Super Chicken

Traveling the world in a chicken suit, with my 17 year old daughter. Inspiring others to live their dreams. Also searching for other inspiring people!

        What we are doing

Us lost.

I finally got the courage to live a dream. To travel and see as much as the world as I can with my 17 year old daughter. Although I am terrifed! I am not letting my fear stop me. I sold everything, packed and left my house, my haven, my security, my family, friends, my cat and dog. 

Now we are in Europe. We stared the 4th of July, independance day. We have been traveling for almost a month now, started in Berlin, Amsterdam and now we are in France. From here we hope to continue to Spain, Italy, Turkey and as far as we can get.

I want to travel with Zelina for 6 months. I feel this is the best education and gift that I can give her and myself. And inspire other to follow their dreams.

She is the reason I want to be a better person. I’m teaching her things I am now learning at 40. Learning together has made us both strong and good friends. I have to be an example of everything I believe. It's a priveldge to be her Mother.

We want to travel and meet people, and film and blog our journey. So far we have been couchsurfing most of our trip, which is a great experience. We have met great people and have been able to experience how people live in each country. Yes these are strangers that host us in their homes. I have hosted over 55 people in Mexico that were traveling. Please take a look at the site http://www.couchsurfing.org/profile.html?id=3XY...

I’m not worried about the destination as much as the intention and purpose. I love small towns and cities. There is still so much good and beauty in our world we don't see. I hope to share with you that beauty.

On my return I will be starting a travel clothing line, with comfortable fabric, with hidden pockets for money and passport. Clothing to wear while traveling that are functional, trending and practical.

Who is Super Chicken?

We are all full of fears, we are all chickens. I used to think that feeling fear was not a good thing. That if you had confidence the fear went away. Although that is not the case, the fear is still there.

Fear is a very uncomfortable feeling. EVERYONE feels fear, doing something out of our comfort zone. Fear with action is courage. The trick is not letting that fear paralyze you in life, feel the fear and do it anyway.
I design clothes, so I designed myself a chicken suit, a Super Chicken suit! What is a Super Chicken anyone that is scared or chicken, but is conquering that fear.
I am dragging this suit with me every where I go.  We are taking pictures to remind others that they can live their dreams. I'm still a chicken! 

Laugh and Smile!

When people see me in my chicken suit they laugh or/and smile.
There is a energy that shifts when you laugh and when you smile. You relax, and open up, it's a universal language.
There is a connection you make with others when you share a smile or a giggle.
This is a great way to have fun and getting my point across. All my life I have been concerned about my looks or about how I appeared.
There is a rigidness and shyness that I have developed. 
Well I think this is going to help me get out of my own skin. It's a freedom that I have not allowed myself, to be ridiculous and silly. I am still afraid to be ridiculous. I feel very ridiclous every time I get in this chicken suit, but I do it anyway.
My biggest desire is to inspire others to Live their dreams!, as I follow my own. Something I have always been too chicken to do, as so many are

I am grateful for everything in my life. I know I can’t do this alone. We need the support and help of others.

What We Need & What You Get

I have funded everything myself so far, I have used almost all my savings. We have spent $2,000 usd in one month in food and transportation and a bit of site seeing. This is on a tight budget in Europe I'm getting .77 cent for my us dollar. When we get back, we also have to set up a home again. We have no other income coming in.

We would love to travel another 6 months, but we need $12,000. If we do not get this we will only have enough for 2 more months, and then we will have to go back.

Since my house is packed and we have no home at the moment we would like to do all the traveling we can. Before we settle down again.

The money will give us flexiablity to meet more people and interview and film them. To do things and not to be on such a shoe string. We can take more time to work online writing and editing pictures to share with you. We would love to volunteer some place for a few weeks as well.

I am in the middle of writing a book on fear and facing it, and our journey.

If we can do this, anyone can. Everything is a sacrifice, we have given up a lot to do this. We can learn so much from each other. It's not always easy and it's often not comfortable. But when you get out of the box. you can see the circle we are in.

 Ways You Can Help

  • Please donate,
  • Laugh, share us with your friends, share our website and our campain! We post pictures and updates on Facebook daily.


  • If you know anyone that can host us in the city we are in, that would be a lot of help also. We love to visit people and share our project with them. Or if you have a place we can stay.
  • Share your story with us. Point us to interesting people or places.
  • Visit our website! www.flying-thecoop.com .
  • Enocurage us! We are alone and it's so nice to get encouraging comments. Even just kind words or a cheer are very welcome!
  • Support our mission. If you don't laugh you might be taking life to seriously and may need to relax and get in a chicken suit and dance around.

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