes from a mixture of two theories.  The first, that a “Cup of Joe” came from the military tale of how it originated from Secretary of the Navy Joseph “Joe” Daniels, who banned drinking alcohol on Navy ships, which led to disgruntled sailors then started calling coffee...the strongest drink on the ship...a “Cup of Joe”.  The second reason, and the one we identify most with, is that "Joe" represents a slang name for “the common man”.  Hence, a “Cup of Joe” is the “common man’s drink”.

We've labeled our signature coffee blend, “Lady Liberty”, after our own "Statue of Liberty".  The statue is an icon of freedom and of the United States: a welcoming signal to immigrants arriving from abroad.  The Statue of Liberty represents freedom and democracy as well as international friendship; and it is U.S. Veterans who uphold this freedom and G.I. Joe Coffee’s mission is to help support those Veterans in need.



A challenge coin is a small coin or medallion (usually military), bearing an organization’s insignia or emblem and carried by the organization’s members.  Traditionally, they are given to prove membership when challenged and to enhance morale. In addition, they are also collected by service members.

The G.I. Joe Coffee Challenge Coins are bearing the "support" emblem signifying that you are a member of an Army of Supporters who care about helping those who have given their lives for the safety of the United States and its allies. 

The coins will represent each brand of coffee we provide (i.e. Aim High, Gung Ho, etc.) and will be a part of our "Send A G.I. A Bag" campaign.  This campaign will attach a coin to a bag purchased by a supporter to send it to their G.I. stateside or overseas.


Receive an autographed poster of one of our G.I. Joe Coffee Girls and collect all of them by visiting our G.I. Joe Coffee Girls website. 


G.I. Joe Coffee Girls are a part of our team of spokespersons, event and promotion ambassadors, and sales and marketing professionals.  Each girl is carefully chosen after submitting a resume and model portfolio.  They must have experience in sales, as a spokesperson, event management, modeling, and marketing.  Their personality must be outgoing, spirited and someone who loves to be a part of Veteran causes.  If you think you are a great candidate to be a G.I. Joe Coffee Girl, please submit your resume and at least two photos from your portfolio to girls@gijoecoffee.com.


For you serious coffee drinkers, we will provide you with the training to pick the the best coffees and roast them as well.  This video, hosted by our Roast Master, Ron Cortez, provides you with insight, knowledge, and the expertise you need to brew a great cup of coffee whether you do it at home or you plan to start your own business.

Full Length with Patch Pockets 

You can select from the logo or the name apron styles...


A trip for two or four to visit and tour the Costa Rica coffee growers, "Classic Britt Coffee Tour" and learn how they grow, harvest and ship some of the best coffee in the world. 

Then, you will stay for 4 or 7 nights at a luxury beachside resort; either the Hotel Punta Islita 

or the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo (VIP Beach & Play).

These packages will provide you with the best coffee education, up close with growers and luxury Costa Rican Pacific Coast and hillside experience of a lifetime!

Our Mission

G.I. Joe Coffee is a specialty coffee company which seeks to serve the highest quality More Than Fair Trade coffees, expertly flavored and blended, and become the foremost Veteran-focused coffee company in the U.S. Our focus is to bring Veterans and their supporters within the same community of coffee drinkers who will aid in raising funds for disadvantaged, disabled, and differently-abled Veterans.

More than Fair Trade Coffee

By becoming part of the More Than Fair network, we and our supporters participate in a program that strives for quality and equality in the coffee industry.


Our participating More Than Fair Trade farmers deserve and receive an "Equality of Respect" that is unique in the industry. A collaboration based on equality assures our farmer partners a fair price for their coffees and an avenue for focusing on quality.  Our program brings together participating coffee growers, roasters and retailers who take great pride in being the "creme of the crop"! 


Quality and sustainability practices make for better tasting coffee.  Our Farmers are among the most passionate families, tribes, and communities in the world...dedicated to growing quality coffee beans and developing their land into a sustainable environment for the positive growth of their local commonwealth, and our global society.  From the growing of the coffee bean to its ultimate roasting and consumption, all More Than Fair Trade participants strive for excellence in the promotion of coffee.


Connecting with Veterans

G.I. Joe Coffee and Disabled Veterans

Our brand brings back memories of yesteryear.  Packaged with a nostalgic 1940's style collectors card, similar to those widely treasured by WWII soldiers, we'll feature military stories and facts, making them a must-have for collectors, history buffs, and those who simply enjoy reflecting on the historic past of our great nation.

Americans are very passionate and loyal to their country.  Our patriotic style and flair will provide an affiliation with favorite U.S. military branches, units, holidays, schools, notable leaders, and presidents.


Disabled Veterans


Community Partnerships

G.I. Joe Coffee Company will partner with the community.  Becoming involved with community projects that help raise funds for causes will further enhance our effectiveness in helping Veterans, Disabled Veterans and the Veteran Support community.  We do this through G.I. Joe Coffee sponsorship's, sporting events, and community remodeling.


Our Products

The entire G.I. Joe Coffee product line will include 1 lb. bags and cans (on special collector's coffees) of whole bean and ground coffees.  Our unique blends come from farms all over the world; and, with our expertise in roasting, you will be 100% Satisfied with our coffee, we assure you!  In addition, and over time, we'll  introduce our coffee in K-Cups as well as gourmet "Cold-Brewed" cold cans. 


Organizations We Support

G.I. Joe Coffee's overall purpose is to provide funding to outstanding organizations whose mission is to provide the best care and services for the men and women who have sacrificed for our great nation. 

Disabled Veterans National FoundationThe Disabled Veterans National Foundation exists to change the lives of men and women who came home wounded or sick after defending our safety and our freedom. Learn more

Get the DVNF Coffee and help them help Disabled Veterans!


Use of Funds

Our use of funds is simple.  We need funds to expand our roasting and product offering to reach the maximum number of Veterans and supporters worldwide. 

  • It will provide initial can printing and brand inventory of G.I. Joe Coffee.
  • It will enable us to set up preliminary product displays for grocers.
  • It will allow us to expand our offering to K-Cups and Cold-Brewed Cans.
  • It will allow us to design and implement "Partner" co-branded labels in our coffee inventory
  • It will allow us to submit for shelving and online sales with the more than 13,000 military exchanges worldwide.
  • It will allow us to develop strategic partners worldwide.
  • It will allow us to begin acquiring additional financing to promote and market G.I. Joe Coffee on a much wider scale and sponsor strategic events that will enable us to raise larger funds for our causes.

Risks and Challenges

As with any pledge there are risks and challenges that can occur:

  • First, we do not have full control over the printing and development of our cans, thus a slight delay may occur.
  • Second, a delay may happen due to production and shipping of 3rd party products and accessories we use for our Perks and referral rewards.
  • Third, there exists a "minimum" funding goal that has to be reached to provide referral rewards as well as the Grand Prize. 
  • Finally, that all money will be used as proposed.  As we are dealing with estimates, following a successful funding campaign we'll be able to further refine how monies will be used and when you should expect delivery of your perk.

 For more information, links, photos and questions, visit us at www.gijoecoffee.com


Please review our frequently asked questions:

  • Can I select any type of G.I. Joe Coffee for my perk? - No, there will be pre-elected brands stated that will be available. These brands are our most popular premium coffees so you can be assured that you are getting great coffee.
  • How will I know you are using the funds as stated? - You will be able to revisit our Indiegogo campaign updates and information on our website.
  • If I want more coffee, can I get it at the same price as in this campaign? - As a contributor to our campaign you become a Founder and will be entered on our VIP list.  Accordingly, you will be able to purchase coffee at a VIP discounted price.
  • If I am a Retailer, and want to sell your coffee, do you sell it wholesale? - We can set up wholesale agreements, however, you must be aligned with our overall mission to help Veterans.
  • How do I choose the type of coffee, color of cap and style, and other choices in your perks? - We provide additional explanation of your choices in the "Updates Page".  Please click here to go to the page and see how to contact us and get what you want.

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