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STATIC is an upcoming short film by Toronto filmmaker Tanya Lemke, based on an award-winning short story by Robert Shearman.
Tanya Lemke
1,108 Facebook Friends
Toronto, Ontario
3 Team Members
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raised by 106 people in 1 month
124% funded
No time left
$15,000 CAD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on July 30, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $10CAD
    The Gas

    Ten dollars would buy some coffee for the crew. Coffee is what film crews run on, like the world runs on oil. It greases the wheels, as it were. If you purchase this perk (ha, perk, get it?!) you will help keep our crew going – and you’ll receive updates of our production’s progress, a thank-you credit in the film, along with my smiling, tummy-warming gratitude!

    3 claimed
  • $25CAD
    The Glue

    Twenty-five bucks buys a couple of rolls of gaffer tape. It’s probably the single most important tool on a film set, aside from a camera. We use it for everything. That new big-budget sci-fi film everyone’s so excited about? I guarantee you, what holds that movie together is tape. That’s the magic, right there! If you contribute this amount, you’ll receive all of the perks above, most especially the gratitude! Plus a .pdf file of the shooting script emailed directly to you!

    19 claimed
  • $50CAD
    The Goo

    In the production world, this amount buys a small bottle of fake theatrical “blood”. Seriously, that stuff’s expensive, and some movies budget thousands for it! Fortunately, this is not that movie. (Fortunately for us, anyway, that stuff’s sticky too!) A contribution of this amount will get you all of the perks above – production updates, a thank-you credit, a .pdf of the shooting script, plus a digital download of the finished film!

    33 claimed
  • $100CAD
    The Gab

    100 dollars rents walkie-talkies, so that crew don’t have to holler at each other over long distances. Back in the day, there was a guy with one of those big bullhorns and a lot of yelling. Now we’re civilized, and deliver hearing damage directly via a headset. (Believe it or not, this is preferable.) If you contribute this amount, you’ll receive all the above perks, plus a hard copy of the script sent to you, autographed by cast and crew members (so you can read it at home as loud as you like)!

    18 claimed
  • $250CAD
    The Go

    That’s about what it costs to rent a truck, so the crew don’t have to haul all the equipment on their backs. (I know, we all like our crew members to be buff, but…) If you contribute this amount, you’ll get all of the above perks, plus I’ll help YOU do some heavy lifting! Writing is hard work too, and everyone has a script – or their kid has a script, or their dog – so if you’re so inclined, I will personally, gratefully provide one round of feedback/coverage of your script for you!

    4 claimed
  • $500CAD
    The Green

    Buys a film or TV series a supercool greenscreen VFX shot – where a simple element is transformed digitally into anything the imagination can dream up. In this case, it could buy you a chance to name a character! Our COOKING SHOW HOST needs a real name – and if you contribute this amount, you’ll receive all of the above items, plus an opportunity to choose the COOKING SHOW HOST’s name in the script! (If we receive multiple name submissions, final decision goes to us.)

    1 claimed
  • $1,000CAD
    The Goodness

    Buys a day of insurance – SAFETY FIRST! If you contribute this amount, you will get all the above perks, AND you’ll have the chance to name BILLY’S WIFE! Rumour has it that BILLY is played by a certain notoriously handsome Canadian actor, so if you’ve ever wanted a dashing star to say YOUR name on screen, here’s your chance! (If we receive multiple submissions, final decision goes to us). This level also gets you an Associate Producer credit. All that gratitude, and fame too!

    2 claimed
  • $2,500CAD
    The Glory

    Would buy a cast. All of them, all the talking bits. And this level gets you an Executive Producer credit on the film! You’ll also be able to attend a screening of (if you’re in TO) OR have access to a rough cut, and have the chance to give us your notes! (Wishlist not guaranteed, we’ll have final say, but we promise to take your suggestions seriously.) Imagine the POWER! Not only from the credit, the notes, and the proud feeling you’ll get, but at this level, I guarantee it’ll make me cry. :)

    2 claimed
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