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Join the launch of the new tool for Safer Sun Time© with the new UVA+B SunFriend® daily UV activity monitor!
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We reached our goal! Lots of great people helped make it happen! Thank you thank you! 

We all love being outdoors!
We all need to get enough sun for Vitamin D!
We all need to make sure we don’t get too much sun!

It’s all possible with UVA+B SunFriend®; a new gadget for personal safer daily UV consumption!

Did you know? When you slather on sunscreen, you prevent beneficial ultraviolet B from penetrating the skin, which is what your body needs to make vitamin D! The same goes when you cover up completely! And vitamin D deficiency is at a pandemic level around the world!

On top of that, if you are in the United States, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation, 1 in 5 of us will get skin cancer – despite the increase use of sunscreens! The skin cancer incidents are even higher in Australia!

One solution is to get “Safer Sun Time”! That is why we set out to make a fun, cool, wearable gadget, that tells you when you have had enough sun! You set it to your personal skin color and sensitivity, and it constantly reads any UV you are exposed to – from the sun, reflected from the water, under clouds, through glass! When all your LED indicators have lit up, you have had your safer dose of sun for the day! And SunFriend is waterproof, so you can wear it while you are swimming on the beach!

We designed the SunFriend to help people optimize their vitamin D and reduce the incidence of skin cancer simultaneously.

The UVA+B SunFriend®; designed to be the world’s best personal activity monitor for daily UV exposure!

Is there anything more enjoyable than spending time outdoors on a sunny day? 

These folks are all wearing the new UVA+B SunFriend© with our patented, cutting-edge UV activity technology to help them make the most of their time in the sun. There is a fine line between overexposure, which can lead to skin cancer and sun damage, and underexposure, which can result in vitamin D deficiencies. With our trendy, user-friendly gadget that was inspired by small, powerful UV sensors inspired by NASA, you can safely and confidently enjoy all of your favorite outdoor activities!

Available in early 2014! Get your own SunFriend® by making a contribution today!

The UVA+B SunFriend is the newest gadget to hit the world for self-empowering people to take charge of their own health! After you set your own personal sensitivity level to match your specific skin type and color, and the rest of the work is done as you wear it! A super sensitive UV sensor keeps track of all the UV you encounter - from the sun above, bouncing off the water or snow, and even what you get indoors from lights and through windows. It's taking readings constantly to ensure accuracy, and takes into consideration whether a cloud has gone overhead or you are indoors or outdoors. Our technology is based on internationally recognized scientific research to accurately measure daily UVA and UVB exposure. 

Inventors Shahid Aslam and Karin Edgett shown here at the 2011 Create the Future contest run by NASA TechBriefs. UVA+B SunFriend won Best Consumer Product and Most Popular Vote prizes.

Our team quickly expanded to include passionate engineers, scientists and marketers from all over the country to take us all the way to completed working and tested prototypes. We have spent nearly three years designing and perfecting SunFriend prototypes and have thoroughly tested the technology and product design. Our Mission: Provide the world with fun, effective and affordable new gadgets for Safer Sun Time©.

Learn More from Our Team

 Shahid Aslam Video

 Karin Edgett Video

 Siddharth Potbhare Video

 Stefan Giroux Video

Who Will Benefit from the UVA+B SunFriend Activity Monitor?

Anyone who is concerned about their health! SunFriend works to help you optimize Vitamin D levels naturally from the sun which is at pandemic low levels around the world! It also helps you prevent damage from over-exposure, helping to curb a crisis of skin cancer in countries like USA and Australia. And, practically anyone who loves spending time outdoors! 

UVA+B SunFriend© is waterproof, lightweight and will be available in a variety of colors and designs. Beach goers, outdoor sports enthusiasts such as golfers, cyclists, runner and boaters, parents, people with outdoor occupations, and people with vitamin D deficiencies (just to name a few!) are all folks who will benefit from knowing when you have had enough UVA and UVB for the day!

Why Do We Need Your Support?

  • We need to spread the word! We need to educate consumers about a new tool for Safer Sun Time™.
  • We need to develop strong retailer programs and partnerships around the world.
  • We need to create a dynamic retail website
  • We need to develop the next generation SunFriends®
  • We need to launch our new mobile app

Our thank you gift for supporting us is a frisbee to use with your new UVA+B SunFriend! 

Thank you for your support to help us launch a new tool for Safer Sun Time©!  

Compelling reasons to monitor your daily UV exposure: 

  • 1 in 5 people in the USA will get skin cancer (60 Million People)
  • About 90% of non-melanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun
  • Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the USA
  • According to the World Health Organization “one in every three cancers diagnosed worldwide is a skin cancer.” 

Interesting facts about Optimizing your Vitamin D levels: 

  • Vitamin D deficiency is now recognized as a pandemic. The major cause of vitamin D deficiency is the lack of appreciation that sun exposure in moderation is the major source of vitamin D for most humans.

  • ...According to research presented at the 25th annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies, patients with daytime sleepiness and musculoskeletal pain are likely to have vitamin D insufficiency or deficiency...
  • An excerpt from the Lancet... Studies show melanoma mortality actually decreases after UV exposure. Additionally, melanoma lesions do not predominate sun-exposed skin, which is why sunscreens have proven ineffective in preventing it. Exposure to sunlight, particularly UVB, is protective against melanoma—or rather, the vitamin D your body produces in response to UVB radiation is protective. 

    We suspect that the benefits to heart health of sunlight will outweigh the risk of skin cancer.

  • Vitamin D is intimately involved not only in immune system function, but also brain function. It appears that vitamin D has protective effects and immunomodulatory effects in the brain, and is useful in neurodegenerative and neuroimmune diseases, typified by MS. (
  • Optimized Vitamin D Levels can reduce breast cancer risk by 77% over a 4 year period according to a study published in 2007 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Empower yourself or a loved one with a commemorative breast cancer awareness UV activity monitor. 

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we partnered with Voices of Hope, a volunteer organization that supports women recently diagnosed with cancer through empowerment, inspiration and information. We are offering a beautiful limited-edition blue SunFriend with a Voices of Hope commemorative band for a $100 level donation. $25 of this contribution will go directly to Voices of Hope. You will also receive the Special Edition SunFriend® + two copies of the Voices of Hope DVD. You will be supporting SunFriend as well as women in need during a very difficult time.

Read our article Featured in the Hill Rag...

A New Way to Manage Sun Exposure

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    Meet the Inventors!

    Meet the inventors, tour the places where the technology was designed and see what's next for UV sensor technology and products. You will receive 10 first edition SunFriends, your choice of colors, (Grey, Blue or Orange) Package is for two persons, and includes overnight stay, dinner with the team to discuss and learn about the UVA+B SunFriend® product development.

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