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So many people around the world are concerned about the terrorist attacks on Israel, especially through rockets fired by Hamas terrorists based in Gaza.

We are shocked at Hamas's Nazi-like hatred for Jews; we feel sorrow for the victims of this violence, including innocent civilians in Gaza that Hamas uses as human shields. But most of all, we feel helpless -- what can we personally do about this?

Is there something positive that people of goodwill around the world can do, both as a symbolic gesture, and that might actually save a life? We think there is.

One of the bright spots in the news has been the deployment of a defensive technology called Iron Dome. It's a high-tech system developed jointly by Israel and the United States, and it shoots down incoming terrorist rockets -- and it has had a 90% success rate.

Air raid sirens still go off every day in Israel, and civilians still run to the bomb shelters. But Iron Dome has really lived up to its name, protecting innocent Israelis from those who would murder them. You can see some videos of Iron Dome in action by clicking on the YouTube links on this page.

According to one CNN report, each Iron Dome anti-missile costs about US$62,000. What would happen if hundreds -- maybe even thousands -- of people around the world chipped in a few dollars here and there, and then we sent a cheque to the Government of Israel to buy more Iron Dome anti-missiles? Of course, we couldn't actually buy an Iron Dome anti-missile. But we could donate the exact amount of money to the Israeli government, and ask them to put it towards that defensive system, or any other civilian defence project in affected parts of Israel.

It wouldn't be for an offensive weapon. You can't use the Iron Dome to attack anyone. It's 100% defensive -- like a bulletproof vest. It only saves lives. And it doesn't discriminate -- it protects Jewish, Muslim and Christian Israelis all the same.

Let's do it -- let's crowd fund this project, to save lives!

If together Israel's friends around the world bought just one Iron Dome anti-missile, and it stopped just one rocket from hitting just one school or apartment, that could be the best thing we ever do in our lives.

Will you help? It's not just a tangible way to support Israel in its hour of need. It's an important symbol, a statement to the world that Israel will live -- the Jewish people will live -- and that its light will never go out!

Spread the word: tell your friends to visit!

Read more about Iron Dome:

Watch Iron Dome in action:

If you prefer to contribute by mail please makes cheques payable to: ForCanada.
In the memo line, please write: Stop a Rocket.
You may send them to this address:
351 Queen Street East
P.O. Box 82581
Toronto, ON, M5A 1T2

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