Stop Siham's Deportation!

In less than two weeks, our friend Siham will be deported back to Morocco and separated from her son, unless we can stop it. Help us fund her legal campaign!
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Short Summary

NOTE: We will be accepting donations past January 24th, though all that are received before then are greatly appreciated. 

Please stop the deportation of Siham! Siham has a four and a half year old son, Naseem (a U. S. citizen), is currently working on her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology at Bunker Hill Community College, and has worked with numerous community groups throughout her time in the United States. In the sixteen years since she left Morocco for a better life in the United States, she has paid her taxes, held down steady employment, and been a law-abiding resident. Deporting her now, and separating Naseem from his sole provider, is not the right course of action.

Siham is one of the most generous and caring people that we have ever known. Though she has recently found herself displaced to a homeless shelter, due to the revocation of her right to work as part of the immigration proceedings, she previously offered her own home to several people who had no stable housing of their own. She has worked with a number of immigrant associations, helping families to transition into life in the United States. However, more important than any of her work to support her community, Siham has been a dedicated mother to Naseem. Everyone who meets him is amazed by his social awareness, intelligence and love for others; without Siham’s care and teaching, he would not be the bright young child that we all know and love.

We are writing this to urge you to consider the effects of deporting Siham Byah Jihad (A-047-026-565) on her life, her son’s wellbeing, and the local community. Siham has worked tirelessly to build a life for herself here and has lived here for almost half of her life and nearly her entire adulthood. Her dedication to educating herself and building a better life for her son reflects the revered ideal of the American Dream that is a pillar of our society. Please, keep Siham here with her friends, family and community and allow her to continue raising her son.

To sign our petition on MoveOn, please visit: 

If you would like to read Siham's full story, please visit the Gallery tab on this campaign and click on the link to the file at the bottom.

What We Need & What You Get

All of the funds raised through this website will go directly to Siham's legal fund. They will help us to pay her lawyers fees as she goes through the various stages of contesting her deportation order. We have been given various estimates about how much this will cost from different lawyers. $8,000 will cover filing fees for various forms and petitions, as well as the amount needed to pay a good immigration attorney. 

Unfortunately, we don't have any exciting perks to offer you, but we hope that you can see the pictures of Siham, Naseem and their friends here and understand just how much you are making us smile with each dollar that you can give. 

The Impact

Beyond making us unbelievably happy to keep our good friend here with us, you will be giving Naseem a chance to stay with his mother. In our opinion, that is more important than any other aspect of this case. However, she is also a enormous asset to her community and we believe that she has more than earned a chance to finish school, continue working and raise her son in a place where he can have of the opportunities that she wished she could have had. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Just because you can't contribute financially doesn't mean that you can't help! First, sign the petition yourself. Then, please share this site and the link to our petition with everyone you know. Facebook, twitter, your blog, emails, use them all! We don't have much time to get the word out and we really need your help.

If you are interested in getting involved or have resources to share with us, please contact Anne Wolfe at

Thank you for everything. 

With love & solidarity,

Siham's Friends and Family

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