Suicide Party

A campaign for a feature film about a once successful man about to lose everything who has a suicide party to raise enough to get back on his feet -- or else.
Gini Graham Scott
San Francisco, California
United States
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     THE SUICIDE PARTY is a dramedy, which tells the story of Dave, a late-30s business professional, who has lost his job, can’t find another, and is 30 days from losing his house, which means everything to him.  

Dave's House   Dave's House   

    As his best friend Biff tells the story, the bank won’t help nor can his friends, who are also going broke.In desperation, he turns to Biff to help him put on a Suicide Party to raise funds.  If he gains enough, he’ll live, and if not, he’ll quietly end it all. Though Biff thinks the idea is crazy he reluctantly agrees, and the plans for the party turn into a media frenzy with unexpected results.  After the wild ride, Biff tells the story, and uses some of the footage he and Dave put together to describe what happened.

    We already have a Director and lead actors to play Dave and Biff, who have extensive IMBD credits for other films -- Jack Skyyler of Skyyler Productions, Directing; Glynn Praesel as Dave; and Tom Malloy as Biff.  Between them they have been involved in over 3 dozen feature films. The Producer is Gini Graham Scott, who has written and produced over 60 short films, from narratives to documentaries. We also have other key team members with extensive experience in crewing and acting who are ready to go.  You'll read more about them in the section on Our Team.  

     As part of Dave's initial efforts to make his film, we produced a sizzle reel and first episode locally with two different groups of volunteers and we may use some of that in the full length feature. Dave also found a director in L.A. interested in producing this as a dark comedy/drama, and Biff started a Save Dave website and Save Dave Facebook Page to tell people about his plight and get people around the world to contribute 10-30 second videos on why we should save Dave, with prizes for the best, most creative, and funniest videos. But while the film is suspenseful and entertaining, it also raises many timely social issues about suicide, the economy, the loss of the middle class, inequality in America, the continuing foreclosure mess, and problems with the banks.  

    Here are some photos from the Dave's initial film shoot which start with him as a successful salesman, before he lost his job due to the tanking economy and jobs going overseas.

    Here are Dave and Louise when things were great.  He is expecting a promotion soon, and she is the daughter of a wealthy company owner. He has recently popped the question and they are planning their wedding and honeymoon.


    Then boom, Dave's boss tells him he has to let him go, because the company is going bust. After that, Dave can't find another job. Louise calls him a loser and walks out. And he's about to lose his house, because his banker can't loan him more money, and the friends he calls to help are struggling, too.




     That's when, feeling desperate, Dave decides to have a Suicide Party. He calls Biff and his other friends to help him with it, so he can save his house and get back on his feet, because he can't imagine living in a homeless shelter or on the street.  


    That's the set up and once Dave announces the party, crazy things start to happen, including a media frenzy when his plans for the party go viral. Lots of unexpected events happen, and Biff tells it all.


     We've already gotten some notice for Dave's initial short which he created to get some interest in his film The Suicide Party that premiered at the Scary Cow Film Festival in San Francisco on July 6 at the Castro Theater. After the showing, we got to introduce everyone in the cast and crew, since the producer of Suicide Party , Gini Graham Scott, won an award for her previous film, Dead No More. Here we are introducing everyone to several hundred people in the audience, as Biff in the film takes the mike.


     The rest of the feature film continues from Dave's decision to have the party, which turns out to be very controversial. Dave even gets death threats and pleas to cancel the event.  

       Suicide Party Party                  But finally, the party happens, with hundreds of people attending, after which there are many surprising events, twists, and turns in the story. It's a film that's sure to be talked about.

       THE SUICIDE PARTY is in the tradition of films which are both entertaining yet deal with themes in the news, like Everything Must Go, The Help, and Inside Job.  It also has the excitement of found films like The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity.

        Dave's initial short and sizzle reel illustrate his early efforts to make this happen, and now the new Director, Jack Skyyler, and lead actors -- Dave played by Glynn Praesel and Biff played by Tom Malloy -- will turn Dave's compelling story in to an exciting found film story, told by Biff.  


     Since the film is called the Suicide Party Project, of course we'll be having a number of parties in San Francisco, LA and other cities to celebrate before and after the film shoot, and once the film is in released at festivals and in a theatrical release.  So you can expected to get invites to great parties and a chance to meet and mingle with the cast and crew. 

     We've already had two parties to show Dave's initial video and sizzle reel --- and we posted both photos and photo videos of these events.  The first Film and Networking party was held September 11 at the San Francisco restaurant featured in several scenes in the video.  We held a second Film and Networking Party October 9 at the San Francisco Digital film school.  You can see photos from these events. Another event is planned for November 18 in San Francisco, since our first two were so popular. Then there will be many more -- not only in San Francisco but in other cities.


     We are now planning to film the story in Texas in 2014 in a 15 day shoot and complete the film by May or June working with our experienced team. Our lead actor who is playing Dave, Glynn Praesel, along with our director, Jack Skyyler, will be making the arrangements. We will be finding a large house for both filming most of the scenes as well as putting up the out of town cast and crew.  The writer-producer Gini Graham Scott will be working on the final script and arranging for marketing, distribution, and promotion.



      Besides being an entertaining, suspenseful film, the film has an important message and will have a powerful impact in raising various issues that are touched on by the film. These include the impact of the Great Recession on our economy and society that continues today and the issues of suicide, inequality, the decline of the middle class. the role of the media and celebrity, and more. We hope the film will contribute to a national conversation on these topics, and even to lead to changes in some laws.  

     We also expect this will be the first of many low-budget films produced through Changemakers Productions. We already have a slate of a half-dozen films with $40,000-$50,000 budgets that are especially designed for TV, streaming, DVD, and foreign sales, as well as theatrical release. With your help, we can make that happen. 



      We already have $10,000 towards production committed by private investors   Now we need an additional $15,000 to produce the film. A future campaign will raise additional funds for marketing, distribution, and promotion.

       Anything beyond our goal will go to making this an even better film and help with promotion, marketing, and organizing national Suicide Party parties to increase interest in the film -- as well as being fun. This will also contribute to the low-budget dark comedy version to be filmed in L.A.

       As a subscriber, supporter, or contributor, you'll get advance, reduced price, and VIP invitations to events, as well as many other perks.  You'll also have special invitations to our humorous "Save Dave" campaign, in which people all over the U.S. and internationally are invited to submit 10-30 second videos sharing their reasons for why we should "save Dave."  There will be a competition and rewards to select the best videos. You can see the beginnings of this campaign at, and join our Facebook page for this at 

     Your pledge will help us with production and development costs such as:

  • Salaries for the actors, producers, and crew
  • Payment to the editor
  • Locations, permits, and food services    

    More specifically, our $25,000 budget for a 15 day shoot (with $10,000 already committed and $15,000 raised here) will cover the cost of making the film with a crew of 15, including a director, director of photography, producer, associate producer, casting director, sound recorder, script supervisor, and several others. In addition, there will be 5 lead actors, plus about 25 supporting actors and 300 unpaid extras for the big party scene and other background scenes. The budget will also cover the costs of locations, food, music, equipment rentals, and editing. 



   The Suicide Party was inspired by the recent economic crisis in which over 12 million middle income people have lost or are losing their homes in today’s economic turmoil. Even though the Great Recession is considered over, millions of people are still suffering after losing their jobs, businesses, and homes. Also, according to researchers, over 100 people commit suicide every day, many because of the economic crisis.

    I previously did a short documentary series about this situation called: Middle Class Homeless:

   Middle Class Homeless: The Crisis

   Middle Class Homeless: Families in Trouble: 

   Middle Class Homeless: Introducing a Series of Documentaries

    I recently completed two other documentaries: Forgive Our Taxes: The Victims and Forgive Our Taxes: The Lawyers on the big tax bills affecting once successful people who are now struggling.  A new music video Bankruptcy Blues dealing with going bankrupt and starting over will be out soon.

    The director, lead actors, and me are passionate about this campaign, because Dave's story is very timely, since it is about things that have been happening to millions of people in our country who have been losing their homes, jobs, and businesses.  At the same time, this film tells a personal, heartfelt story about Dave's journey through this modern-day crisis, as told by his best friend Biff.  

      I also want this film to be the first of a series of low-budget feature films that include dramas, crime and psychology suspense thrillers, and sci-fi films.  These films are designed to be dramatic and entertaining, as well as provide a commentary on everyday life and the way new developments in science and technology will change our life. Changemakers Productions and our affiliates have crew members and actors who have worked with us on dozens of previous films we can call on for these productions. One of our next films will be The Parking Lot, about how an initial confrontation over a parking space can escalate out of control.

     Your contribution will help us make both these things possible - filming Suicide Party and setting the groundwork for producing these other films in the Bay Area, New York, Texas, and other locations.


   To this end, our team is led by writer/producer Gini Graham Scott based in San Francisco, director Jack Skyyler in New York, and lead actor Glynn Praesel playing Dave.  Initial PR Assistance is being provided with the help of Jana Collins of Jones & O'Malley, based in Los Angeles.


Gini Graham Scott is the owner of Changemakers Productions and author of 50+ books, 15 original scripts, over 80 low-budget short films, and author of THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO WRITING, PRODUCING, AND DIRECTING A LOW-BUDGET SHORT FILM and THE QUICK GUIDE TO FINDING FUNDS FOR YOUR FILM OR TV-PROJECT with Hal Leonard's Limelight Editions. The funding book even has a chapter on crowdfunding.      


She is a regular Huffington Post columnist, writing about social trends ( and has published three books about the housing crisis that inspired this script, including: LIVING IN LIMBO: THE BEGINNING OF THE END; LIVING IN LIMBO: STUCK IN THE MIDDLE; and LIVING IN LIMBO: FROM ENDINGS TO NEW BEGINNINGS. The final book in the series which incorporates all three books is LIVING IN LIMBO: FROM THE END TO NEW BEGINNINGS.

She has written other books on current social trends, most recently: TRANSFORMATIONS: HOW NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, BUSINESS, AND SOCIETY ARE CHANGING YOUR LIFE.  She has just sold a book on inequality in America: THE NEW AMERICAN MIDDLE AGES to Palgrave Macmillan.

            Product Details   

She has written and produced over 80 short videos which you can see at  They range from dramatic narratives and documentaries to music videos, promotional trailers and photo videos. A few of her scripts and shorts won awards in festivals and competitions. (Dead No More received 2 awards in the Scary Cow Film Festival in San Francisco; the Suicide Party script was a finalist in Philadelphia’s ScreenplayFest Competition.  The latest videos include:

      Dead No More - Suspense Thriller
      Dead No More - Sizzle Reel

      The Parking Lot - Short -
      The Parking Lot - Sizzle Reel -

Gini Graham Scott also wrote and produced several feature films now under option and a half-dozen TV game/show pilots under consideration by the networks.  Her short films include the documentaries MIDDLE CLASS HOMELESS, THE TRUTH ABOUT LYING, WHAT KIND OF DOG ARE YOU?, HIDE AND SEEK about geocaching, and IRONWORKERS.  She has written and produced trailers for the feature films THE NEW CHILD and NEW IDENTITY.  She wrote and produced the music videos: TRAFFIC COURT STAR, BAD BAD BANKS, GHOST POSTER, and PLEASE BE MY WIFE.  They can all be viewed on YouTube at

She teaches classes on low-budget filmmaking based on her book and organizes monthly film industry networking events and other programs through several film groups she founded with over 4000 members, including the Film and TV Connection (, the Hollywood Film Industry (, both in L.A., and the Bay Area Film and TV Connection (, the San Francisco Film Industry (, and the Film and Business Connection (

She is also an expert on Crowdfunding and gives talks on the topic. She is a co-chair for the Film Crowdfunding Society ( and co-chair for its San Francisco chapter (

Her websites include: (for script writing and film production); (for writing books, scripts, articles, blogs, and other materials (for published books, speaking, and more), (for Changemakers Productions videos), (for an IMBD profile and resume), and (for LinkedIn)


Jack Skyyler is the founder of Dear Skyyler Productions, based in upstate New York. He won a REMI and two Best Director awards for his first feature Hitting the Wall.  Other films which he write, produced, and directed include: Night Aboard the Salem, Isabel: A Love Story, Skookum: The Hunt for the Bigfoot, Death of Love, Infested Ship, and Hitting the Wall. He has recently produced and directed The Haunted Ship, a $2 million production scheduled for a release in 2015.

Other films which he was involved with include producing Little Bi Peep for Rebel Cinema, providing special effects for Cheers: An Odd to John Woo for Seth Donald Productions, and providing visual effects for Yellow Brick Roadfor Points North Films. He was the producer/sound mixer for the television show: Life in a Straight World.  He has been an Associate Producer for the horror film Creeping Crawling with a $100,000 budget.

Some links to his films include these:
  Trailer: Skookum, the Hunt for Bigfoot (producer/director):
  Trailer: Night aboard the Salem (producer/director/writer):
  Trailer: Little Bi Peep (producer):
  Trailer: Death of Love (producer/co-director):
  Full Short: Infested Ship (producer/director/writer):

  Visual Effect's Reel:


A native Texan born in Brownsville, Glynn Praesel has been acting since the late 1970s in both the theater and film. After graduating from Texas A&M in 1988, where he competed on the college rodeo team as a bareback bronco rider, he became the host of "The Nashville Network” for two years, and since 1985, he has been in both indie and major motion picture, and is represented by an agent in Hollywood.  He is also a successful businessman and both an actor and producer in the film business.  Among the films he has been in are the following.

As a lead he was in: Duque, Palo Pinto Gold, Hitting the Wall, Ride Wanted Trail, and Abandoned Project X.  He played supporting roles in three films directed by Jack Skyyler: Skookum, Haunted Ship, and Heart of Faith.  Other films in which he has played a supporting role include: Endgame, Ragamuffin, Rugaru.  He has acted in several TV specials, including Love Death and Cross of Fire.

He has won several awards as a producer, including three awards for Palo Pinto Gold, as the “Best Western” at the Trail Dance Film Festival, as Special Jury Best Film Award at the Houston International Filmfest, and as the Best Family Picture in the Gone with the Film Festival.

Some links to his films include these:

Palo Pinto Gold:Trailer


Tom Malloy is a producer, actor, and writer who is most known for The Alphabet Killer, Love N’ Dancing, and The Attic.

As critically acclaimed actor, Tom wowed Hollywood with his stunning turn in the indie-cult favorite Gravesend in 1998, which was produced by Oliver Stone.. Though he no longer produces in order to focus on his acting career, over the years, Tom has raised more than $25 million in private equity from independent financiers and has written, produced and starred or co-starred in nearly all the films that his company Trick Candle Productions has made.

Some of these films include Ashley, directed by Dean Ronalds, which will be in theaters in 2013, Love N' Dancing, which was directed by Rob Iscove (She's All That), and stars Amy Smart, Tom Malloy, Billy Zane, Rachel Dratch, and Betty White; the psychological thriller The Alphabet Killer, directed by Rob Schmidt (Wrong Turn, Crime & Punishment in Suburbia) and stars Eliza Dushku, Cary Elwes, Tom Malloy, Timothy Hutton, Michael Ironside, and Oscar Winner Melissa Leo; and a thriller directed by Mary Lambert called The Attic, starring John Savage, Malloy, and Elisabeth Moss.

As an actor, Tom has also appeared in principle roles on Law & Order SVU, Third Watch, Kidnapped, The Siege (with Denzel Washington) and Anger Management.

In addition to his work as a filmmaker, Tom is an accomplished author whose book Bankroll: A New Approach to Financing Feature Films is considered the "gold standard" of indie film financing instruction. A second edition came out in 2012.

Tom is also a nationally known motivational speaker for adults and kids and has traveled across the country spreading his positive message to students of all ages. Over the years, he has spoken to more than 100,000 students.

Some links to his films include these:


Shamil Erfanian is currently the development producer of Digital Era Productions, and is developing two films for the company, including a horror and a romantic comedy based on a fairy tale.  He is also producing and directing two features with Premiere Entertainment, a Ranger in search of his kidnapped daughter, and Razor Fury, a sci-fi feature centered around a renegade martial artist. As the development producer, Mr. Erfanian is responsible for the development, rewrites, production and post production of motion pictures. His extensive background in script development and analysis at

Hollywood Outreach Network has been a vital asset in the rewrite and development of up and coming writers. His unique approach to script development has been a key to "fixing" story issues and weaknesses.

Mr. Erfanian completed a motion picture, Prairie Dogs, which will be released in 2012.  Prairie Dogs is a story of two soldiers returning to broken homes and relationships. The story questions redemption of warring soldiers and the betrayal of spouses left home during combat. Mr. Erfanian has also been trained as a Director of Photography,  mentored by notable DP Gale Tattersall, Rodney Charters, and David Stockton.

In addition to being Associate Producer of Prairie Dogs, the Mr. Erfanian also was its Director of Photography.


Sanjay Sooknanan has over 14 years experience writing, directing, shooting, and editing films. He edited the Suicide Party sizzle reel and short film.  A graduate of San Francisco State University, Sanjay juggled a career in education while working on over 25 short films, music videos, and short documentaries. He has worked with numerous local organizations and production companies, and is committed to supporting Bay Area-based independent films.


Bernard Prinz is a graphic artist/designer with extensive experience in print media, image composition & image manipulation. He also has a deep knowledge of digital video camera and non-linear editing.  He designed our original Suicide Party Poster.


Jana Collins works with a full service PR firm, Jones and O’Malley, established in 1985 and based in Los Angeles, specializing in the entertainment industry.  The company has assisted in gaining recognition for million dollar companies, cutting edge technologies, and Grammy Award winning recording artists.  The company assists with campaign planning, press releases, press kits, Internet marketing, and special event planning, and they have a broad reach in today’s media.  They have placed their clients and their products in every nationally distributed publication, major television network and top rated cable station, including; ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Discovery, National Geographic, “E”, HGTV, DIY Network and many others. They have gotten clients on The Today Show, Doctor Phil, Dateline, T.V. Guide Channel, Good Morning America, This Morning, 60 Minutes, Entertainment Tonight, and 20/20, and they have worked with a number of big budget motion pictures such as Transformers and Mission Impossible.  Their website is at


We plan to draw on our extensive community of directors, cinematographers, editors and other crew members to put together the team for this shoot.

Here are photos from various film sets working with hundreds of crew members.

From Please Be My Wife:              

From: Behind the Scenes with Debbi and Frankie

Filming I'll Make Some Bread           Filming Behind the Scenes with Debbi and Frankie

From the New Child:

Filming the New Child     A Scientist Begins a Procedure in the New Child

You can see even more if you go to, where we have over 80 short videos, which include narratives, documentaries, music videos, promotional videos, book and script trailers, and photo videos featuring a display of images set to music.


Your support is very important to us. To show our appreciation, we are offering these rewards to enable you to be part of our vision, no matter how much you contribute. Every single pledger is important to us and will become part of the Suicide Party and Changemakers Productions’s vision for the future.


- Invitations to our special film and business networking parties held in SF, LA and other cities

- Reduce prices for all our parties and other programs

- An invitation to attend a day of filming

- An opportunity to give your input on the story

- A chance to be an extra at the big party scene or in other scenes

- A lunch or dinner with one of the key crew members or lead actors

- An advance DVD or Blu-ray of the film once the film is ready for distribution

- A mounted photo of your choice taken on the film set

- A framed certificate of appreciation

- Special listings in our promotional materials 

- Credits in our film, including Assistant Producer, Associate Producer, Co-Producer, and Executive Producer credits

- An opportunity to be an honored guest at our red carpet premier

- And more - as determined by our panel of advisers, which includes YOU, to help us decide what perks people would like to receive. 

Other ways you can help...

Besides contributing funds, you can help by spreading the word. Let your friends and business associates know. Post information about the campaign and our website, Facebook page (, twitter handle (#youcansavedave), and on your own social media accounts and websites.  Post blogs and articles about it.  And use the Indiegogo share tools to help spread the word.

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    You will receive a special thanks IMDB credit, as well as a framed certificate or engraved plaque in recognition of your contribution. You will be listed as a VIP in our credits and promotional materials. Plus every previous reward.

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    You will receive an Assistant Producer credit in the film. You will be a guest for a day on the set and have lunch with the director, actors, and crew. Plus every previous reward.

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    Associate Producer

    You will receive an Associate Producer credit in the film and on IMDB. You will also be included in our promotional materials for the film, and you can appear in the film in a small role written just for you. Plus every previous reward.

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    You will receive a Co-Producer credit in the film and on IMDB credits. Plus received 50 DVD copies of the director's cut. Plus you can come to the set, be an extra or in a small role written just for you. And you will receive an invitation to you and two guests for our wrap party and a red carpet entrance at the film premier. And every previous reward.

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    Executive Producer

    You will be recognized as one of our Executive Producers in the film and IMDB credits and promotional materials. Plus be honored at our premier, and you can participate in our media campaign with TV and radio appearances. And enjoy a special 1-day cruise with key crew members and actors just for you from L.A. or San Francisco.

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