Stories That Matter: I Was Here

We want to show the world through true, personal, digital stories that everyone can.


My story matters. Your story matters. All our stories matter. 

I believe that our authentic, true, personal stories are the force that can change this world; create more compassion and reduce lack of knowledge and indifference.

With Possunt we are taking the first step. We are mixing personal stories with scalable technology and creating a social platform for stories that matter to us. 

It’s kind of a combination of Vine and TED. Everyone can be part of it and interact, but the content is of quality that inspires. 

During 2014 we want to create the first 20 top-quality video stories that matter to show the impact we can create with it. Te theme for those first 20 stories is: I Was Here.

To do that we need your help!

About The Theme: I Was Here

"I Was Here" is the red thread in Possunt stories, meaning that what the stories have in common is that the people telling them can say:

"I want to say I lived each day until I died,
and know that I meant something in somebody's life.
The hearts I have touched will be the proof that I leave,
that I made a difference, and this world will see
I was here."

This campaign is done in the memory of Ingibjörg Vagnsdóttir who was here, and still lives in our hearts. 

Ingibjörg, or Inga as she was called, lived in a little fishing village, Bolungarvík, in north-west of Iceland. Inga was not like everyone else. She cared, and she reacted.

I was only 11 years old when I was standing in front of the yellow multi-famliar house in Bolungarvík, sneaking around the camera guys from the national TV. I had never been so close to be in the TV before. It was exciting. Something big was happening, but I couldn't put a finger on what it was. 

They were moving in, the Serbian couple, the refugees. Inga had seen them on the national TV couple of months earlier begging for help, just like a big part of the entire Icelandic nation. When most of us watch the news showing the sad situation in other areas of the world we find it terrible, but we don't react. Except for Inga. She cared. And she reacted. 

She made the effort to find those people, and she made the effort to bring them to Iceland, to our small village in the Westfjords, where they started a new life. Ranka and her husband, and their whole family indeed, still live in Iceland. 

Inga saved their lives. 


When you are a kid the only world you know is the world you live in. Thanks to people like Inga this reality, where everyone can make a difference to the world whoever they are, wherever they come from, happened to be my reality. My world. Impossible was nothing. 

When I was 11 I found this no big deal. I thought that this was how the world was. That people cared. 

Then I grew up. 

Inga passed away 2 years ago, in November 2011, while visiting her daughter and my childhood friend Kristín in China. She was only 54 years old. 

Inga left me, and all of us, with important message: One Smile Can Change Darkness Into Daylight,  or simply: when we care, our actions change lives. 

It doesn't matter where we come from, how old we are, what we do for living, if we are black or white, female or male. We all can make a difference and leave our footprints in some form on the sands of time. 

If we manage to raise more money than we need for the production of the 20 films, the marginal will go to a fund in Inga´s name which will be used in the elementary school in Bolungarvík so the children can, in the memory of Inga, take their own initiatives of making a difference to the world.  

What We Need & What You Get.. 

To produce the first 20 stories we need financing for the equipment, production -and traveling cost. 

These are our milestones that you can help us to reach:

  • Raising 7000€  -Buy Equipment
    We can buy the basic equipment, a camera, mic and a lens for the shooting. That means that we have the independence to film more people in an authentic way when we get the opportunity instead of needing to count on equipment rentals and plan in advance where and when we can shoot the stories. 

  • Raising 15.000€ - 5 Stories
    5 stories within Scandinavia. 

  • Raising 23.000€ -10 stories
    10 stories within Europe.

  • Raising 50.000€ - 20 Stories That Matters Wherever in The World
    This is our real goal!

    We can travel to wherever to capture stories that REALLY matters, stories of people who are showing the world that they can, creating awareness about our profound world issues and attitudes, and how we as individuals can change them with our actions.

    #possuntstories are stories where people who tell true, authentic stories from their own life, having the courage to show up as they are, what they stand for and why they have done what they have done. 

Beside the fact that you contribute to a cause that fights against indifference and embraces human rights you can get both things or recognition for your contribution. Check out the perks here to right!

What Happens Next?

If we reach our goal of 50.000€, we will be able to film 20 stories that matter throughout 2014, but that is just the first step. This is what will happen: 

  1. Film Production and Publishing: 2014/2015
    With 50.000€ we can hire a professional film-maker to shoot the stories so we can guarantee the quality, and we can pay for the transportation and production cost for creating the 20 digital stories that matter from all around the world. 

    The planning, shooting, post-editing and production is expected to take around 10-12 months, and we aim to release the first stories during summer/fall 2014. 

    The digital stories will be available on possunt.com, as well as they will be accessible on YouTube and Vimeo. 

  2. Collecting Data: 2015
    Those 20 stories are just the beginning. They will be used as example of what we want to create, and with them we will collect tracking and data so we can get a financing for the next step: the creation of the social platform. 

  3. 2nd Round of Financing: 2015
    We will use the data to get financing from value-driven companies and investors so we can create the social platform which will allow everyone to share their story in a digital storytelling format. 

  4. Build and Develop the Social Platform: 2015/2016
    Possunt, the social platform for stories that matter to us, will be an interactive platform where people can inspire and get inspired by thousand, even millions, of personal video stories in the future. 

  5. Create the World's Best Inspirational Platform: 2016/2017
    Our mission is to build the world's best inspirational platform which will inspire both individuals and companies to take responsibility and create a better world. 
Our mission is simply to show that everyone can, if they only think they can.
I was lucky to grow up in an environment that showed me that impossible was nothing, and I want all children to realize at early age that they can make a difference, even though they are not grown up. 

That's why all the money collected, during this campaign, above what will be needed for producing the 20 stories, will go to a fund in the name if Inga, which will be used to allow children in the primary school in Bolungarvík to make a difference to the world with their own initiatives. 

If we then succeed to build and grow Possunt so it becomes a successful company, we will contribute 5% of our yearly revenues every year to this fund which in the future will hopefully allow thousands, even millions of kids, all around the world to make a difference for other people with their own initiatives. 

Why Digital Storytelling?

Storytelling is not about a once-upon -a-time fairy-tale. It´s not either about perfecting the 30 second sales pitch elevator speech.

Storytelling is about connecting to other people and to help people to see what you see. Making it digital makes it travel faster and reach more people. Virility is the key. 

When telling your story, and this is a key, you have to know your story, meaning that you have to know who you are. Knowing who you are is the greatest asset one can have, and the one key that opens the biggest doors to the greatest opportunities.

When we then tell stories to others that have really helped us shape our thinking and way of life, we can have the same effect on them too. It’s proved that brains of the person telling a story and listening to it can synchronize.

The Founder and her Story

Possunt, which is latin and means "they can", is founded by me, Kristín. 

During my 27 years of lifetime I've lived in 13 cities in 4 countries, travelled to over 28 countries and worked within very diverse industries since the age of 14. This rootless life in combination with great amount of curiosity, genuine interest in people and their stories, and an ambition to change the world, has given me great opportunities to learn from people of all ages with different backgrounds and experiences from all around the world. 

In 2011 I decided to reject an engineering job after my engineering studies to try to find a way to create a value for other people through my passion for people and their stories. I started on purpose meeting up with people to listen to their stories. First I went for 50 first dates in -and outsite of Sweden. I talked to people in the streets, in the grocery store, at events, in the gym, metro.. just wherever people were willing to talk to me. 

In 2012 I decided to go all in and sold everything I owned, quit my job and bought a bike with the mission to bike south Europe to meet at least 100 random people and listen to their stories. I biked for 120 days through 9 countries, from Sweden to Greece. And I met over 100 people who were willing to tell me their story.


People´s personal stories have changed my life several times. It has made me more open-minded, it has increased my understanding of the world, reduced judgment and fear. It has shown me that we all want the same thing: happiness, and maybe most importantly it has taught me with true examples that impossible is nothing. 

Now I want people's personal stories to change other lives too. 

Possunt, a social platform for stories that matter to us, is my contribution to shake the world a bit. 

About Possunt
The word Possunt is latin. It means “ they can ” and is the first word in the known phrase Possunt Quia Posse Videntur, meaning They Can Who Think They Can”.

Possunt is a new place on the Internet to help real people with real stories to be seen, heard and connected in an authentic way.

It's a community of people who are living exemplary lives and share their story in form of max 6 minute long videos.

Our Vision


Possunt's goal is not solely to create a community of like minded people. That is just the first step of our future vision of Possunt: to build a social platform for stories that matter to us where everyone can connect through personal storytelling. 

Our vision is to build bridges between people and people, people and companies, and companies and companies. We want that people and companies around the world inspire each other, through personal storytelling, to take an action towards more responsible and compassionate world by showing good examples -so all around the world we will hear people say: Ohh, if he/she can do it, I can do it too!

Where Are We Now?

During the latest 2 years I've gotten great help from people who believe in the idea and our vision, and at the moment we are incubated in Innovatum Incubator in Trollhättan, Sweden.

During those 2 years I've met up with over 200 people and listened to their stories and helped people to realize their "why". As well do I know the keys to creating an inspiring story, but storytelling has been my passion for years. 

Some of the stories over the last years I've captured with my mobile, but even though the content is good the quality is crappy.
Now we want to do it better and we want make it viral. 

We are ready to film the first 20 top-quality stories that matter to show that everyone can, and from there we will take the concept further.

Which Stories Will We Capture?

Firstly, I want to capture the stories of following people I know (at least within 2 degrees of separation) who have shown, and still are showing by their way of living, that they can make a difference. 

Freyja Haraldsdóttir. CEO of the Independent Living Organization. Iceland. 
Vilborg Arna Gissurardóttir. Adventurer. Iceland. 
Jón Gnarr. Major of Reykjavík. Iceland. 
Navid Modiri. Artist and Activist Against Racism. Sweden. 
Gustav Borgefalk. Entrepreneur. Sweden. 

Secondly, these world known people are on my "wanted" list. 
(Please hand out a helping hand to reach them, if you can)

Vigdís Finnbogadóttir. World's first female president. Iceland. 
Malala Yousafzai. Education Activist. Pakistan. 
Sheryl Sandberg. COO of Facebook. USA. 
Ken Robinson. Education Activist. UK. 

Last, but not least, I want to capture stories from every day heroes all over the world to fight problems like: violence against women, lack of education, poverty, indifference, racism, child labour etc. 

You can affect the choice of those people by either become part of our Invite only Facebook Group or by becoming a co-producer. (see perks)

The Impact

The impact we are aiming to make is to not single but several, but all connect in the same mission: to show, through your personal stories, that everyone can.

1. We aim to show, in a way that we all can connect to, the diversity of people.
We are doing it to create more compassion and reduce indifference; to increase understanding and reduce judgement, to embrace vulnerability (which is amongst else the birthplace of creativity, joy and connections) and get rid of shame and the feeling that we are not enough. 

2. We aim to inspire people to make a difference
Through your stories we are inspiring people all around the world to take an action and do stuff that matters. Because the main difference between those who can, and those who can not, is their own mindset. 

3. We aim to encourage companies to take more social responsibility.
We aim to give companies the opportunity to show in an authentic way their values through personal storytelling, which makes them more transparent and accountable. In that way they take Social Responsibility, and in that way we encourage them to to build companies with purpose and meaning as well as they inspire others to do the same.

(pic: The Happy Startup School)

There are many great initiatives in similar spirit as ours, though with a different approach. But it shows that it's needed, relevant and it works.
Just take a look at following, for example:  

  • The Representation Project: a movement that uses film and media content to expose injustices created by gender stereotypes and to shift people’s consciousness towards change. 

  • Focus Forward FilmsShort Films, Big Ideas. An award-winning series of 30 three-minute stories about innovators—people who are reshaping the world through act or invention—directed by the world's most celebrated documentary filmmakers.

  • Makers. A dynamic digital platform showcasing thousands of compelling stories - both known and unknown - from trailblazing women of today and tomorrow.

Not less is it worth to mention the several TED talks that has inspired the idea behind Possunt, but here can you watch some of them. 

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't help us financially but you still want to contribute, don't worry. There are other ways you can help too. 

Spread the Word
Tell your friend about what we are doing. Share this page on your facebook page, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, link to our homepage and help us to create some awareness around the world. Our hashtag is #possuntstories, so please use it for all relevant content.  

Send Us Your Story, or Point Out People Who Have Stories That Matter
We are always looking for inspiring stories to capture all around the world. Tips us, and when we have the financing we will help you to make those stories come to life. You can contact us directly via kristin@possunt.com or use the hashtag #possuntstories via social media.

Contribute To The Team
Along the way we will need help with marketing, technical development, funding, design, filming, editing etc. If you believe in what we are doing and you believe that you should be part of it, send us a line and tell us how you would like to contribute via kristin@possunt.com. 

Team on This Campaign: