Stop Domestic Violence

Our mission is to help women and children escape domestic violence.

Help Fight Domestic Violence.  Break cycle of abuse and domination.


Have you ever been a prisoner in your own home? 

You’re not allowed to work nor have access to any money.   You have no friends or family because you are not allowed to have contact with the outside world.

You have no way to escape.  No way to save your children from abuse.  You and your family are slaves to cruelty and terror with no one to turn to.  You are isolated and alone. 

Sometimes divorce is the only alternative but with the high cost of attorney fees and court costs it is just not possible; until now.  

Our organization is dedicated to helping those who can’t help themselves by offering free access to the court system though our Low Income No Income Legal Aid Support System. Since 1998 our passion has been to help those who could not otherwise help themselves.  We help women establish support for their children and spousal support for themselves until they reenter the workforce.

If anyone has ever given you a break when you needed one, then this is your chance to give it back to someone that needs one now.

With your simple donation you can become part of something larger than yourself. We are very successful at what we do for one simple reason; every penny we receive will go to helping a victim of domestic violence. 


Please help women and children establish a safer, better life today. No one should live in fear in their own home.  No one, not ever.

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