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Help continue the growth of an HIV/AIDS organization run completely by and for the local community of Namatala Uganda.
Jamie Martin
3 Team Members

Who is HASNN?

HIV/AIDS Support Network Namatala (HASNN) is a registered community based organization offering comprehensive HIV/AIDS services; by and for the local community of Namatala slum, Uganda. HASNN was founded in 2012, and today is one of the only organizations providing HIV/AIDS services specifically to the 20,000 people of Namatala. HASNN is run entirely by local Namatala residents and aims to: prevent, support, and de-stigmatize those affected by HIV/AIDS.  

HASNN's Services 

HASNN provides many services to the community of Namatala which include...

- Free HIV testing days every three months (HASNN has tested more than 1000 individuals in their first year)

- One-on-one, in home, counseling and support for positive individuals (60 clients and growing)

- Weekly HIV positive support group (averages 20 participants)

- Income generating SACCO project (130 participants)

- Educational HIV/AIDS information and sexual health resources at the HASNN office (distributed over 14,000 condoms)

HASNN is currently comprised of six executive members, twelve counselors and one loan manager. HASNN has grown tremendously in the past year and the continued demand for services from within the community has proven that the need for HASNN is extremely vital and important! 

HASNN's Partners 

HASNN partners with Slum Doctor Programme (SDP), a certified 501(c)3 non-profit, based out of Bellingham, Washington. Slum Doctor Programme (SDP) partners directly with local community based organizations in Uganda and Kenya to continue the fight against HIV/AIDS. SDP believes strongly in sustainable methods of development and emphasizes the importance of connecting local community based organizations within East Africa. SDP is about ordinary people and communities coming together to create solutions to one of the world’s most pressing healthcare concerns, HIV/AIDS. SDP believes that a respectful and reciprocal relationship with our African partners is key to successful community development and social change.

The HIV/AIDS Problem 

Today, the UN estimates that at least 1,400,000 people are living with HIV/AIDS in Uganda, and the current rate at 7.2%. In the past two decades Uganda had greatly decreased their HIV rates, but as of 2011 the infection rate has been dramatically on the rise. Uganda is the only country in East and Southern Africa with rising HIV/AIDS infection rates. If new infections continue to rise, the HIV burden is projected to increase by more than 700,000 over the next five years which would include 25,000 new infections among babies each year.  

Namatala, much like other urban slums in Uganda, is a visual representation of the myriad problems relating to HIV and development. With a high population, extremely low incomes, and a number of uneducated adults, Namatala faces higher infection rates, more discrimination (which is disproportionately targeted at women), and a lack of access to resources in order to get out of this negative cycle. If HIV rates continue to rise, slums such as Namatala will be disproportionately hit the hardest with the least amount of resources and support to address this significant health concern.  

What We Need & What You Get

The amount of progress HASNN has made in just one year not only reflects the importance of their services to the community, but also their need to expand as an organization. HASNN has run on an extremely low budget in the last year and they have truly proven the impact of small donations combined with passionate and hardworking individuals! Even the smallest of donations can make a difference in Namatala!

HASNN is in the process of writing proposals and applying for sustainable funding with other donors and partner organizations, however, below is what HASNN has proposed as their biggest priorities. We have broken down the needs of HASNN very specifically in the hopes that you all will see how far a small donation can go and how much of an impact you will truly have on the growth of this organization and the effect it has on the community of Namatala.

Because HASNN's different programs and services have significantly increased in demand in just the past year, much of HASNN's most pressing financial needs are administrative based. In the next few months HASNN plans to expand their services, and will aim to launch a new program specifically focusing on “Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission” (PMTCT) and also a nutrition program that provides a small amount of food for HASNN's HIV positive clients to take with their medication. However, the needs listed below are of high priority and will allow for HASNN to continue expanding it's HIV/AIDS services and programs!

- Providing free HIV testing days and post test counseling (every three months). Putting on one testing day that reaches on average over 250 people - $260

- A high functioning laptop (HASNN has qualified for one through Computers4Africa organization) - $163

- Office rent, that not only provides a central location for services but also a safe space for HIV positive HASNN clients - $84/month

- Monthly Salary ( employs 6 executive members, 12 counselors, 1 loan manager) - $544/month

- Furnishing for the office (large official sign, benches, stools, tables, paint etc) - $500

P.O Box for HASNN - $34/year

220 lbs of Poscho (a local Ugandan grain) can provide adequate nutrition for all of HASNN's clients to take with their HIV medication, which will greatly decrease the severe side effects of the medicine. $60/month

- Emergency fund for HASNN's most severe clients (those who need immediate services or medical attention this also covers a small gift of condolences for the family if a client passes) $100

- Overhead Costs: $200

Wanyala! (Thank You)

We know that there are many options when it comes to donating to international development programs! We thank you all so much for taking the time to read and (or) donate to the growth and continuation of HIV/AIDS Support Network Namatala. HASNN is an organization that works truly at the grassroots level, where your dollar is guaranteed to have an impact and reach the community of Namatala. If there are any projects or needs listed above that you feel you would like your donation to specifically address please email us and we will be sure to make it happen!

If you can not donate at this time we completely understand, and we invite you to share this page with others and follow HASNN on their facebook page to receive updates on their progress!


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us!





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