Subways is an illustrated book project by Anne Berwanger and Nick Frank showing subway stations around the world that create a very special scenario


Arrivals, departures, meetings, the clash of different people... Subway stations are more than just a central location for travellers. In fact, they represent the lively background for everyday life and drama while offering intimate insight: first a heartbreaking farewell, then a joyful welcome: a location that serves as a stage for personal plays. Until the curtain comes down and night falls, when night slowly becomes day, when the sound of voices grows silent, when the frequency of visitors falls below a minimum level... Right then and there, SUBWAYS tell their individual stories that come alive with impressive photographs – creating a scenario that gets under your skin. When dynamics turn into evanescence and silence, you have to capture the moment! Join us on a journey to the subway stations of the world!


Shots taken at Munich subway by Nick Frank.
Where we take pictures
From Munich to Berlin, Frankfurt, Barcelona, London, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Stockholm and then to Tokyo, Paris, New York, Washington, Shanghai, Dubai... Every city has a different story. Are they similar? We shall see...

The complete content of the book is as follows:
  • 2 pages copyright + table of contents
  • 2 pages presentation of the authors
  • 4 pages description of the project
  • 116 pages photographs + text for all subway stations
  • 4 pages final statement+ captions
That means 128 pages.
The number of copies is limited to 1,000 pieces.
Retail price: 39.90 EUR
Format: Square format
Estimation of production costs: 29.800 EUR (~ $ 39.000)

Example of what the book could look like
When can we start?
Preferably now! In order to organise all the relevant preparations, we are planning to start in March 2013... in Spain's lively metropolis Barcelona.
Why do we need you?
Because we like to work autonomously: We want to stay independent from publishing companies and we want to decide for ourselves what we do. The requirement for unlimited creativity and therefore, an overwhelming result, is maximum freedom regarding the design. You can support us! We will cover the complete costs for the text, the typesetting, the layout and the retouching, but there will also be relevant costs for the trips to and from the destinations, accommodation, photography licences that have to be requested in the respective cities as well as for the production of the book, advertising and marketing. In regard to the production, superior quality is especially important to us to live up to the emotional, image-intensive character of the project.
Specification of costs
The following costs will probably occur:
  • Permissions for photographs and publication around 2,700 EUR
  • Costs for flights around 10,400 EUR
  • Costs for accommodation, food etc. around 5,000 EUR
  • Production costs for the book 6,800 EUR
  • Incentives 4900 EUR



About Anne Berwanger
It’s all about fashion + lifestyle... At least as far as the 36-year-old freelance consultant is concerned. After holding the position of the Editorial Lead Fashion Digital for Condé Nast Publications in Munich, she has been self-employed in the digital media segment for two years, with numerous customers from the fields of fashion, beauty, people and lifestyle. Now a resident of Munich with a wide range of interests, she only becomes interested in a project if it goes beyond the limits of the usual power of imagination and all conventions...

About Nick Frank
Click, click... The sound of the camera makes the art director of a renowned advertising agency in Munich – his main job – happy and fuels his passion. The 37-year-old autodidact, who has taught himself how to take pictures since 2010, manages to confront objects with an unusual view, giving them a wholly new perspective. His favourite motif? Architecture! Amazing sights!

Find out more about Nick Frank on his Homepage:


What are the different stages of the project?

The challenge lies in taking pictures of the selected subway stations without any people around. That is usually only possible on a Sunday between 5 am and 7:30 am, because there is practically no commuter traffic, and most people are still in bed (how lucky they are!). So there is just a very limited time frame for photographs that we would like to use to create pictures full of atmosphere, which reflect the character of a city in a wonderful way – around the world!

Phase A – Photo shoots (period)
We will travel to the different cities, Nick will take pictures and Anne will be in charge of the editorial work regarding the project. The job that both will share is to be in the right place at the right time to find stories and share them...

Phase B - Layout/Copy etc. (period)
Production, layout, correction loops

Phase C - Completion (period)
Finishing the book, sending out incentives, distribution of the book.

Completing the book will take approximately one and a half years. It should be finished by september 2014.

Your Rewards
You support us – we reward you. We will offer our sponsors a reward for their contribution that depends on the amount of money that is donated. See our scale to the right.


More munich subway shots from Nick Frank


Team on This Campaign: