I need to pay a parkingticket, find eternal love and make a musicvideo. Shouldn't be too hard! nJoy the fun and share!
Gunleik Groven
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So this is the story, honey
I do stuff I shouldn't do...

I made this tune.

NOW it needs a video to get properly promoted!!!

So this is (obviously, what else could it be?) a thing about true love.

The truest love you can figure, as a matter of fact. That implies...
I wrote this thing some 12 years back, when I was broke and thought music could be a way of making up some quick cash, but I really needed some inspiration. My life was faaaaar too dull and peacefull for any real storymaking...

So to be able to write this tune, I fell desperately in love, (the right thing to do, no? Nothing sells like a true-love love story!)
And as we all know: It is allways a good way to solve economical and practical problems to fall head over heels in love... with someone you shouldn't, who is with some other chap and who wouldn't really, while one is trying to fix whatever love- and lifemess one's already in.

That kinda worked out... For a while.
True love was formally established and confirmed.
Thus: No more need for messy tunes. And love trumps everything, so gone was my economical needs as well. Oh Bliss!

And then life moved on, and as I fell in love with one (true love, of course) and she with another (even truer love than all the mentioned loves, I'd say) and we with eachother again and...
Well you get the idea. Tons of materials for silly soapoperas and larger than life epics, for sure! I had finally aquired an interesting life!
But now I had no time for making songs and videos about it.

Fortunately, I had that issue fixed.

Now... If any - or all - of the above had been true, (the love, the story-about-the-story, or anything even vaguelly resembling either) life would've been a real and true and pretty mess, I guess. WIth a bit of stress.
But fortunately, that's not how it all panned out, I wouldn't have known how to handle all that drama.

This is still a fun string of thoughts to play if I may, I'd say, so just for the heck of it... I do I do I do.
Even in all its distant abstractions and unrealistic perspectives.

But the tune itself is very real and has kinda stuck as the years have passed, and I moved from making music to quickfix whatever economical needs I might have had, to imagery. Trying to solve pretty much the same mess, if it ever was present. Or not when it wasn't

And finally, I had gone full circle, with a bit of time on my hand and this old tune, which I really think could make it, if I only had a video to promote it. Check it out on youtube (the link is on the top here), or make a donation and download the mp3...

So... because all of this didn't really happen, I was about to cancel the campaign, but as I was sitting here dreaming away and writing all this, real-life was probing me with a stick! I was given a parkingticket - out of the blue, and my world allmost fell apart.

NOW it's personal. I (as I see it) got a ticket for starting this campaign, and as a matter of fact, I have a few others to pay, when I think of it, so I guess I'll just have to go on with this. Nothing else would make any sense at all, at this time and place.

(yup, I'll upload an image as a proof...)

And as a result of what could have happened if any or all or allmost nothing of the above was true, I need to clean up my act and pay, and what would be a better way to do that, than to launch a gogo campaign to spread the beautiful message of simple and pure and eternal and uncomplicated love to the world?
And fund a proper musicvideo for the tune.

This campaign suddenly gained a larger than life purpose, that is:
Rise the money needed for paying the ticket (which kinda involves paying off some older stiff that I have aquired in the pursue of true and unfaltering love). So I started a bit of budgeting.
What has this song cost me?
And what do I need to get even and make that video and pay that ticket?

And (as a by-the-by), I wouldn't mind falling in love again - so I should factor that in, too - when doing my calculus, but who would ever fall in love with a person with an unpaid parkingticket?

This calls for action!

Image of the notorious parkingticket
Next up, was deciding what my goals are...
A bit of budgeting.

Well... I have some friends and a camera (...and a parking ticket), but still kit and studio and people tend to have some cost....

Parking tickets so far: 

Parking tickets for the rest of the project:

(I'll really try hard not to get one each day!)

The "falling in love" part needed to write this tune and make the video, has been rather expensive. Around 250k$ a pop, and still counting. And I have to factor in falling in love once more to make the campaign a success. So I guess with a bit of luck and adjusting for inflation, that'll come in at 900k$ all in all:

So far:

Whew, this is quite a challenge allready...
But let's not forget that bigger wonders have happened in the music industry!
Keep the faith. I have one shot at this!
(If not, I'll have to find another, right?)

So, that's tickets and love. Basics... But still no video.
Now... I spent a couple of months doing this tune and got a lot of my musician friends to give me freebs playing, so I guess that is done for allready, but I should should factor in 20% to the musicians, or I guess tthe friendships might end in the expense account - given the tremendous success I foresee for this tune, if I manage to make the video, and we don't want that do we?

Now... Producing this video...

It will move on slowly. And possibly in several iterations, depending on the funding of-course.
I need some in-loveable girls (don't we all, if it isn't men we're looking for) a bit of lights, and something to eat.

I guess I'll be shooting for 3 days with a friendly budget of 1500 $ each.
That'll do for the catering, and a few fees to people attending.

I plan to use a car for 3 days doing timelapses of driving.
That's gonna be 350$ for petrol, food and sleeping each day.


I'll need to edit and work this thing out in post.
That's about a week more work. Let's put those days down at 500$ a shot, so I can eat, get a parking ticket, have a smoke & paying the studio rent.



So that gives us this budget:

Lovestories + anticipated future loveproblems: 900.000,- $

Parking tickets:                                              600,- $

Shooting people:                                          4.500,- $

Shooting roads:                                            1.050,- $

Post                                                            3.500,- $

And I'd like to grab a beer and some
smokes tonight and live in Norway                    250,- $

Musicians (20% of the above)                     181.980,- $        


I have some other stuff I could put in here, but I guess this will have to do.
That's a grand total of:                            1.091.880,- $

That's a bit of cash... 
But I guess that's what I'll need to cover my expenses.

Gogo has this policy of witholding a percentage of the funds if you don't reach your goal. That'd be 9%, but if you reach it, they only take 4%, so I guess I'll set the goal at 500$, and just hope to be slightly overfunded.

Then paypal takes another 4'ish%, so I have to factor that in too, if I wanna pay my tickets.

All in all we're lookin at another 10% on top of the above, and there's allways other unexpected expenses (another 10%)...

Total campaign goal looks thus to be:
1.310.256,- USD

But WAIT!!!
Let's recap!
I need:
906.400,- in hard liquid cash to pay my 150$ parking ticket, pay for past and incomming affairs AND reach world domination, right?

And then there is:
20% for musicians
10% for campaign fees
10% for unexpected expenses

But I still allmost forgot - that'd be disastrous!:
28% for government tax
20% for company overhead.

That means that my available cut to pay parking tickets, videoproduction and past and future affairs only represents 12% of the money needed to pay the 150$ fine aquired.

The actual gross ambition for this campaign is thus

7.553.333,85 $

Oh... Geee...

Glad someone taught me budgeting!
The last little thing to factor in is the production of and maintainment of this campaign... 
Well... Let's not get greedy here, shall we? I'll throw that in as another freeb!

I am sooo glad this is not a true storry, because if it was, it appears like I would be rather heavily messed up! 

So... I have a number...
That's kinda 125.888,90 $ a day for the campaign period...
Now... That's gonna be challenging...
This thingy better go viral!

So this is how that works:
If you like the campaign/music/video or just think that this is kinda fun'ish, you spread this youtube video, llink to the campaign and buy as much or as little as you can/want/need/desire of the perks.

Send it out to friends and relatives, because - realistically - I myself don't have 7,5 mill friends to ask for a buck each, and that's what I'd have needed, if there was an easy way to fund all this... :)


I have a few issues as to perks and how to make them atractive, but I am open for suggestions...
Obviously, with a start-off deficit of this magnitude, it will be hard to offer stuff that costs money, and time is hard too, as I have to finnish the movie, and work on my obnoxious pop-star-to-be chops. And I cannot dance, like the Gangnam dude (I could try, though...)

So I'll start with a few perks and add as I get suggestions as to what people would like from this.

One of my issues here is that a lot of what I do is public anyway, and I am really not into starting off on a secretive lifestyle just now...

And really final words...
There are some suggestions from gogo as to keeping things realistic, and I really try to do that, but there are conflicting realities involved...

On one hand, there is the reality of what is needed to make this video and pay the parking-ticket. That is conservatively in the 7.5 mill$ region.

On the other hand, there is the realistic goal of a campaign like this and keeping the gogo fees down...

So I have chosen to let both these realities reflect in the text, the video and the campaign...

Presumably I can rise the goal as funding evolves.

A few more final words:
I need to get this thing into mainstream media as well, to reach these goals, so please bomb your local newspapers, ask for the tune on radiostations and request the video for MTV and other music shows.

I'll even show up for an interview, if requested.

As I haven't practised my singing chops for the last 10 years, I don't think the live/accoustic thingy is a good plan, but if paid sufficiently, I'll even show up for that!

I'll make that a perk...

OK... Now I'm done... ! (Really promise)
So what do I do if I get overfunded (that is beyond the 7.5 mill$ mark, just to be clear...)

I guess I'll rent some grip... Like rails or maybe a moviebird to get some cool shots in there...  I might also buy a house and a car, if the overfunding is sufficient, and practice my obnoxious popstar chops. But I really hadn't plan to do all that before the tune itself (and the video I wanna make) is a huge hit...

I guess I could try to divide my eternal and unfaltering love on a couple of more individuals, and I might grab an extra beer.

Dunno really, haven't thought that far.
But I'll keep you posted!



Now it's fully up to you!
Make my dream come true!



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    The iTunes thingy

    A lot of appreachiachtion is given for this perk, and it allows you to listen to the music, share it on FB or where you wanna, send it to friends, or just turn it off, if you hate the music. After all I am not swell at singing... And there are reasons I gave up music. You'll also be able to follow the video as it evolves, but I won't friend you on FB for this amount. That comes later. (please, don't check the next perk, if you go for this! You might get disappointed with your choice...)

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    You want the video!

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    Download the mp3

    All the above nicities + I'll give you a link to download the mp3... Geee, I'll even give you the right to make your own video to the tune, to inspire me for the final video!

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    Estimated delivery: February 2013
  • $75USD
    You want the videos from me

    All the above (including mp3), but I will also send you direct downloadable links to the videos in higher quality, as I make them ready. (given that I get funded enough to make a video, if nothing else, you'll get thisone...)

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    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $150USD
    The parking ticket

    All the above, but I'll also mail you a signed image of the ticket, which you can print out and hang on your wall, if you so desire. (yup... you'll get the movie and mp3, too!)

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $2,000USD
    I'll come and teach for a day

    Someone hinted that I should offer something from my "other" not so pop-starry life as an option, so here it is... I'll come and teach image-workflows for large-form film/TV productions, test cameras or just come along to grab a beer for 1.500,-/day + travel/place to sleep and food. This particular Perk, isn't limited to the campaign period, so I'll set delivery within a year. Please contact me before buying this to schedule it...

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    Estimated delivery: February 2014
  • $5,000USD
    Lecturing on crowdfunding

    So, given that this campaign takes off, I'll share my experiences on a roadshow speaking to as many or as few as might be interested. I'll even come if this turns out to be a disaster! :) + travel/livingexpenses. Actually I come for this price, even if the campaign ends up as a disaster... :)

    0 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2015
  • $25,000USD
    "Stuff" live - Singback

    So, if you insist, I'll come and perform the tune with singback. have to warn that I am not particularily good at lipsync, and that I'll have to chase a version of the tune without my voice on it, so I guess that's an unlikely option. But... I'll do my best! One weeks advance motice needed for rehearsals.

    0 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2013
  • $50,000USD
    Stuff Live - with band

    I'll assemble the coolest musicians I know of and perform a 10 minutes extended version (for concert venues) or a compressed version (for TV) version of the tune live. Again, I have to warn that my vocal chops might be a bit rusty (clearly audible on the soundtrack as well), but the band and arrangement will be well worth listening to. You'll have to give me at least 2 weeks advance notice for this.

    0 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $300,000USD
    Eternal love

    I need a bit of that, and based on previous experiences, I should have about 3 more of these in me before I hit the dust. This comes without a warranty and performance guarantee, but I'll def grab a coffee and a beer with you, if you wanna. I do have a preference for beautiful girls, but I'll meet anyone for a modest contribution like this. As I guess not all willl fit the bill, I might re-issue this perk if it gets sold out...

    0 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: February 2013
  • $8,000,000USD
    The record label

    You probably are in the publishing industry, see the potential and want to buy the exclusive rights for the tunes and video. I will take the campaign down, but fullfill all obligations I have taken upon me before this offer comes up.

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    Estimated delivery: February 2013
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