Stuck Like Chuck Too

A filmmaker’s struggle to premiere his film while dealing with feelings for his lead actress, pretentious artists & the fear of selling out.
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  • $1USD
    Lloyd Kaufman

    Wow, you are a cheap bastard. Just kidding. Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated. Every donation receives a personal thank you on Plus you will have the opportunity to be an extra in Stuck Like Chuck Too when we film it. (We will be filming in NYC and Orlando, Florida, Travel & Lodging not included) EVERYONE who contributes will also receive a link to an exclusive music sampler download courtesy of Red Blue Records. (

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  • $20USD
    Kiefer Sutherland

    You are a modern day MacGyver. You may not be getting a lot but you can certainly do some damage with it. You’ll have to make some time in your busy day to watch the Official Bootleg DVD of Stuck Like Chuck. This is a movie only version of the film. You will also received a personal thanks on and get the opportunity to be an extra in Stuck Like Chuck Too (Either NY or Orlando, Travel & Lodging not included)

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  • $30USD
    Bruce Campbell

    I’d shake your hand if you didn’t cut it off & replace it with a chainsaw. To help you fend off the Evil Dead, you can hang your new SLC Do Not Disturb Door Hanger on your cabin door. Use it when watching the Deluxe Edition Bootleg DVD of Stuck Like Chuck, which has hours of extras. You also get thanks on AND in the credits of Stuck Like Chuck Too. Plus the opportunity to be an extra in Stuck Like Chuck Too (Either NY or Orlando, Travel & Lodging not included)

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  • $50USD
    Tina Fey

    You are one sexy geek. You better put on your glasses because one of these perks involves some reading. You get everything Bruce Campbell gets plus a digital download of the Stuck Like Chuck Official Soundtrack, which is not available anywhere else! You also get a PDF of the original shooting script for Stuck Like Chuck. *** For a limited time, you will also get half off your submission fee for the 2010 Orlando Film festival! ***

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  • $100USD
    Kevin Smith

    You are a god among independent filmmakers and stoners alike. But you’ll have to speak up Silent Bob if you want to take full advantage of all your perks. You get everything Tina Fey gets plus you get to have a 30-minute chat with Jerry Cavallaro via SKYPE. This can be substituted with instant messaging if you prefer. You’ll also get some extra door hangers and 1 Limited Edition postcard used to promote the film at our first festival!

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  • $250USD
    Rainn Wilson

    Listen up Home Skillet, I want you to whiteout the “to the” from your Assistant to the Producer business cards. You get everything Kevin Smith gets but you also get an Assistant Producer Credit in Stuck Like Chuck Too! And instead of just a 30-minute chat, you will get to record a personal DVD commentary with Jerry via Skype. This can be released or you can keep it all for yourself. Your choice!

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  • $500USD
    Jake Gyllenhaal

    Thank you for donating the FIVE HUNDRED DOLLAH! that the crazy Asian guy gave you for your Bubble Boy wedding. You get everything Rainn Wilson gets but instead of being listed as Assistant Producer, you will get an Associate Producer Credit. With this bump up in title, you also get a pay raise in the form of 2 VIP Passes ($200 value) to the 2010 Orlando Film Festival. (travel & lodging not included)

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  • $1,000USD
    Gary Busey

    One of these perks is just as batshit crazy as you are. You get everything Jake Gyllenhaal gets but instead of Associate Producer, you will be listed in the credits of Stuck Like Chuck Too as Executive Producer! Plus, I will buy a goldfish, name it after you (or you can pick the name) and then do weekly blog updates about it! When you go for Busey, you go for gold!

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