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Products created by artisans in developing communities that give back. Help us launch our first line of bags that support girl's education!
Chelsea Padgham
Knoxville, Tennessee
United States
2 Team Members

You can also find us at www.stylewithbenefits.org by clicking here!

Members of the Bosh Bosh Project, an organization that teaches girls sewing skills and uses their products to fund their school tuition. We want to carry these products in the U.S.! 

We're a movement that believes good is a cycle, and most companies only go half circle. We want to source goods that are ethically sound, produced with minimal environmental impact, and that help local economies. In turn, we want to donate part of the proceeds from these goods to smaller and local organizations trying to create change. We believe that by taking time to find small organizations looking to create change, partnering with them to help them achieve their goal, and creating a community of individuals powered by doing good, we can change the world. We want you to be able to submit local organizations creating change, and we want to connect you with the impact your support had on the organizations later.

Our model has three parts:

1.)  Find great, ethically produced, items from small businesses around the world. By supporting small businesses in developing parts of the world we can boost those economies, create jobs, and help lift citizens out of poverty.

2.)  Give back with every purchase. We’re not going to just market our goods with a charity. We’re going to search to find the real change-makers, wherever they may be, and make sure they have the funding they need to make the world a better place.

3.)  Create a community. We don’t want to just sell products; we want to create connections. We want the organizations we support to be able to tell you their story, and we want you to know the impact the money we raised had on their organization. We want to hear about the change-makers you know, and what we can do to help them out.

Every day, 27 non-profit organizations go out of business while .0083% of non-profits receive 1/8th of private donations. 100 non-profits get 1/8th of the pie, while the other 1.2 million split the rest, and the funding per organization gets minuscule as the list goes down. This is largely driven by the notoriety given to certain organizations through partnerships with powerful brands, while small, local, innovative groups struggle to find the funding to push forward.

We’re sick of it. Many of these powerful brands use unethical labor practices, cause extreme environmental harm, and even sell toxic products while hiding under the their charitable partnerships.

We don’t think it’s okay to say you want to help poverty while doing nothing to increase economic activity if you have the resources. Letting someone use their skills to earn a fair wage is a much more effective way to break the cycle of poverty.

We don’t think it’s okay to overprice poorly made products in the name of bettering the world while barely donating to the cause.

We don’t think it’s okay to sell products with carcinogens while supporting cancer awareness.

We do believe that every action can be for good, and that’s the principle we’ve built our supply chain around.

Ghandi said, "In a gentle way, you can shake the world."
We've taken that to heart.

We know what we’re doing, and we know how to do it. We've set up connections with local artisans and groups in several different cities, and we're ready to move forward with completing our supply chain. We just need funding to get there.

Right now, our goal is to import products from the Bosh Bosh Project, because we feel they embody everything our company wants to achieve. By teaching girls a skill they can use to support themselves, and using the money to keep them in school, they're empowering women to break the cycle of poverty. Importing products from Liberia is complicated and costly though, and we don't have the funding to do this without your help!

For our perks, we don't want to list specific products we're importing, because the exact color/style combinations are uncertain. Many groups, and in particular the Bosh Bosh Project, use the local fabrics and scraps available to come up with their designs so we can't guarantee a particular color available in a particular style until we get the funding to bring them in. However, you can buy a gift card worth 1.25x it's purchase price to use on these products on our official launch! In addition, we have these great perks

In most perks, you'll receive a hand-written thank you from us. We truly appreciate the support, much more than the internet can convey! 

We wanted to create something special for our backers, so this design will only be available during our campaign. The first 50 backers will be able to receive it in t-shirt form for only $25, along with everything included in our change-maker package, AND you will receive it in time for the holidays! After the first 50 have been claimed, you will still be able to get the design by specifying it in the dreamer package, but they won't ship out until January. 

Every $500 we raise will unlock a new design choice, and we will e-mail you a survey at the end of the campaign to let you choose! Designs that have already been unlocked are available in the gallery. Sizes available are XS-XL.

Creating change is important to us, so even during the campaign $5 from every pledge that purchases a product will go our featured organizations, which you can readabout below.

*International shipping is available, just add $30!


We want our impact on the world to be positive. All our perk items use low-impact dyes. This means they do not contain heavy metals or toxic substances, nor are they petro-chemically based. The absorption (or fixation) rate for these dyes averages 75%, which means less dye is used to produce our colors and less water is used to rinse them in the process. For fabrics, we use innovative eco-friendly offerings, knitting organic cotton with recycled polyester and rayon to create an incredibly comfortable product.

The ink we print with is free of most environmentally damaging chemicals such as PVC, phthalate, heavy metals, azo compounds, nonylphenol and formaldehyde. We screen print every shirt by hand, which gives them a unique feel, and keeps us from having electrical equipment running constantly.

We searched for, and found, some amazing organizations, and we think you should hear their stories.

The U.N. and World Health Organization define access to water and sanitation as a basic human right, yet many - primarily the homeless - go without.

Lava Mae is nonprofit project working solve the problem of access to showers and toilets for the homeless. We're starting in San Francisco, where there are 16 showers for the 3,100+ men, women and children who make the streets their home.  Our goal is to retrofit retired transportation buses with two private showers, toilets, sinks and changing rooms and provide 80 showers per day. We'll be partnering with local nonprofits who serve the homeless but that do not have these services; this way we expanding their offering while leveraging their expertise working with the homeless.

The money we're raising will help ensure Lava Mae's first bus is as sustainable as possible. We're looking to incorporate solar, but panels are too heavy and too expensive. There's a company based in San Jose, CA that's created a Sun Bus Kit that uses thin film photovoltaic panels that can provide electricity to power WiFi, heating, air conditioning etc. while the bus is parked and the engine is turned off.

Kitechild is transforming the quality of care for orphan and vulnerable children through sustainable micro-projects. Once co-founder Jacqueline Herrera was able to see first hand how these children lived and meet them and see that they are wonderful, normal children who love to sing, play, dance just like every other child, she knew that the world needed to know about them and stop seeing orphans as hopeless causes. They are children full of potential and if we do not help them, they will continue the cycles of poverty, abuse, and violence that often led them to live in orphanages in the first place.

Our model is project based, which means we partner with select orphanages and assess the children's living conditions and see where there is a need. Needs include food security, quality of nutrition, access to education, and appropriate caregivers. Examples of projects to address these needs are chicken coops, greenhouses, fish farms, solar panel installation, etc. All projects are sustainable and have a direct impact on each child's quality of life. The projects also help the homes become less dependent on foreign aid, and they are able to devote more time to caring for each child. 

The money we're raising will help with four projects they have on deck. One is solar panels in Liberia that will save the home $450 per month they currently spend on generator fuel. The money saved will allow the home to feed the children three times a day as opposed to two. Other projects coming up are a school at an orphanage in India, a chicken farm in India, and clean water access in Kenya. They also need funding to cover administrative costs such as paying our liaisons who monitor each project in the field.    

Use the links below to help us get the word out, and to stay connected with us!

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    Our thanks for believing in us, a shout-out on Twitter AND you will be featured in a special change-maker list on our website (optional).

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    Change-maker Status

    On top of all our love, you will be added to an exclusive e-mail list that receives new designs and exclusive deals early, you will be featured in a special change-maker list on our website (optional), AND you will receive a hand-written thank you note! *Add $5 for international shipping.

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    I Am Change: Limited Edition

    Wear your heart on your sleeve (or front of your shirt) and let the world know you're a change maker with this limited edition "I Am Change" shirt available only to campaign backers and everything included in the change-maker status. *Early Bird Special - Only 50 shirts available at this price!* XS-XL available, we will contact you for your size. *Add $30 for international shipping.

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    Shirt + Change-maker

    Your choice of design on either an (extremely comfortable) eco-crew or v-neck t-shirt, AND everything included in the change-maker status. XS-XL available, we will contact you for your size. *Add $30 for international shipping.

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014
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    Winter is Coming

    Create change, while changing your wardrobe! Receive your choice of design (including the I Am Change indiegogo exclusive) printed on what is probably (we're not biased) the most comfortable sweater in the world, AND everything included in the change-maker status. XS-XL available, we will contact you for your size. *Add $30 for international shipping.

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    Estimated delivery: January 2014
  • $50USD
    We Owe You One

    With this perk, you'll get a gift card for 1.25x whatever you donate to be used when the site launches! Since all our products will be sourced in limited quantities from local artisans, this will make sure you're ready to buy as soon as the product goes up! For example:, $50 = $62.50, $100 = $125, etc. :)

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    Sweater + Shirt + Change-maker

    Receive your choice of design (including the I Am Change indiegogo exclusive) printed on what is probably (we're not biased) the most comfortable sweater in the world, your choice of design on either an eco-crew or v-neck t-shirt, AND everything included in the change-maker status. XS-XL available, we will contact you for your size. *Add $30 for international shipping.

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    Change for Every Day

    Seven shirts, seven days of change. Your choice of design on seven eco-crew or v-neck t-shirts (you can even mix and match!), AND everything included in the change-maker status. XS-XL available, we will contact you for your size. *Add $30 for international shipping.

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