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I am the author of a fortunate italian Steampunk novel serie. I'm looking to translate it in english, but a decent translation may cost around 3500 US$.
Augusto Chiarle
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Cafasse (TO)
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Who I am & What I do

Biography: my name is Augusto Chiarle, I was born in 1970 near Torino (Italy). I am an italian novelist and musician. Past jobs as translator and writer of role-playing games, editor for an italian fantasy/sci-fi/RPG magazine, illustrator (as shown by the arts of most of my books) and music: sax player, owner of a web-radio (TWM Relaxing Radio), and frontman of The Wimshurst’s Machine, italian-based steampunk-inspired ambient orchestra that got three nominations at the "Hollywood Music in Media Awards" (2010, 2011 e 2012). I wrote 5 novels so far (see below).

The project: "The Shadows of Mars" is a fortunate serie of Steampunk novels, published in Italy and selling pretty well (several novels did often hit the top of the amazon sci-fi charts, in Italy, for example). Synopsis: in a world once conquered by martians, now all dead, mankind starts a new era, made of weird machines, mistery and politics. In a Europe plagued by war, spies, secrets and even an evil cult who tries to bring back the alien invaders, the town of Nice, in southern France, is the center of weird events. Chapters of this saga are:

1-Clockwork (novel, the one I would like to translate as 1st), 
2-The Airship to Mars (novel), 
3-Mechanical Shadow (novel).

4-Artificial Life (novel, just published).

There is a free demo (a short novel, called "The Cold Hell") available for free as ebook on most retailers (see links below) if you want to get an idea of the general style.

What is Steampunk? Is a charming science fiction subgenre. In a single sentence may be difined as "the future of a past civilization". Practically a parallel world where History changed at a point (usually in XIX century). Precursors were Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, actual writers of this style may be well represented by Paul Di Filippo. In comics you may find good examples in "Legend of Extraordinary Gentlemen". In movies, from "Wild Wild West" (Western Steampunk), "Sherlock Holmes" recent serie (Victorian Steampunk), or (for Dieselpunk) "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow".


What I Need & What You Get

  • A decent translation for a novel (from a mother-language professional) may easily reach 6000 US$, but a decent one may cost around 3500 US$, so I'm trying to reach this goal at least for the first of the books.
  • If you decide to back me up, I will include your name in the special thanks both in the ebook and printed version of the book, and will send you a signed copy of a hardcover special edition just for the backers. I am asking you just to buy your signed copy in advance, in a few words.
  • If you feel particularly generous, I will give a name of your choice and a description of your choice to a character of a bonus previously-unreleased short novel (limited number of VIP supporters, for this, as you may imagine)!
  • If the goal is reached and the amount is more than the needed, the other money will be used to translate the next novel. If it is not reached, will cover the rest of the expenses myself or I will try to find other funds: your "support rights" (see above) are still granted.
  • In the unlikely case we raise lot of money, the further money will be then used to translate the next book. If all the books are translated already and there is money left (just in case, even if is highly unlikely) the rest of the money will be given for charity (with a poll between all the ones who versed).

Why I need your help?

  • I hope to can start translating the first novel then to start to sell and work on the next one, until the entire saga is completely translated and published in english.
  • I had some very good feedback and I know many Steampunk fans would be interested to read this book, but I do not personally know any UK/USA publisher and often you cannot get their trust unless you know someone working for them. To have a decent translation may be of a great help.
  • I think that fund-raising the first book will help me to find a "foreign" (by my point of view) publisher to translate the others (or that the sales will raise these funds anyway so I can go on by myself).

Other Ways You Can Help

There are other ways you may help me:

  • You may get the word out and make some noise about my campaign.
  • You may help me directly with the translation (you have to know well both english and italian and you must have some experience in translating literature).
  • You may present my book to a publisher who may decide to translate it.
  • You may help me as Editor: I may even do the translation myself, but (as I am not an english mother-language) in such case I will need a good Editor to correct my english and help me to keep my novel enjoyable as it is in my native language and I would like to make a good job.
  • Any cost-reducer help will be the welcome. 

And that’s all there is to it.

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This campaign ended on June 10, 2013
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  • $5USD
    Selfless Help Donation

    If you do not want to invest more money in my project but you want to give me your support, here a donation that does not give you anything in exchange, other than my thanks at the end of the book.

    0 claimed
  • $25USD
    Basic amount

    Will grant you a signed copy and your name in the special thanks section of the book. Of course you will have to wait till the book is translated and printed to get it.

    1 claimed
  • $100USD
    Special backup

    (1) Will grant you a signed copy and your name in the special thanks section of the book. (2) Will also grant you a signed calendar with the arts of my books who will be published ONLY for the Special Supporters. Of course you will have to wait till the book is translated and printed to get it.

    0 out of 35 claimed
  • $500USD
    VIP supporter

    (1) Will grant you a signed copy and your name in the thanks section of the book. (2) Will also send you a signed calendar with the arts of my books who will be published ONLY for the Special Supporters. (3) Will give a name and a description of your choice to a character of a bonus previously unreleased short-novel (names and description must not contain profanity, obscenity, offensive words, or names of real people: be reasonable!). You will have to wait till the book is translated to get it.

    0 out of 7 claimed
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