Still Dreaming

Shakespeare comes alive in this magical tale about never giving up on your dreams.
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Thank you for visiting our IndieGoGo page! WE'VE RAISED A TOTAL OF $50,301 and that rocks! ($35,030 has been received outside the IndieGoGo platform.) 

Even though the campaign is over, you can still contribute through our Fiscal Sponsor, Carole Dean at From The Heart Productions. You will still get the perks and the tax deduction!  Here's how:

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Your support makes all the difference. At this point, we've raised enough money to move into "Picture Lock" phase, and to cover the costs of our Music Score and Sound Mix!  We are still actively raising funds to cover Title Design, Color Correction and Mastering.

We want to finish this film as soon as possible so that the actors in the film can enjoy the screening circuit to their fullest abilities. We also would like to finish the film before the end of the year so that we are able to ride the wave of Shakespeare's 450th birthday in 2014!

If you are moved, please consider contributing so we can put your wonderful support to work immediately!  Here's to dreaming!

About STILL DREAMING and the Filmmakers

Shakepeare's “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” gets a make-over by a group of elder Broadway entertainers who emerge from retirement to reawaken their spirits and their dreams. As these actors stretch their physical, mental and emotional limits, they share the value of creativity no matter
your age. 


We're a husband-wife filmmaking team and have been making films together since college in 1987. It was then that we both realized the power of true stories to help us sort out this complicated experience of being human. It was then that we realized how documentaries can help us reach the deeper parts of our hearts and minds and better connect with each other. Since then, we've made several award-winning films together, including SHAKESPEARE BEHIND BARS and HOMELAND. It has been an amazing ride. Now we have a new film to share with the world, STILL DREAMING!

Two years ago, STILL DREAMING was just a dream in our hearts, but in 2011, our IndieGoGo fans helped us to make it a reality. After a crowd funding campaign to raise production funds, in the summer of 2011, we moved with our two kids to Englewood New Jersey to make this film. It was a big adventure for all of us and we came home with a treasure-trove of footage and lots of great memories.

For the last 2 years, we've been editing the film as we were able amidst teaching, parenting and other projects. Now we have a stunning new film that will lift spirits, put a new face on Aging, and give us all permission to keep dreaming for our entire lives. There is never a time when you have to give up your dreams. The residents at the Lillian Booth Actors Home prove this again and again with their spirit, humor, drive and determination. And once again, Shakespeare proves his uncanny relevance to our modern lives. This film is a wild, fun, and emotional ride. We're sure you're going to love it!

We have just finished our Fine Cut and are eager to get this film out into the world. Please join us and contribute to the Post Production and Finishing fund! 

What We Need & What You Get

Post Finishing is very costly, but vital to create a quality film that gets into top film festivals and gets broadcast widely. Our last film, SHAKESPEARE BEHIND BARS was finished in this way, and has seen world-wide distribution, enabling the film to spur dialogue on the very important topic of prison rehabilitation. 

We'll use these funds for STILL DREAMING in the following ways:

     • Finalizing our Editing - Getting to "Picture Lock"
     • Music Score - This will tie together themes & give coherence and depth to the story
     • Sound Mix - This will create a professional and impactful sound design and mix
     • Title Design - This ties all of our visual elements together and underscores themes
     • Color Correction - This evens out and enhances the "look" of the film
     • Licensing - We have famous songs and images to license...expensive but worth it!
     • Outreach Plans - We'll begin building an ambitious plan to get the film out far & wide


It's really fun to feel a part of a film in the making, and to have the gratification of knowing that you helped get a vital story out into the world. Check out the great gifts we have in gratitude for your participation. Special Note: For any donation of $500 and over, you'll get your name in the on-screen film credits! For any donation of $10,000 or more, you'll become part of the Producing Team!  BUT ANY AMOUNT WILL HELP US GET TO OUR GOAL. We're grateful for all of your energy and support in whatever form it takes!                                                               ------>>>>>>>>

What Will Be The Impact of This Story?

We know that as we all age, or have aging parents, we fear the process of our bodies and minds breaking down or diminishing. It is scary. It is real. But, there are very tangible ways that we can still have a great quality of life, enjoy ourselves and still engage in our passions. The elders at the Lillian Booth exemplify this and are truly inspirational. As one of our mothers said upon watching a rough cut "I'm not afraid of getting old anymore after watching STILL DREAMING!".

By helping fund STILL DREAMING, you help reframe the negative stereotypes of getting old. You help to put out more positive possibilities in the media and as a result, in our psyches. You pay honor to the elders in your life right now and pave the way for a better "golden age" for yourself.

We know that films can move people and create change. We still get letters about SHAKESPEARE BEHIND BARS from all over the world and there is no doubt that it has made a major impact. We're so excited to see where this film takes the issue of Aging and quality of life rights for elders. 

SHAKESPEARE BEHIND BARS premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, won 11 awards on the fest circuit, was released theatrical to critical acclaim, and played on Sundance Channel, Starz/Encore, BBC, and other channels world-wide. BE A PART OF THE JOURNEY of STILL DREAMING!

                                       ---------------   >>>>>>>>>>>>>>


SHANA                MATT                JAMES                  SARAH          GENEVIEVE

Shana Hagan is our Director of Photography, and we've been working with her since 1996 when we began our first major feature HOMELAND. Her affectionate name is "Eyeball", given to her by the inmates at Luther Luckett Correctional Complex. She is a highly sought-after DP and has shot Oscar and Emmy winning films. 

Matt Sutton is more than just a good ear. He's an incredibly kind and intelligent sound mixer who brought his full self to our daily 10-12 hours visits with the Lillian Booth residents. He caught everything, and when you're listening in to 15 people at once, that's quite a feat.  Thank you Matt!

Jim Stemple (aka James) created the mind-blowing sound track for SHAKESPEARE BEHIND BARS. We fondly remember sitting in his LA livingroom as he directed the stellar Bass, Cello and Bowed Banjo players featured in our score. Also, there was one unforgettable night at Capitol Records, in the recording studio where Sinatra recorded. You'll have to become an Associate Producer to hear about that.

Sarah Hodges is an incredibly gifted graphic designer, and frankly, we have talent-envy. She did the titles for SHAKESPEARE BEHIND BARS and our Native storytelling project, CIRCLE OF STORIES. She also did amazing graphics for the doc BUKOWSKI: BORN INTO THIS. We can't wait to get her going on STILL DREAMING!

Genevieve Russell brought fresh horses at the tail end of our NJ shoot, arriving with so much love in her heart for the project and the people. Plus, she brought her immeasurable shooting talent, capturing the most lovely and magical moments in fairyland as our Additional Cinematographer. You'll see some of these in the trailer, and even more in the film.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please help us spread the word about this IndieGoGo campaign. With your help, we can easily meet our goal!  Be sure to USE the SHARE TOOLS above, under the Trailer Video at the top of this page. 
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