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Children's story designed to teach children conflict resolution and problem solving skills when encountered with a bully.
Andy Allen
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
United States
2 Team Members


You're fat! You're dumb! You're ugly! Reading those sentences is not fun. Imagine if that was said to you everyday by your classmates. Bullying is a serious issue and in order for us to defeat it, we all need to work together. I believe if early childhood teachers and parents had a useful book to discuss friendship, how to deal with a bully and why being a buddy is better than being a bully, then perhaps we will have less issues of bullying as students get older. I have written a children's book with these lessons in mind. If we can begin to instill the values of tolerance and acceptance at an early age to a child, that child will have those values in place as he or she grows into adult.

This book is written and designed to give students coping skills and useful conflict
resolution skills to be taught at a young age and those skills will be strengthened as the students get older. Every child deserves a chance to succeed and by utilizing the tools within the book, every child will have a better chance to be free of worrying about bullying in the classroom, playground or bus stop. Together, we can achieve so much more by using weapons of friendship and love instead of hate and put-downs.

The story centers around my dog, Norm. Norm and I are having some fun at the dog park when he encounters a fellow pooch who is disrespectful. Norm learns some valuable lessons in regards to dealing with a grumpy bullydog, and the bullydog learns some valuable lessons in friendship. Please help me create a story that will be a entertaining and educational for children of all ages.

Who am I?

A little about myself: I was born and raised in Iowa, my parents were both in the education field, so I grew up in a school and I have always been passionate about teaching. I have been a teacher for 10 years and I have taught kindergarten, 5th and 6th grades, I have a masters degree in early childhood education and I'm also a high school boys basketball coach. This is my second children's book, Stormin' Norman: The Soggy Doggy, came out in November of 2011, check out www.andyandnorm.com.  My wife and I have two dogs and two cats and we may or may not live in a haunted house.

Why is this important?

Children are afraid to go to school, playgrounds or parks because of who they might
encounter there. Bullying is an issue that is not going to go away. We, as a society, need to take it upon ourselves to help teach our young learners the meaning of tolerance, acceptance, and patience. If we can teach these important concepts to children and have kids be able to intertwine these skills into their own moral compass, it is more likely that those skills will stay with the child when he or she hits middle school. Bullying can occur at any grade but it seems to hit hardest during the middle school and high school years. About the time when our bodies start to change, we all feel awkward at that stage in our life, the last thing we need is a bully making our lives miserable.

By teaching children at an early age the value of making friends and being a buddy is
better than being a bully, we will help the children in creating a belief system and attitudes that are more welcoming and friendly, than full of selfishness and harm. Once we get the ideas that it is ok to embrace and become friends with someone who doesn't look like you or talk like you we will begin to see bullying cases decrease.

How you can help?

Obviously, we can't share this story with students at various elementary schools if we can't get the book published. We need donations. We have set up a system of giving
out certain rewards for a specific monetary donation. All of your donations are going to publish, print and provide marketing materials to help promote the book and get it into as many hands as possible.

If you do not have the ability to assist me with money, please consider sharing this project with others through facebook, email or word of mouth. The more people that visit my page, the better chance I have at achieving my goal.

What is the money used for?

We are asking for $18,500. I understand this is a lot of money compared to most literary projects. However, I need to hire an illustrator(the same one who illustrated
The Soggy Doggy), and I want this to be high quality, you should be able to walk into a bookstore and not be able to tell the difference between my book and a book from a mainstream publisher. If you have any questions, please email me at andy@andyandnorm.com.

If everything goes as planned, we hope to have the book completed by late spring. Thanks for your support!




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9% funded
No time left
$18,500 USD goal
Fixed Funding This campaign did not meet its $18,500USD funding goal by the deadline.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on November 30, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    Puppy level

    You will receive a bookmark and a postcard with Norman's 'pawtograph'

    1 claimed
  • $26USD
    Sit and Stay level

    You will receive the bookmark, postcard and autographed sell sheet of the BullyDog.

    5 claimed
  • $45USD
    Shake and Speak level

    You will receive the bookmark, postcard, sell sheet and a signed copy of Norm and the BullyDog

    5 claimed
  • $65USD
    Good Dog level

    You will receive the bookmark, postcard, sell sheet, a copy of Norm and the BullyDog, and a Stormin' Norman stress ball.

    1 claimed
  • $100USD
    Big Dog level

    You will receive the bookmark, postcard, sell sheet, stress ball, a copy of Norm and the BullyDog and a copy of The Soggy Doggy.

    2 claimed
  • $250USD
    Top Dog level

    A donation of 250 or more reserves a date for me to visit an elementary school of your choice for a reading and a discussion on bullying and bullying prevention. A copy of The BullyDog and The Soggy Doggy will be donated to the school's library. Schools must be in IOWA or close enough for me to drive.

    3 claimed
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