Super Distro Horizons - Powered by Unreal Engine 4

Prepare yourself for the adventure that spans many different dimensions! Join Distro on his quest to put a stop to the evil alien overlord Galaximo!
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Hello! We're Kitatus Studios! An independent video-game developer based in London, United Kingdom. In particular, My name is Ryan Shah; I'm the Project Lead / Coder / Developer / Tea Maker / Insert Job Role here! More about that stuff down the page though! I'm extremely excited to tell you all about Super Distro Horizons; Kitatus Studios' First commercially released project, powered by Unreal Engine 4.

Super Distro Horizons is the shortened title of "Super Distro Horizons Vs. Galaximo's Army", which to sum it up in just a few words is: "An N64 and Dreamcast-Style platforming hybrid". As you can tell, it's not so simple to sum the project up into a few words, so let me explain it a little better:

Super Distro Horizons is an upcoming 3D platformer for PC, Mac, Linux, Wii U, PS Vita, Amazon Fire HD, iOS, Android, Ouya and Gamestick. Taking heavy inspiration from titles such as Banjo Kazooie, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Spyro the Dragon, Sly Cooper, Sonic Adventure, Rayman 2, Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver and a ton more titles such as Jet Set Radio and much more, Super Distro is the modern tribute to not just a classic genre but a whole era of video-games; The era during the Fifth and Sixth console generations.

Harnessing the hubworlds as made popular from N64 platformers and blending in fast and frantic levels as found in titles such as Sonic Adventure, we hope to fuse together the gameplay experiences we experienced growing up with the games industry to create a fresh new game in the sea of first person shooters and puzzles titles that flood the games industry currently.

Super Distro has been in development for over a year and in that time, Everyone at Kitatus HQ has put every penny of their money (And even personal Savings) into Super Distro as we believe in the idea so much that we've literally skinted ourselves making this project a reality. As it currently stands, we have put enough money into Super Distro to make the release date and be happy with the final product. 

But that's not enough for me. Being a perfectionist I don't want to make an "Alright" game, I want to make the absolute best possible game we can personally provide to you beautiful people. The reason we need more money is to make this possible, to be able to bring in people from outside to work to fine-tune the animations, the models, double over the code to make it as tight and responsive as possible. I want to be able to perfect the game to make it the game of my dreams and hopefully the game that you all would love to play. And to do that, I need your help.

Literally every £1 helps the project, being able to pay for people to go over the animations, models, as well as bring in 2D artists to design the UI system, to pay the entry fee to get onto marketplaces such as iOS & Android stores, to pay for advertising and to make sure none of the people working on the project go starving (For too long). 

Super Distro will only be possible with your help...

Here is a list of the current and planned features for the release of Super Distro:

  • Hubworld - Travelling around various stages has never been so fun. Or so rewarding! Explore the Hubworld and find secret areas, hidden treasures and maybe a surprise or two... Currently, we have a main hubworld and two sub-hubs planned! One of the sub-hubworlds are already in the game - NeoTokyo
  • Level Builder! - One of the funnest part of video-games in my personal opinion is the ability to create your own levels to share with friends, create obstacle courses or just let your creative juices flow and create new and wonderful worlds to explore
  • Global Leaderboards - Get the best times on one of the games' many stages and post it online for all to see. 

  • Multiple Pathways - Just can't beat your friends time on a level? Think outside the box; When you start looking at the bigger picture, things might seem a bit more... Shortcut-ty. You'll also net yourself some sweet hidden extras by finding alternative routes, so get hunting!
  • Local & Online Multiplayer - We're currently developing plenty of extra modes for multiplayer for you to challenge your family/friends/pets at different games based in the Distro universe. Some of these modes include: Race, Battle, Hunt and a whole collection of mini-games inspired by classic and modern video-games!
  • Free Post-Release Content FOREVER - It's a shame this has to be a feature in video-games these days, but if it has to be so, it has to be so. Every single piece of added content before and after launch is free with every copy of the game. This will include extra levels, extra characters, bonus missions, more multiplayer maps and modes. Anything that we can do to support the game post-launch. And it'll all be free. Forever.

Being a small indie team, we'd love nothing more then to thank-you to our fans and supporters. We've come up with some rewards as a huge thank-you from everybody here for your contribution:

Thanks in the Credits  -

If you've ever wanted your name in the credits of a commercially released video-game, this is your chance, plus you will immortalised not only in the credits of the game, but you'll also be embedded into the Kitatus Studios website and Facebook page forever!

Own the Game! - 

If you want to get your hands on the finished game at launch, this perk is for you! You have a choice what platform you want the game for: Windows, Mac, Linux, Ouya, Wii U, Android or iOS!

Multi-Owner / Generous Friend - 

Does only one copy not cut it? Do you want the game on two different platforms of your choice or do you want to give a copy to a friend? Then the Multi-Owner Perk is the Perk for you: You are given two copies of Super Distro Horizons upon launch on the platforms on your choice!

Digital Collector -

 Are you like us and want more than a game? We love extra content to do with games we love, so we've come up with this perk for you digital collectors out there. This perk nets you: A digital download of the game's soundtrack (In FLAC and MP3), A Digital Artbook showcasing how the game became what it is, with all the lovely concept art and doodles that shaped the dimensions behind Super Distro Horizons, Exclusive Behind-the-scenes Videos during the games creation + Two Copies of the final game for any platform(s) of your choosing! 

Alpha Beta Player  - 

Do you want the game now and can't wait for launch? Do you  want to become part of the team and play the newest builds of the game before anyone else? Then this perk is your perk! Not only do you receive everything in the perks before this one, you get exclusive access to every alpha and beta build until launch. Your name will also be boosted up in the credits to a member of the "Beta team"!

More Perks! - 

If you like what you've seen and you would like to select a perk or have even more perks to choose from, they are all available from the side-bar! 

The game is changing at a super-fast rate, over this year alone it's changed a lot. During this time, we've picked up some wonderful compliments from the community, here are just a few of what people are saying about Super Distro!

IGInformer Interview:

Other Comments:

"Looks Nice! Good Work!" - John Romero, Co-founder of id Software
"I Recommend You Give This Game A Chance!" - Andy, Nintendo Enthusiast
"I'd Say It Looks Pretty Damn Good!" - Daniel, IGInformer
"I Really Hope To See This Little Catman Zipping Through Some Levels And Slaying Bad Guys!" - Pixelot, The Gentlemen Gamer
"Game Looks Quite Amazing Guys!" - Alex Pruenda, Developer of Colorino
"Distro Horizons Will Be An Awesome Addition To Ouya!" - OuyaBrew
"What A Great Looking Game, Keep Up The Great Work!" - Nigel Rose
"I Love Your Demo, It's Got A Really Nice Style To It!" - George Ing
"It Makes Me Want To Go Find My N64!" - Alex Sullivan, Indie Dev Talk
"Holy c**p, this looks amazing!" - Maplestrip,

My name is Ryan Shah, I'm the brains behind Super Distro and Kitatus Studios. I've been creating video-games for over 10 years, using a multitude of different engines and programs and I'm so excited to be talking about Super Distro. It's been a project I've wanted to bring to life ever since starting game development, but at the time I was a novice using Macromedia Flash. Not knowing what to do or how to do it, I stumbled and fell hard on a number of projects in my early game development years.

These events, however have helped propel my knowledge and understanding on everything about video-games. Time management, Programming Tips, Marketing, Little tips and tricks, they all came from the uphill battle of starting game development blind. I now sit comfortably in my position of running my own independent development studio knowing that Super Distro is a reality and it's coming to your computer / consoles really soon! And that's a really awesome thing to be able to say!

None of it would've been possible at all might I add if it weren't for the other Kitatus Studios team member, Scarlett. Through thick and thin she's been there, making sure everything is up to snuff and on track, she's been there to support the team when funds are running dry but most of all she shares the same burning desire to get Super Distro out to you all as I do; Ever since we first curated the idea, Scarlett has treated it like her child, just like I have. And it's amazing to say that that child is almost here!

Someone else that helps out at Kitatus Studios is Scott, our Music guy. The guy is so talented in everything he does and no matter what crazy idea I ask him for, he always delivers and goes above and beyond to make sure the tracks he sends over are the best they could ever possibly be. He truly captures the essence of the Super Distro universe and without him, I don't think the game would be as nearly awesome as it is now.

Wii U Version - It's important to note that the Wii U version will not be developed in Unreal Engine 4. However, it will harness the power of Unity Pro to bring the living and breathing worlds of Super Distro to life.

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    Want everything from the "DIGITAL COLLECTOR" Perk and more? This Perk gains you access to all playable builds until launch and your name will be upgraded in the credits to a member of the "Beta Team"! (All feedback we receive from these builds will mould the final version!) + All Previous Perks

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    Become a non-playable character the one of the worlds of Distro Horizons! We'll send you images / screenshots and details on how to find your creation too! + All Previous Perks

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    [ADD £10 FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING!] - Are you a gamer who enjoys holding a game in their hands? Own a boxed copy of the finished game (PC, Mac, Linux Only!), which includes a physical soundtrack CD as well as a few surprises in the box for you! + All Previous Perks

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    Become a main character in the future project! We'll talk with you and together, we'll create a character in a future Kitatus Studios project! Using your designs, names and with a little bit of our input to bring it to life, your character will star in it's own video-game! + All Previous Perks (Except from NPC Perk & Boxed Copy Perk)

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    Want to be credited as an Executive Producer? Now its your chance! Thanks to you, the project will arrive in no-time and so we believe the only way we can exclaim our gratitude for this feat would be to credit you as the official Executive Producer behind Super Distro Horizons! + All Previous Perks (Except for NPC, Boxed Copy and Future Hero Perks)

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