Striker: A Sci-fi Thriller Web Series

Striker an original web series following a man with an unwanted gift who is forced into vigilanteism; in a heightened reality, in the vein of Watchmen.
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  • $1CAD
    Thank you!

    Our sincerest thank you!

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  • $10CAD
    Special Thanks in Credits

    With this, you'll receive a special thanks in our credits for every episode, to remind you where your money went :)

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  • $30CAD
    A Customized T-Shirt

    With this, you'll receive a t-shirt which states "I invested in the program", along with the Striker artwork. A reference to your contribution to Striker. This is a shirt that will only be available to supporters, and not be sold regularly. As well, you'll receive the previous perks.

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  • $50CAD
    Signed DVD of First Season

    With this you'll receive everything previous, as well as a DVD of the first season, signed by the cast and crew.

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  • $100CAD
    Associate Producer

    With this you'll receive an official Associate Producer's credit, on every episode of the first season. This comes alongside everything else previous, with the exception of a special thanks...your credit is better.

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  • $500CAD
    Producer/Special Feature

    With this you get 2 steps up! We bring you to Producer status, which puts your name at the opening credits! As well, you'll get a special feature dedicated to YOU in the DVD. The cast and crew will be thanking you for your contribution in it.

    1 out of 10 claimed

  • $1,000CAD
    Comic-Con Package!

    This is a biggie, you'll receive EVERYTHING prior, as well, we'll front the money for you to go to the nearest comic-con of your choice. This is hopefully to promote our series, but it's up to you, think of it as our way of saying thank you.

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  • $5,000CAD
    Everything...and then some.

    Absolutely EVERYTHING. Alongside everything previously listed, you'll be in on-the-know for Season 2, have creative input, have your production company listed as a joint company, and with any profit we have, you'll be cut in!

    0 out of 1 claimed

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