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Empowering entrepreneurs with a turn-key Shop franchise to offer affordable drinking water, phone charging and smart home appliances to low income earners.
Friedrich Kersting
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*See further information and progress on the "Updates" tab!*


Schoeller Water has developed an innovative retail concept that will make drinking water and basic needs utilities accessible to low income earners in developing countries. Now, after 18 months of market research and development, we are implementing a pilot shop in Nairobi, Kenya. This shop will change the lives of the people living in proximity to the shop. They will have direct access to better and more affordable products and services, which they could not afford or access before.

We want to learn from the hands-on local experiences that we will make during the pilot shop phase and put those experiences into action once we roll out from mid-2014. This will make sure that we fully understand and integrate the needs of the local consumer.

We need your help by being part of this by funding the pilot shop, which will be the basis for many shops throughout Sub-Saharan Africa in the upcoming years. Each of the shops will empower local entrepreneurs and improve the lives of the people around it.

What we need and what you get

We need $39.000 to make the necessary investments for the pilot. We need to acquire and install the systems and technology, pay for rent, insurance, marketing, permits and licenses, salary of the shop-employees, and inventory. 

Until now we were financed by our parent company, the Munich based Schoeller Group, which allowed us to develop and build this business and create and test a prototype. We are now set up and ready to go, all we need is your funding to put our technology into action and start making a positive impact here in Nairobi.

As an enabler of your Sunny River Shop Pilot you will be part of creating an innovative social business which will impact thousands of low income earners in Kenya, and the potential to have a global impact in the future years! Depending on the generosity of your funding you will even receive perks, such as T-Shirts, Bracelets, your name on a plaque on the shop and the website. But most importantly, you will be part of something with a real sustainable impact!

                         LAY A BRICK - TO BUILD A FUTURE!


We are funding for ONE Pilot Shop, but the more we can fund, the bigger the impact. Our minimum goal is to fund $39.000, but if we exceed this goal, all the extra money will be invested in another Sunny River Shop!

Of course you want to know a little more about who we are and what we do, so here you go:


Water in some form is used in the production of almost all processes and products existing today, either as process water, cooling water, fire extinguishing water, drinking water and sanitary water. With water as a resource becoming more scarce and costly, the opportunity was envisioned to enable access to the most basic of water needs, drinking water, to those with the least access in developing countries.

Schoeller Water was created out of this Vision of sustainable resource management and access to water in emerging markets. Creating a sustainable business around this Vision was not only inherent in its conception but also a key characteristic of a Schoeller company.     


                                   Johannes found a location - now we're ready to go!


                   Everline, the shop operator, testing out the system in Kangemi (Nairobi)

“The DNA of a Product also the DNA of the Business.”

Johannes Willms, Co-Founder & CEO, Schoeller Water


Our Vision

Looking to the Future, effective resource management and creating access to clean water and energy will play a decisive role in the progress of developing countries.

Our Mission

Schoeller Water will create economic and social benefits by enabling local entrepreneurs in offering decentralized, affordable drinking water and renewable energy solutions to low income customers in developing markets.

Social Enterprise

At Schoeller Water we believe that creating social value and being profitable must go hand-in-hand in creating a successful and long-lasting business. In our case the best way to access the market is through combining social and economic benefits, by building local trust, incentivizing the customer by offering cost saving products, and giving ownership to local entrepreneurs.

Access to basic needs is a global issue affecting over half the world's population.

Basic needs include such things as clean drinking water, food, shelter, sanitation, healthcare and many more things that are not readily accessible to billions of people. The reasons for this lack in access are mainly poverty, corruption, market & government failures, lack of infrastructure, and harsh environments.

Other everyday tasks are made difficult, time-consuming, and costly because the information needed and certain products and technologies are not disseminated in developing regions such as Africa.

The effect of the access problem is a huge barrier to development, socially and also economically.

Access to Water

Almost 800 Million people in developing countries do not have access to safe drinking water. Every day thousands of people die from the effects of unsafe drinking water, mainly children under 5 in Africa from Diarrhea, totaling to a staggering 3.4 million deaths per year (that is almost the entire City of Los Angeles). Many others waste time collecting water, spending proportionately too much money on expensive clean water, and are unproductive as the result of sickness or dehydration.

Access to Energy

Current access-to-energy solutions in developing countries rely on expensive, highly polluting, fossil and biomass fuels creating a large amount of health & safety issues. The majority of the household energy use goes into cooking and lighting, where lacking or unreliable electricity access leaves them with the only alternatives of wood or coal fireplaces and kerosene lamps which generate dangerous fumes and fire hazards.


The Sunny River - Save Daily Shop is a retail shop that offers affordable treated drinking water, mobile phone charging, improved cooking stoves, solar lamps and other basic products & services not easily accessible to the low income earning consumer in developing countries. With unique water treatment technology, energy independency through solar power, and an innovative cashless payment system the Sunny River Shop uses the benefits of modern technology to improve access to basic needs utilities and services. The Sunny River Shop creates local social and economic value by adapting a franchise system which empowers local entrepreneurs and spurs local business, while also offering payment plans for otherwise unaffordable basic home durables bridging the gap for local consumers from willingness to pay to ability to pay.


The Consumer

We meet the needs of consumers earning a daily income of over $1 and less than $10. Typically, this consumer lives in a household of 4. These households spend 80% of their income on Food (52%), Housing (11%), Household Goods (9%), Energy (7%), and Water (1%). They do not have drinking water access nor reliable electricity and thus have to collect and buy water and fuel on a daily basis. They then use the Water for drinking, cooking, and hygiene. Fuels are needed also for cooking, as well as lighting and mobile phone charging.

The Sunny River Shop Operator

Our franchisees are local entrepreneurs who have some experience in retail operations and have social ties with the local communities. The entrepreneurs have to earn the Sunny River Shop Operators Certificate by going through the operations and business training. This will prepare them for running their own business and ensure they have all the tools and skills to be successful.


The need for affordable and quality water and other basic products and services for the BOP (Bottom Of the Pyramid) is highest in Sub-Saharan Africa, but also in Asia and South America. Schoeller Water is starting their Operations in Nairobi, Kenya in order to test and refine the product. Here we are focusing on areas with the highes population density (usually city slums), allowing us to impact as many people as possible. Future markets will most likely focus on Sub-Saharan Africa but also parts of Asia.


Drinking Water

The Schoeller Water Sunny River Shop offers high quality drinking water which is filtered and mineralized on-site using an innovative treatment system and water from a local water source to ensure healthy and good tasting water. Unwanted chemicals, heavy metals, and micro-biological contaminants, even Fluoride and Arsenic can be extracted ensuring immediate as well as long term health benefits. The water treatment system is environmentally friendly as it uses Solar Power and produces no harmful by-products by such processes as Reverse-Osmosis.

Mobile Phone Charging

It is becoming very easy for people in Africa to own a mobile phone, and as home electricity access cannot keep up, more and more BOP (Bottom Of the Pyramid) consumers are relying on external mobile phone charging facilities. The Schoeller Sunny River Shop offers fast, secure and environmentally friendly mobile phone charging at an affordable price.

Home Cooking

The majority of BOP households still prepare their everyday meals on an indoor open fireplaces using wood or charcoal as fuel. Apart from health and safety risks, the fuel costs are very high. Improved Cooking Stoves available at the Schoeller Sunny River Shop eliminate the smoke and fire hazards of open fire places and save more than half the fuel through their efficient design. Moreover, Schoeller Water also offers financing for the improved cook stoves.

Home Lighting

As with open fireplaces, Kerosene lamps being used by the majority of the BOP consumers create health & safety risks as well as high fuel costs. Those who cannot afford kerosene lamps loose valuable time they could spend working or studying, resulting in lost income. The Sunny River Shop offers highly efficient and low energy consuming solar lamps which can be charged over the course of the day and then used for lighting at night. Fuel costs are totally eliminated. Financing is also available for the lighting products.



If we are successful, and with your help we will be successful, we will have the opportunity to improve the living conditions of thousands of people. Therefore, with further growth and success we will need your help more than before. Send us your application for exciting internships and job opportunities, your critique, your ideas and thoughts on the project. We appreciate every email and every call we receive! we are looking forward to hear from you!

Spread the word!

Make this venture a topic of discussion with your friends, family and colleagues. The more awareness you create, the higher the chances that less and less people will suffer from the effects of limited access ti basic needs products and services.

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1.) Why do you sell drinking water instead of giving it away for free?

This is a very important question, and we have a very meaningful answer for you: Also poor people want to be valued members of society, they do not want to be seen as victims of their circumstances. What we do is to give them access to products that they would not be able to afford otherwise, and that will bring economic benefits to them. But most importantly, the products we offer will dramatically improve their living standards. To put it in a nutshell: we are laying the foundations for a sustainable society, where everybody will be able to care for themselves and not be dependent on our help anymore. Another important reason is that it is important to install in peoples mind that valuable things need to be appreciated and managed resourcefully. If you offer something for free, the value placed on ot is diminished and it is not appreciated and maintained resourcefully.

2.) What happens if you succeed?

The pilot shop will help us to take a huge step forwardin our project. It took a long time to develop the concept and to put the first shop on the ground, to accelerate the project and its positive outcomes we need to open a second shop as soon as possible. Not only will this shop improve the lives of thousands of people, it will also show us what still needs to be improved and what is already working well. With this information, we will be able to open many new Sunny River Shops in the coming years and lay the foundation for the solution of one of the biggest challenges of our time.

3.) If you don't succeed, are the contributions returned?

Yes. Our Schoeller Water Pilot campaign is a fixed funding campaign. We do not receive any money unless the target $39,000 or more is raised. The money is only released when the campaign ends.

4.) What makes Schoeller Water different from existing providers and solutions?

Our products mix and the business model that focuses on local ownership and empowerment - that way we create social and economic value for everyone involved in the value chain. We have also developed this solution to be scalable in every sense, allowing the impact to grow and have a global impact.

5.) How does the Sunny River - Save Daily Shop provide economic value to the customers?

The Sunny River - Save Daily Shop helps customers to save money: compared to bottled water, customers can save over 90% by buying treated high-quality drinking water from our shop.

By using our products, the Sunny River solar lamps and the improved cookstoves, our customers will save between $50 and $120 within one year just by fuel saved. 

PLEASE NOTE: Corporate funding is only available to companies complying with our regulations.

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This campaign ended on March 28, 2014
Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    High Five!

    Every Dollar counts, so we will give high fives for every donation, until our hands turn blue!

    3 claimed
  • $15USD
    Name Drop

    We will release a donor-list on our website for everyone who donated at least $15! If you do not want your name published, just send us an e-mail! You will get a personalised "Thank You Email" and a "Web-Mention"!

    1 claimed
  • $25USD
    Save some time

    Help us to reach the goal that no woman in Kenya has to walk longer than 30 minutes per roundtrip to collect water! You will get a personalised "Thank You Letter", a "Web-Mention" and one of our Team Bracelets!

    12 claimed
  • $45USD
    We are family!

    We feel that our project is not simply about helping people to improve their lifes, it is about building a community, relationships, friendships. Our friends from aMano have designed some really lovely bracelets especially for us. Every donor will receive one of them to show that he or she is part of this bunch of people: the family. Of course, you will also receive a "Web Mention" and a "Thank you letter"

    9 out of 1000 claimed
  • $99USD
    99 Problems

    Maybe you got 99 Problems but water ain't one! A contribution of $99 would help us to take a huge step towards our goal, to make clean water accessible in Kenya for those who cannot afford it. What was the last thing you bought for just under $100? You will get a personalised "Thank You Letter", a "Web-Mention", one of our great T-Shirts and a Team-Bracelet!

    11 out of 99 claimed
  • $300USD
    The Enabler

    After the shop opening, we will give away one promotional package for every donor including a personalized letter, a web-mention, the Team-Bracelet and the T-Shirt! More importantly, your funding will enable poor families to access clean water and basic needs products. And you will be able to show that you are part of the mission! For every donation, we will also give away one free cookstove or one solar lamp!

    1 out of 300 claimed
  • $500USD
    Name on the Door

    Yes, right. You will see your name, a friend's name, your relatives name or even your sibling's name if you want that, written on the exterior of this Pilot Shop in Nairobi. How we can proove that? Either you come to Nairobi to visit our incredible project, or you take a look on the picture we send you. You will get a personalized plaque on the Shop with your name on it, and of course a personalised "Thank You Email", a "Web-Mention" and a photo of your name on the wall!

    1 out of 33 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    Corporate Sponsor

    Become a proud Schoeller Water partner! For as much as $5.000, we are happy to list you on our Homepage as one of our Corporate Sponsors! Of course, you will also receive a personalised "Thank You Letter", a "Web-Mention", our T-Shirt and one of our fabolous bracelets!

    0 out of 5 claimed
  • $50,000USD
    Change lifes with ...

    ...the trip of your lifetime! We would like to invite you on a visit to Kenya. You will have the opportunity to visit our site in Nairobi and once you are there, you will spend a whole week on an amazing Safari to Kenya's Masai Mara! Accomodation and a Business Class flight from your location is included, there's nothing you need to think about, we will make sure you have the week of your lifetime!

    0 out of 1 claimed
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