Suffer The Little Children

Making Stephen King's story "Suffer The Little Children" into a short film (By Giardina & Terlecki)
Carmelo Giardina
Toronto, Ontario
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A Note From Producer Carmelo Giardina

Having recently worked with Director Filip Terlecki on a short film that had its World Premiere at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival, we both wanted to take advantage of the momentum and start another picture right away.

This Fall I'm producing a short film based on a story by renowned author Stephen King. It's called “Suffer the Little Children” and it's to be a 20-minute psychological thriller made in the spirit of movies like "The Shining", "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Exorcist". 

It's a story about Miss Sidley, a teacher who is convinced that the students at her school are turning into demons. Is her attempt to save them an amazing act of courage, or a fatal trick of the mind?

The film's Director, Filip Terlecki, and I are especially fond of movies from the 1970s – a time when films had a strong voice and vision. Our intention with ‘Suffer’ is to make a film that reflects those artistic values. 

We have a budget of $35,000 to make this film, and so, here we are asking for your support and financial contribution. 

Stay up to date with what we're up to on Facebook by visiting and following our dedicated page at

Thanks in advance for your support! I sincerely appreciate it.

- Carmelo

Conceptual Teaser 

A Message From Director Filip Terlecki

What appeals to me about "Suffer the Little Children" is that, like Stephen King's best works, it focuses on a complex and interesting character. And in bringing this story to screen I'd like to make this film in the tradition of classic psychological thrillers where character and story are more important than over-the-top visual effects. The result promises to be a thrilling roller-coaster ride for the audience.

In addition, we want to use this project to showcase our filmmaking abilities as well as the talents of our many emerging collaborators, including our up-and-coming actors, camera crew, makeup artists, composers as well as production and costume designers.   

                                          From the set of "The Master" (2014)

A film is a collection of all the creative and logistical elements required to get it on screen. By supporting our project you will help bring these creative and logistical elements together. 

I'm certain that fans of Stephen King’s work will be interested in discovering how this updated adaptation will differ from the original story. We've added an exciting twist to the plot that we felt was necessary to help bring the story into the 21st century, and we can’t wait to show you!
- Filip

How About Those Perks!

A sampling of the perks and rewards available for contributors include:

  • Being named in the credits of the film as either an Associate Producer or Executive Producer
  • Call "ACTION" on set!
  • Be an Extra in the film
  • Cool collector's rewards, such as a special program book and limited blu-ray copy
  • Have your name mentioned in a special Thank You credit
  • Plus many, many more!

How You Can Help

If you are unable to financially contribute to the campaign, you can still play a vital role by: 

· SPREADING THE WORD!!! Sharing this page with others on social media sites - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media platforms, as well as via e-mail to your family, friends and colleagues.

· Liking us on Facebook:

· Following us on Twitter: 

· Sharing our Website:

· Using the hashtag #Sufferthefilm 

The more we spread the word, the more successful our campaign will be!

Thank you for your generous support! You are the key to making this film happen and we are extremely grateful to each and every one of you. 


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    Receive a special shout-out on both our Facebook page and our Twitter feed, in addition to a special thank you on our website ( which will feature a dedicated backers page.

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    Early-Bird Digital Download

    Receive an exclusive Digital Download of the film and be among the very first to view "Suffer the Little Children"! Plus, receive social media shout-outs and a special thank you on our website!

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    Digital Collection

    Receive a digital download of the film with two separate Director and Producer Commentary tracks and a digital copy of the script. Also, you'll receive a digital download of Filip Terlecki's Cannes Film Festival short film selection "The Master" along with social shout-outs and a website special thank you.

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    Special Thank You Credit

    In addition to all the above perks, you will receive a special Thank You credit which will be visible during our film's end credit sequence.

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    Special Premiere Night Invite!

    Our Cast and Crew premiere and after party event will take place in Toronto in 2015. You will be invited to attend! Plus, we'll ship you a #SufferTheFilm branded T-Shirt in addition to giving you digital downloads of both Suffer and The Master, a digital screenplay and a special Thank You credit in the film.

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    Special Collector's Package

    There are only 5 of these Exclusive Packages Available! A limited edition Blu-Ray that will include our film plus Director and Producer Commentary, making-of featurettes and "The Master"; A Limited Edition and autographed Program Book that will include photos, script notes, special thank you and sponsor mentions; A signed copy of the script; A signed official poster; Productions Stills; Collectible Prints; A branded school tie; A branded T-Shirt; Special Thank You credit; and Premiere invite!

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  • $300CAD
    Special Screenwriter's Package

    There are only 2 of these great packages available! Have your own screenplay read by renowned script consultant Wayne McLean and review with him via skype. Both Carmelo and Filip will read your script and provide written notes and will join you in a 30 minute skype script review session to discuss YOUR own script! Plus get a signed copy of our script, a special Thank You credit, a blu-ray of the film, our limited edition program book, and an invite to our premiere and after party event.

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    Special Filmmaker's Package

    There is only one of these packages available! Join Talent Agent Bryce Mitchell, of Meridian Artists Agency, over skype as he answers your questions on how to get representation and really break through into the industry. Plus, have your screenplay read and consulted on by renowned consultant Wayne McLean. Join Filip and Carmelo via 30 min skype session to discuss your very own film project. Plus receive all other perks in the above "Screenwriter's Package".

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  • $500CAD
    Be an Extra and call "ACTION!"

    Be an extra in one of the scenes of the film and call "Action" while you're on set. In addition, you'll also receive an autographed copy of the Suffer script, a special "Thank you" credit, and invite to the Cast and Crew Premiere and Party, BluRay Edition of the Film with Special Features, and Limited Edition autographed Program Book.

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    Your name or your company will be given a special thank you on our Sponsors Page of our Website and will be put in a rotation of 5 social media shoutouts promoting your brand. Your name or your company will be mentioned in our Limited Edition Program Book and will be named as a "Special Sponsor" in the end credits ahead of the other Thank You's. Plus, get our special edition blu-ray, our Program Book, an invite to the Premiere and receive a special mention at the Premiere event!

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    Silver Sponsorship Package

    We'll create a unique and specific 15 second sponsor Instagram video for you to be used for multiple social platforms and your video will be shown ahead of the film at our Premiere event. Plus, you'll receive a Website Silver Sponsors Section Mention and be put in a rotation of 10 separate social media shoutouts. You'll also receive everything else in the Bronze Package!

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    Gold Sponsorship Package

    Does your company have a commercial? We'll play a 30 second spot at the premiere ahead of the film! Plus, we'll put your company's commercial/message/logo on the blu-ray edition to be played ahead of the film. We'll put your company on a social media shout-out rotation for 6 months as a thank you for your support, and we'll have a blog written about your company and we'll post it on our website. Plus you'll get everything else listed in the Silver sponsor package!

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    Associate Producer Credit

    Receive an Associate Producer credit on the film and join the Producer and Director for a special Executive and Associate Producer dinner at a downtown Toronto restaurant. You'll also receive your own blu-ray of the film with Special Features and Limited Edition autographed Program Book. You'll be invited to our Cast and Crew Premiere and Party and you'll get an autographed copy of the Suffer script.

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  • $5,000CAD
    Executive Producer Credit

    Receive an Executive Producer Credit during the end credit sequence of the film and have your name listed on! Plus you'll be invited to the special Executive dinner with the producing team and Director and receive all perks listed above in the Associate Producer package.

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  • $10,000CAD
    Special Executive Package

    Your name or your company name will be listed as a "Presenter" of the film during the Opening Credits along with your name listed individually as an Executive Producer during the end credits of the film. You'll also receive an IMDb credit listing, a special Producer's Exclusive Dinner invite, plus all other perks listed in the above "Executive Producer" package.

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  • $35,000CAD

    Finance our entire budget and your contribution will be anonymous - you will not be named. Dedicate the film to someone of your choosing (subject to approval) and receive one copy of the film.

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