Stratus by Zuvo Water

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neal.lawson said 2 days ago

given that the “zuvo” team has yet to respond to any questions regarding status

in addition there is no evidence zuvo was acquired, at least from my searching the internet, there was no press release, or any announcements of any kind.

With the lack of real updates and the non responses from my private messages to ray brown. i can only assume this is a lost cause.

arckal ch said 2 days ago

as per the last update, they were suppose to report back in next week, I think they also lost the sense of week time as they already lost their product development process.

Jeremy Crocker said 13 days ago

Most vague update yet… thanks

neal.lawson said 14 days ago

If zuvo has been acquired, I’m not convinced the new owners are aware of this project.

arckal ch said 14 days ago

After tow months of merger it’s still not decided what update they will send? I am seeing another delay and false promise coming next week. They are not over from their merger party hangover yet.