Street Tuning Evolution - Car Building & Racing

Build & tune your cars for open world racing, drag racing, drifting or showing off your rides online
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Street Tuning Evolution is the most interactive and in-depth game for any auto enthusiast. Visually and mechanically build and tune your cars for open world street racing, drag racing, drifting or even showing off your rides online with friends. A massive online modding community and un-paralleled realism ensure Street Tuning Evolution is limited only by your creativity.
It's not a mechanic simulator, and it's not just a racing game. It's the whole experience. Build, upgrade, tune, race, crash and repair your cars in an open world free roam environment.

Our new game will bring you many new features without forgetting what you love in Street Legal.

Full car customization as it were before. Hands-on optical and mechanical tuning. Disassemble and assemble the entire car yourself to build the perfect race car.

If you haven't experienced the garage mechanics in our older Street Legal Series, here is a quick video. This video is NOT from Street Tuning Evolution, this is from the older game Street Legal Racing in 2003 for example purpose only.
The garage game play is what makes Street Legal so special, we won't forget that with our new project. You'll love the new and improved game play that stays true to its roots. 

This is how we will improve it and make it the best game you have ever played.

No publisher involved. 
This means you can get the game for a lower cost.
We have the freedom to give you FULL modding support. 
Your ideas directly influence the game.
We know how long it takes to develop a game like this, and creating our own budget and timeline from our experience means we will be able to deliver a solid and stable game to you.

We also have the freedom to change the direction of the game with your input. If the community feels our alpha release needs changes, big or small - we can do it together. This wouldn't be possible within the restrictions of having a publisher with us.

This is a community project and this time you are in control. 

We know physics are the most important part of any racing game which is why we have completely re-engineered the Invictus physics engine. 

We believe we now have the capability to deliver the most accurate body, running gear and engine simulation ever to appear in racing games. As each of our vehicles is constructed from separate physics objects with their own physical properties, we are able to include the following features in our games: 

- Accurate simulation of internal engine damage 

- Vehicles constructed from more than 50 individual parts 

- Complete body deformation including flapping doors and other attached parts

- Vehicles can fall apart in crashes or over time 

- Car-body painting and customization method including decals 

- Real time and in-game tuning, repairing and assembling capabilities 

- Realistic handling of 4 -16 wheeled vehicles 

- Accurate simulation of the effects of air and fluids (e.g. water) 

- Simulation of front, rear and all wheel drive vehicles

- Surface simulation parameters allowing for on and off road driving conditions

- Novel application of Dyno 2000 simulation based on real world parameters 

For this project we combine our latest physics engine with the awesome power of Unreal Engine 4

We know this new game must look as good as it feels. With the Unreal game engine we have the latest cutting edge technology to create a high quality game with no compromises. 

The level of graphical detail and realism we can achieve with this game engine is stunning.

More importantly we have the power to provide consistent, scalable art. We know that a game that can look good on low settings as well as high is more widely accessible and with UE4 it will be possible.

Unreal Engine provides with us with the most reliable performance, stability and compatibility. UE4 will run smooth on your average to high range computer hardware configuration.

Haven't seen the Unreal Engine render graphics in real time? Here are some examples. 

Online Multiplayer is easily the most requested feature for our new game. With your support in reaching our stretch goals, we can turn multiplayer wishes into a reality.
Choose how you play in the diverse world of Street Tuning Evolution
Enjoy the freedom of an open world map and race through the streets or take it to the track and compete against your friends. Anything from drifting to dragging - circuit racing to car shows, or just a relaxing cruise on the highway. Take a step forward into the future of car simulation with Street Tuning Evolution.

When we look at the community around street legal we know its all about modding. Modding has made it possible for this game to survive the past ten years. We know that its very important to support modding with this new game and we want to make it easier. 

This time around we take it a step further, you will enjoy the tools in addition to documentation for modding the game. You can quickly create addon vehicles , parts and tracks with the help of specific software designed to create content.

Check this video out to see how modding has improved Street Legal Racing (released in 2003) This is NOT Street Tuning Evolution.

Many parts of the game will be tunable including physics. This game will be built from the ground up with the future in mind. It will be modular and expandable. What this means for you is that you don't have to hope that the game is exactly the way you want it to be out of the box. If there is something you don't like, you have the freedom to change it so that its exactly the way you want it to be.

We want to see this game offer a better experience for modders than street legal ever did.

When we decided to take the route of crowd funding this game we knew that we had to make sure our base goal was realistic. We want to see this game happen as much as you do. 

Our base goal for this campaign is as low as possible, this will allow us to develop the bare minimum needed to make this game happen. However it's important that we strive to reach the higher stretch goals so that we can develop a complete game with more content. 

If we only reach our minimum goal, don't worry. We will continue to collect pre orders to bring us to those higher goals sooner or latter.

Video games are complex projects with many elements and components. It's impossible to define the exact release date of a final product. Fortunately however Invictus Games ltd. is no newcomer and we have successfully developed many complex projects like this. We are more experienced and prepared than ever before.

Street Tuning Evolution’s schedule has been planned carefully. We know it's tricky to accurately detail a development timeline for a project like this. Our target release date of April 2016 allows us thirteen months for development. In comparison Street Legal Redline had six months of development. Furthermore, various systems and tools developed for our earlier projects can be used or adapted for Street Tuning Evolution, saving development time and budget.

This isn't our first run-around. 
Our first few games have taught us a lot about development challenges and planning. We know how much time and money it takes to complete a project of this size. Above everything we have experience in unforeseen setbacks and challenges, so we have allowed for extra time in our development schedule to balance this.

Our team is expanding with more and more field experts, we are using the best game engine on the market in conjunction with what we believe to be the most advanced and accurate physics simulation.

Choosing to crowd fund this project and not use a publisher means more stability, community requested features and modding support. It means we can create the game you want within the development timeline we know we need in order to release a polished stable retail version.

We are more prepared than ever to complete the game that we know the community really wants.

The bottom line is, we know there will be risks, challenges and setbacks that we can't see right now, every project of this size will experience these. What we have is our experience in dealing with these situations and our expertise in overcoming them and moving forward.

Please read before sending us a message :)

If the goal is not met, do we get our money back ?

Yes, nobody will be charged the amount they pledged if the campaign is not successful. Please do not wait to pledge, pledge now so we can build some momentum with this campaign !

Unreal Engine is for shooting games, you can't make a racing game with it !

Many people are concerned with this. You should know that we are rendering the graphics with UE4, but we are powering the physics with our latest physics engine. It will be the best game it can be on the Unreal Engine 4.

Will this new game be stable? How can you ensure this?

With Street Legal Racing we developed the tech, game design and game as well. Developing the tech took more time than the game itself. In this case we have unreal engine, so we don't have to development the game and engine side by side in a fixed and tight deadline. We can use a proven technology developed by many people. Our team is much bigger and more experienced than ever.

It seems like this game will be heavy and won't run good on my PC ?

If any platform will provide scalable performance, it will be with UE4. We took efficiency and performance very seriously when deciding what tech to use with this new project. We are using UE4 because it will run great on a wide range of hardware.

Multiplayer is great, but will it last? Will you shut it down?

If we reach our stretch goal to implement online mulitplayer, it will be here to stay. We will make sure that you will be able to host a game from your own pc for other players to connect to. You can also host a game on a dedicated web server.

If this project is a bigger success we want to provide official online servers for players to connect to and have a true free roam gameplay online.

Don't worry, you will always have the option to host a game yourself whether the official server is there or not.

What about modding and multiplayer, how will that work?

We have to wait on providing the exact details on this, but rest assured we are able to bring you a simple and effective solution for this.

For example, as other games have already implemented:

Host PC/Server will have all mods, if a player connects without a mod installed.. it should be downloaded automatically to the players pc.

The host will also hold a master configuration file, while some players might have their own unique game settings for physics and other things.. when they connect online the game will run from the master configuration available on the host pc / server. This will make sure everyone runs the same car / world physics.

This file could even contain further details, perhaps max hp / minimum vehicle weight / max tire grip etc etc.

We will have to get more into detail about all of that at a later date, when get to that stage... But we are confident that it will be a great combination of modding and online gameplay.

Will the physics be more sim or arcade? How do we know you're going to make the best physics simulation?

The physics will be balanced more towards the simulation end. We know its a big let down when a cool game is released only to find out that driving the cars is no fun. You take building, tuning and customizing the cars very serious.. so we want to make sure you can enjoy using them on the street too.

Further, because we are making this game openly tunable with modding support, you can tweak the physics as you see fit to your needs.

We hear about modding support all the time, but when it finally comes its just plugins for 3ds max or some basic tutorials... what will you be doing different?

We want to make modding as user friendly as possible. We want streamline the process as much as possible. Expanding the city , cars meshes etc. We will give out everything needed to quickly create content for the game. We realize that after following street legal for 10 years + that modding support is necessary. We wouldn't be here talking today about this new project if it wasn't for the success of the modding community around street legal.

Will you support devices like the Oculus , H pattern shifters in the G25/G27 and more?

While Street Legal didn't directly support todays gaming devices, we have since acquired many controllers and devices for our project torque and level-r projects and we can fully support them in this new project.

The Oculus Rift is a very cool device, also started through crowd funding. We have included the option to support this device in one of our stretch goals.

The base goal for the game seems like it doesn't really include many cars ?

Our base goal for this campaign is as low as possible, this will allow us to develop the bare minimum needed to make this game happen. However it's important that we strive to reach the higher stretch goals so that we can develop a complete game with more content. The game will be built for the community. We know that with modding there will be hundreds if not more new cars to download created by those in the community. We wanted to focus our development cost on creating a great core game that can be built upon by the community.

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