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The Moon Mission Challenge inspires students by giving them the opportunity to design an innovative payload based on an actual planned mission to the Moon!
Ron McCandless
Ellicott City, Maryland
United States
3 Team Members
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raised in 1 month
6% funded
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Verified Nonprofit
$25,000 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on September 25, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $10USD
    Join the Community Package

    We all want to be part of something big, well why not start by becoming a Moon Mission Challenge community member? You will get regular updates, receive thanks on our website, and be invited to Google Hangouts where you can ask the hard questions. All of this for the cost of lunch!

    3 out of 999 claimed
  • $20USD
    Shout Out & Vote Package

    For your help, you’ll get the Community Package benefits plus a shout out (you determine the shout) on our social media channels (choose Facebook or Twitter) and a community vote for the MMC team you would like to see win the Challenge in April!

    1 out of 999 claimed
  • $30USD
    Moon Postcards Package

    How about postcards from the Moon? OK, how about three different postcards featuring a past, present, or future Moon mission, addressed to you or people of your choice, plus the perks from the Shout Out & Vote Package.

    1 out of 999 claimed
  • $40USD
    Support the Team Package

    "For a Few Dollars More" (gratuitous Clint reference) you get the benefits of the previous packages plus an autographed team photo from your choice: Astrobotic Technology or Penn State Lunar Lions. We’ll ask you what you want written on your photo and our dream team of robotic engineering stars will pose with their favorite machines and thank you in writing for your contribution.

    0 out of 500 claimed
  • $50USD
    Capstone Memories Package

    If you don’t attend the Capstone Event (shame on you!), you can make it up to us by your contribution that will get you a Capstone Ebook personalized with your name and message plus the Support the Team Package goodies. Ebooks will contain all MMC presentations and background material and makes great reading for the space enthusiast in your home!

    0 out of 500 claimed
  • $75USD
    Fore! Package

    Alan Shepard has the record for the longest golf drive on the Moon – of course, he’s the only one who has done it but with the Fore! Package, you get to compare yourself to Alan by getting an Apollo-logoed golf ball and official flight patch to wear while you hit it a great distance, in addition to the Support the Team Package.

    0 out of 100 claimed
  • $95USD
    Up Close and Personal Package

    You'll forever treasure your personalized MMC eBook with any message you want to add plus our special thanks for your contribution. And you can come to our conference for free and attend our evening reception too!

    0 out of 200 claimed
  • $150USD
    Support Your School Package

    Want to have a direct impact on a student team? Choose this package and your contribution will help us assist schools in need to enter our Challenge. You’ll receive the Support the Team Package plus get an autographed thank you for one of our Challenge teams. You can select your team prior to the Capstone event.

    5 out of 24 claimed
  • $350USD
    Take the Tour Package

    Ever wanted to have that special day where you and your closest friends and family are treated to great food, fun activities such as museum visits, and a personal tour of Astrobotic’s robotic facility in Pittsburgh, PA? Wouldn’t it be fun to see those advanced robots in action, ask the engineers anything you want, and make friends with aerospace leaders? What a fun day! Includes Support the Team Package.

    0 out of 12 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Be the Judge Package

    Have you ever watched American Idol or one of those other talent shows and say to yourself, I could be a better judge than that bozo? Now you have that chance! Buy yourself a judgeship at our Capstone Event where you can hobnob with experts from NASA, leading aerospace companies, and universities and where your vote counts the same as theirs during the final team vote in Washington, DC. Attend our evening reception and network away! Includes Support the Team Package.

    0 out of 4 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Name Your Challenge Package

    Call the MMC your own! Get the perks of all of the other packages and have the MMC named after you for the first year. What can be better than naming rights? Receive special recognition at the Capstone event and more.

    0 out of 1 claimed
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