SUMMER RAIN - Short Film

A glimpse into the spiritless life of Leon. With the unexpected arrival of Ada he realizes everything could change... but can it?
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A glimpse into the spiritless life of Leon. With the unexpected arrival of Ada he realizes everything could change... but can it?

The story

‘Summer Rain’ is a story about human connections, about discovering beauty and finding the strength to overcome a bad situation. It captures a moment in the life of a young man trapped in a loop of obsessions and routines that help him protect himself from getting hurt.

Shot carefully, with the use of textures, deep metaphors and a strong work of craft and design, the film follows the brief encounter between Leon and Ada, two smart and unique people who have opposite attitudes towards life.

The film tells the story of LEON, a 30 year old writer with an overcast personality, who doesn’t have any interest in the people that surround him. He somehow fears them and envies their freedom.

Leon knows there is something wrong with him. He is obsessed with the number four and needs to do four repetitions in his day-by-day activities. He also an insomniac caused by his loneliness and overthinking. So, he constantly seeks freedom- through exercise and a very strict routine. With the unexpected arrival of his flatmate’s friend ADA, a luminous young woman, full of energy and experience, Leon will wonder about the possibility of a different life for himself. However, she will leave to another country the next morning. Will Leon be able to keep this hope once Ada is gone?

So... how can you help us and where will the money go?

THE TOTAL WE NEED TO RAISE IS A WHOPPING £3500! - so we will try to raise as much as we can on this INDIEGOGO campaign.

This is how we will use the money...

Photography Equipment hire

We have already got access to the amazing RED Scarlett and some wonderful lenses, but we need your help to afford the other lenses that we need to create the distorsions that show Leon's point of view; the lighting equipment, the underwater case to put the camera in the swimming pool, and the generator and fuel for all the outdoors night shoots.

Due to the visual and surreal nature of Leon’s world and of this film, without all this equipment we won’t be able to make the film we are aiming for. 

Art department and Costume department

We are creating our main character's space from scratch in a TV studio, so we will need to spend money on wooden flats for the walls, materials, props, and to get every little detail that goes into what we see on the screen. There are metaphors and visual effects happening in the film that will be made on set and not on post-production, for example, there is a moment where jasmine starts raining over Leon.

In addition to this, the costumes need to work together with the photography and the art department. The lighting, the colors, the textures and fabrics, all the small elements and complements the characters are wearing. For all this, we need the resources to make this world believable.

Production, transportation and food 

WIt will be a very intense shoot, there are night shoots and outdoor locations, so we need to feed our crew! We want to make sure our crew is well fed and warm since this is Scotland and working outdoors at night will be a challenge. 

Also, to be able to move all the equipment from one location to the other we will need make sure we have a bigger and safe transportation. 


We hope we are able to raise enough money to afford to pay professional actors and this way make sure they are on board and secure them solely to our film.

So as you see we need a lot of money to be able to make the film the amazing experience we are aiming for. And also, to afford to send it to all these festivals around the world (some of the submissions cost money as well!!).

Meet our awesome team!


Indeana is a canadian producer and cinematographer. She has worked on many short films including her graduating film, "Visions of Recognition" which she worked as cinematographer. Her recent enrolment in the Film and TV program at the Edinburgh College of Art has pushed her to explore other facets of the film industry. She looks forward to working on 'Summer Rain' helping to produce and work closely with the cast and crew.

 JOANA GIL-RICO  Director / Writer

Joana, a catalan director, editor and musician based in the UK has directed over 10 short films. She studied at the prestigious film school ESCAC and is completing a film degree at Edinburgh university. Among Joana’s credits: directing a clip for the film’Cloud Atlas’ and collaborating on various award-winning films. In 2008 her music featured in Morocco’s road safety campaign, which took the worldwide prize for ‘Best road safety campaign’. Currently Joana is a freelance editor and director and part of the collective DecemberWorks. 

 NELISA ALCALDE - Director of photography

Nelisa Alcalde is a very passionate and experienced cinematographer from Spain. She has worked in a large amount of films in Spain, UK, Cuba and Argentina. She is currently finishing her cinematography degree at the Edinburgh University and is very excited about the visual challenge 'Summer rain' means.

STACY JANSEN - Production designer

Stacy is an american costume designer and recent graduate of Edinburgh College of Art. Her work to date includes costume and set design for both theatre and film. Stacy draws influence from travel experiences as well as traditional research for costuming and finds projects that involve creating contrast between contemporary and traditional ethnic dress particularly interesting.

FLORENCE MUNRO - Set designer

Florence is a british set designer currently studying film at the Edinburgh College of Art. She is very passionate and fun to work with. Always bringing new ideas and suggestions. She is very excited to work in this project along with Stacy.

 CLAUDIA JOHNS - Costume designer

Claudia is a very focused costume designer based in Edinburgh. She is currently completing her degree at the Edinburgh college of art.
Claudia is very bright and resourceful and is very happy to be working closely with Stacy Jansen.


Kieran studied at Aberdeen University before attending Edinburgh College of Art and graduating with first class honors. His film ‘Flashbulb’ won the 2012 Royal television society of Scotland student award for best undergraduate fiction. Recently, he was the cinematographer and visual effects artist on ‘Swallow’, a Scottish documentary institute film that screened at the 2013 Edinburgh International Film festival.

ALEX PAGUIRIGAN - Sound designer

Alex Paguirigan is a freelance sound designer and mixer based in Chicago. He recently completed the MSc in Sound Design programme at The University of Edinburgh, during which he felt the infinite possibilities of sound in film. Always looking for the next challenge, Alex has been most recently involved in projects with BAFTA-nominated filmmakers, improvisatory ensembles, and folk dance troupes. Outside of his audio career, you can find him riding his bicycle around town, "reading" Japanese street fashion magazines, or drinking a new craft beer while coming to terms with the fact that he'll never be Kanye West.

Risks and challenges 

One of the main challenges in the film will be not getting the money we'll need to make the film come to life. Another big challenge is going to be finding the perfect cast for our main characters so it doesn't become another student film.
We are working nonstop, all the time to make sure we understand each other and also to make sure we get to the shoot with everything absolutely ready. There's always unexpected problems, but hopefully with a lot of planning, rehearsal and patience we will be able to overcome it and make sure the film becomes exactly what we want.

With your contribution you are helping us to move a little closer to our goal.

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    Virtual Hug!

    All of the above plus a TWITTER "THANK YOU" SHOUT OUT and you'll get a virtual hug from our 'Summer Rain' team!

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    All the rewards above, plus a signed copy of the script with a personalized message from the director!

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    In addition to all the above you'll receive an invitation to the premiere of the film!

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    Associate Producer title!

    All of the above rewards plus an Associate Producer title in the credits and a skype session with the director to talk about the film!

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  • £500GBP
    Executive producer title!

    All of the above; An Executive Producer title, and the chance to go visit the set during the shoot! Also, because we are incrediby thankful we'll give you a prop from the set and the producer and the director of the film will sing a song for you on Skype!!!

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  • £1,000GBP
    Dinner w/ Director & Producer!

    Everything above PLUS a special thanks at the start of the film and the chance to have dinner with the director and the producer of the film. You'll also get infinite love and hugs from the entire crew and the great feeling that you helped make this student film possible and will now see it distributed worldwide!!!

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