SuperHeroes Of Peace

128 Page "augmented reality" Graphic Novel "the true story of Thich Nhat Hanh, Alfred Hassler, Sister Chan Khong and Martin Luther King, Jr.".

For the last 14 days of the campaign we are adding a very exclusive prize to all who have already contributed and to all new donors at the $50 level and above.

We have amassed an digital archive collection (a few hundred) of never before seen by the public Thich Nhat Hanh original poems and letters from the Vietnam war era. 

The poems and letters offer a rare glimpse into Thich Nhat Hanh, Alfred Hassler and Sister Chan Khong throughout the war.  We will share 10 select documents with our IndieGoGo donors privately on March 7th.

Here is a sample of what you can expect

Thank you for supporting this campaign intended to bring Mind-Ful Media into the classroom and home.

“Thich Nhat Hanh shows us the connection between personal inner peace and peace on Earth.” - His Holiness the Dalai Lama

The "augmented reality" Graphic Novel will reveal the the true and interconnected stories of Thich Nhat Hanh, Alfred Hassler, Sister Chan Khong and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, in much greater depth.

So what's in it for you, beyond the great feeling you get from spreading the messages of peace?

Here is a little background:

Parallax Press, the book company that publishes the majority of Thich Nhat Hanh books, has asked us to produce a 128-page The Secret of the 5 Powers Graphic Novel based around our film and comic book. 

The Secret of the 5 Powers is our just completed (Jan 2014) animated feature documentary film starring Thich Nhat Hanh, Alfred Hassler, Sister Chan Khong and Dr.  Martin Luther King, Jr.

5 powers film

Parallax Press will print and distribute the Graphic Novel BUT producing a Graphic Novel takes time, money and resources, and that's where you can help.

The 128-page Graphic Novel will delve much deeper in the history and interconnected stories of Thich Nhat Hanh, Alfred Hassler (the creator of the famed Martin Luther King, Jr. comic Book), Sister Chan Khong (below) and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Erich Tiefenbach, our deeply dedicated illustrator, musician, spiritual sage team member, will dedicate the next 12 months to working with the scriptwriter, sketching and drawing the Graphic Novel.

Photo by Nathan Murrell

Erich will also go on the road to meet with fans, Thich Nhat Hanh, Sister Chan Khong, monks, nuns and lay persons at the Plum Village Monastery in France and the Deer Park Monastery in California for research, interviews and meditation.

Here is our Erich Tiefenbach, Graphic Novel Illustrator in action.

"SuperHeroes of Peace" (Late 2014)

Interactive Animated iOS, Web and Android Movie App.  

The primary aim of our SuperHeroes of Peace App is to allow users to easily create a really cool interactive animated movie that celebrates their everyday heroes.

The people whom they admire most, those they look up to, or aspire to be.  Your mom, dad, teacher, spouse, friend or even yourself!

The secondary goal is to inspire people to become a Hero of Peace themselves by committing to:  do something kind for someone, standing up for cause, write a blog article, attend a demonstration...You get the idea.

The “SuperHeroes of Peace” App will automatically create a movie after a user uploads a photo that is already on their device, or from a photo that they take on the spot.

The SuperHero movie is then automatically created and can be viewed or shared on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter.

Some scenes for the free Superhero App have already been filmed in several great locations around the world, including Africa when Gregory and Stuart from Peace Is the Way Films and TV Star Lilian Klebow, volunteered for one of our personal heroes, Dr. Jane Goodall.

(Photo of Dr. Jane Goodall, Actress Lilian Klebow, Gregory, Stuart and their awesome youth volunteers in Vienna, Austria - December 2013).

The filmed scenes will be edited to produce a Hollywood-quality short movie starring the uploaded personal hero (or yourself) being celebrated by people throughout the world.

The idea for the app was inspired by the Swedish government's effort to get young people to pay their Public Television bills in 2006.  Their Web App went unexpectedly viral, garnered over 600,000 million page views and crashed their servers.

SunnyBoy Entertainment, creators of incredible Transmedia Content for HollyWood Films (Enders Game) and friends of Peace Is the Way, will film key scenes in Los Angeles in April, May or June 2014 (After we hit our $120,000 Stretch Goal Target).  

What's in it for you, beyond the great feeling you get from supporting a small team of imperfect perfectionists in their quest to be inspired, change the world and create engaging and mind-ful media.

Exclusive Donor Prizes, of course!

Exclusive Desktop and Mobile Wallpaper Downloads.  Erich Tiefenbach will create a set of 5 Desktop and 5 Mobile wallpapers from the comic book pages. These are exclusively for IndieGoGo Donors and will not be available anywhere else.  (Feb 2014).

Exclusive Pre-Release Online Screening of the just completed The Secret of the 5 Powers Film (Password Protected link emailed to you)  (Available today)

The Secret of the 5 Powers iBook Personalized. The iBook will will have new exclusive content only available through this campaign, AND a personalized thank you message to you on one full page in the iBook.  (March 2014).

Click Here (Itunes bookstore) for our free The Secret of the 5 Powers iBook.

Click Here (itunes bookstore) for our $3.99 Educator Edition

The Secret of the 5 Powers: Film Soundtrack - 36 Songs

(Avail now)

Artists and Director Signed 1st Edition Limited Collectible 5 Powers Comic (Available Jan 15) Includes shipping.  The comic will be signed by artists Erich Tiefenbach and David Pridal and Gregory and Stuart - the films Producer / Directors. 

This 1st Edition Comic will never be printed again.  There are only about 1500 copies left.

2014 Limited Special Edition (AR) Collectable Comic Book.  The Special Edition 5 Powers Comic Book will feature updated art and new cover, fix the 20 mistakes in grammar from the 1st Edition, feature a Special Edition pull out poster and Thank You pages for donors.  (No Photo Yet)  

The Comic will have 10-15 "Layar" Augmented Reality (AR) Pages (Mar 2014) 

You can see what AR is yourself by Downloading the Free APP and by Downloading the Attached Layar Magazine Zip file. 

IndieGoGo Exclusive - Certified Organic - Peace Is The Way Films T-Shirts.  Unisex Sizes S,M,L,XL.  These shirts will not be available commercially.  They are only available via this campaign. 

1000 T-Shirts will be produced of each style Worldwide Forever!

Limited Edition "Thich Nhat Hanh Universe"

Limited Edition "Peace starts here

Limited Edition "Blue Lotus"

You also have a choice to choose a Certified Organic T-Shirt from Blooming Lotus Designs, an excellent company that is friends with Peace Is the Way Films.

Certified Organic T-Shirts from Blooming Lotus Designs (Delivery avail within 7 days in most cases).  Just go to the site, select the size and style you want and email us the link to the product.  We will place the order and you should have your new shirt in about 1 week.

Martin Luther King Jr and The Montgomery Story Comic (Feb 2014)

"One of a Kind Art" Erich Tiefenbach Original Sketches, Pencil, and Ink from the comic book creation beginnings.  (Very Rare!) (Avail now).

"One of a Kind Art"  choice is based on when you donate, when you select your art and when you email us at

peaceisthewayfilms@gmail.com with your selection.

(1.  Click the Select Your Art link.  2. Choose the number (1-45) of the artwork you desire and email us with your choice. 

Very Limited Edition 5 Powers Canvas Comic Art (100 Prints Per Panel).  Erich will select 5 of his favorite panels.  One is below and the other 4 panels coming January 7th).  After you choose your favorite panel.  We will send the art to be printed on canvas and then ship the canvas in a tube to you.  (Avail to ship March 2014).

Speed-drawing (black & white) of you or a love one by Master Speed-drawer Erich Tiefenbach.  After you pay for your perk at this level, just send us a photo and Erich will draw it.  (Avail Now - March) 

Your donations will help us fulfill our mission to produce:

"Mind-Ful-Media that Inspires Social Change"


Other Ways You Can Help 

Even if you cannot afford to contribute you can still help: 

  • Use the Indiegogo share tools to Get the word out and make some noise about our campaign.  We can track Indiegogo share tools.
  • Do something kind for someone.
  • Top 3 Shares and Referrals will receive a special "Thank You Gift Pack" (You must use IndieGoGo Share Tools to qualify).

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    Supporting the Deer Park Nunnery Project 

    The Peace Is the Way Films team has had the great fortune to spend time at the Deer Park Monastery in California this past October.  We experienced the incredible natural beauty and the practice of Mindfulness as well as the deeply compassionate, joyful and loving energy that emanates from this magical place.   

    The global Thich Nhat Hanh Community has supported our team in numerous ways and that is why we are donating 4% - 8% of the net income (after IndieGoGo and Credit Card processing fees) raised from this campaign to The Deer Park Nunnery Project. ($70,000 / 4% of Net Income) ($120,000 and above 8% of Net Income)

    Supporting our monastic brothers and sisters is an honor, and a way to express our deep gratitude for all that they do for us. Our monastic Sisters are our gentle teachers of mindfulness, love, and understanding.

Our Initial Goal - $70,000

The first $60,000 raised will be spent (after IndieGoGo and Credit Card Processing Fees) on the (AR) GraphicNovel (2015) & Special Edition (AR) Comic Book production (March 2014), fulfilling of deliverable donor prizes, and a donation to the Deer Park Monastery Nunnery Project (Video).

Our Stretch Goal - $120,000

Everything beyond the $70,000 Initial Goal will be spent on the development and launch of the SuperHeroes Of Peace App and a donation to the Deer Park Nunnery Project.

How the money Raised will be spent:

No doubt you’ve noticed the large sum we’re requesting to produce an Augmented Reality Graphic Novel and Special Edition Comic Book PLUS a Mega-Cool SuperHeros Of Peace iOS, Web and Android App. 

Believe it or not, this is actually quite inexpensive for everything that we will produce in the next 12 months considering the time and resources required.

The only reason it’s this cheap is because the Special Edition Comic Book is partially complete, and our staff have volunteered to take pay cuts to try and increase the odds of meeting our goal.

For comparison, If a HollyWood Studio produced something of similar quality, it would cost at least $400,000 plus another $400,000 in Marketing and distribution. (Hollywood 50/50 Rule) for a total of $800,000.

Here's what we will spend the funds raised on:

Graphic Novel
Donation to Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation Deer Park Nunnery

Graphic Novel Script Writer

Comic Illustrator (Erich)

Travel for Erich to Deer Park and Plum Village

Comic Colorist

Reduced Wages for the 8 people who will work on the project.

Augmented Reality Design and Publishing

Office Rent



Superheroes Of Peace App

Red or Arri Camera and Lens Rental

Filming in LA for SuperHero Movie App 

Filming on Green Screen in SunnyBoy Studio for SuperHero Movie Ap 

Colour grading in LA for SuperHero Movie App 

Editing in LA for SuperHero Movie App 

Animation Rendering

Augmented Reality Design and Publishing 

iOS. Web and Android App programming

Amazon AWS/ECS Web Servers (We must have reliable and instantly scalable servers and numerous CDN’s throughout the world for the WebApp).

Reduced Wages for the 10 people who will work on the project.

Office Rent





Q. What if you don’t raise the Full $120,000?

A: Realistically we will have to find the difference between what we raise on IndieGoGo elsewhere, BUT with your help and by spreading the word we believe that we can achieve our goal.  

The first $60,000 raised will be spent (after IndieGoGo and Credit Card Processing Fees) on the GraphicNovel (2015) & Special Edition (AR) Comic Book production (March 2014), fulfilling of deliverable donor prizes, and a donation to the Deer Park Nunnery Project. 

Everything beyond the $60,000 will be spent on the development and launch of the SuperHeroes Of Peace App and a donation to the Deer Park Nunnery Project.

Q. Will the “Collectible” Prizes be worth more than face value in the future?

A: Although there are no guarantees, we believe that they will based on the facts that these are the First Authorized Graphic Novel and Comics about Thich Nhat Hanh and that they are only available in limited quantities.     

Q. When do we get the perks?

A: That depends on the perk AND where in the world you are. For items that require new production and physical shipment please give us 2 - 4 weeks beyond the end of the campaign. Please note that some perks will come a lot sooner than that.

Q. How do I tell you my t-shirt size?

A: We are reading every single comment so please leave your t-shirt size or any other additional information you think we should know to make sure we get you your perks :)

Q. What if I left out the shipping costs by mistake?

A. You can make an additional donation in the amount required for your perk and just notify us through the comments. We will be reading them all.

Q. Can I upgrade my donation to get a higher prize level?

A. Yes. You can donate the additional amount to bring you up to the prize level you want. Then, you will receive everything in that level as well as all of the tier prizes below. Leave information in the comments so we can notate it and confirm that the donation information is correct.

Team on This Campaign: