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Strange Confessions is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Strange Confessions must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

The Story

After learning a lot about what goes into making an album, promoting it and getting it heard, I realized that although I had some songs on the radio, I needed a lot more power behind me to get those songs played over and over again. Now, there are so many ways for a song to get exposure- television, movies- and you like to hope that the video you shot for it goes viral overnight ;)
But along with this 'do-it-yourself' market, comes expenses that a single person cannot put forth on their own. That's what record companies used to do. Now it's up to the artist. I've been singing a set of songs live for over a year that people keep asking me for a way to download or purchase- that's always a good sign. But all I have to offer is my original product, which as an indie artist was a great accomplishment- but also full of good teaching tools, called mistakes. This time around I have a great team of musicians behind me, a plan of musical direction, contacts in the industry, a sense of humor, and a lawyer.

The Goal

My $24,000 goal is actually a pretty humble sum for what I want to do with it. It should be enough to create a rocking record, with cool (green-conscious) packaging & design. The money will pay for production, studio costs, musicians, mixing, mastering, and manufacturing. Should the goal not be reached, I will move forward with production- after figuring out how many songs we can get done within the budget.

I am happy to say that all donations made to this project are deemed tax deductible through an artist sponsorship by Fractured Atlas Group! It feels great to be supported by an organization that has helped many many creative projects raise enough funds to complete their goals. Fractured Atlas is a 501(c)3 non profit organization for the arts and all donors will receive a tax-deductible donation receipt for their records.

The Budget

Production: 1 @ 1000.00 per song = 80000.00
Musicians: 4 @ 100.00 per recording hour = app. 8000.00
Mixing costs: 3-5 hours per song  @ 100.00 an hour= app. 4000.00
Mastering: 1-2 hours per song @ 75.00 an hour= app 1200.00
Art work: free-lance graphic artist @ 500.00
Packaging: green- conscious recycled digipac, full color, with lyrics insert = 2000.00
Promotional items: printed postcards, download cards= app. 300.00

Other Ways You Can Help

I understand not everyone will have the means to donate funds to this project- but for those of you who have just enough time to do some clicking with your mouse, please share these urls on your facebook and twitter accounts! This too is great support and really makes a difference! Why? Indiegogo has an activity tracker to determine which are the most popular fund raisers. This is what people seeking projects to fund look for. They want to back a project that is pertinent and worthwhile. Every time someone checks out this campaign and cross-posts or forwards to friends, it is noted as activity and literally drives more traffic to the campaign's page!


*In The Event...

that the monetary goal is not met by the end of the campaign, the funds collected thus far will be used to start the project- and some of you may have a longer wait to get a hard copy of that second CD. However, MP3's of all finished songs will be sent to everyone who has contributed to this album drive as soon as they are available!

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