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STATIC is an upcoming short film by Toronto filmmaker Tanya Lemke, based on an award-winning short story by Robert Shearman.
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One day, Ernest woke up and found his television was bleeding…

“A poignant look at mortality through the eyes of a senior whose mind may be fracturing under the pressure of our disposable society. The characters feel human and the message is clear, all in a contained world.” 

CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival 2012 jury


“Moving, fresh, an emotional exploration of loss and grief that doesn't get soppy.”

-Marguerite Pigott, Head of Creative Development, Superchannel


STATIC is a heartbreaking, gloriously messy, but ultimately redemptive story about enduring love, loss, and about how guilt, shame and everything else we keep sealed tightly inside can paralyze us if we let them. And how sometimes, no matter how well-fortified we are, all it takes is a little crack in the glass to make it all right again.


The Story of the Story

STATIC, the short film script, is based on the short story “Static” by playwright, screenwriter and author Robert Shearman, which appeared in his World Fantasy Award-winning debut collection, Tiny Deaths.

Rob’s story grabbed me personally when I first read it, because it seemed to illustrate, in a wrenchingly beautiful, kind of twisted, rather literal way, that moment in stories (and in life) that I as an artist am endlessly fascinated by – the moment when the armour cracks, and the dark, sticky truth leaks out. That stuff burns, and I LOVE it. My first short, Happy Pills, dug into this territory too, and this was the absolute perfect followup! 

The script won the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival’s Screenplay Giveaway Prize last year, which awarded us some generous donations from highly respected industry suppliers such as Deluxe Post, William F. White’s and Cinespace to go toward making the film a reality. 

Since then, we’ve also negotiated a prelicense for the film with the CBC network, for their Canadian Reflections series. 

We’ve also been busily negotiating, location scouting, casting, and scheduling, and plan to be shooting this August, 2013.

This is all totally wonderful, BUT...this alone won’t get the film made! 

We’ve come so far already, but we still need at least $15,000 to fill out the rest of the budget – in order to pay for cast and crew fees, location fees, permits, insurance, sets/props/wardrobe, special effects, digital effects, and all those many inter-connected, collaborative things that go into making a film great. 

We need YOUR help to make it happen! 

Have a look at our perks section, which will give you contribution levels to choose from, as well as some curious behind-the-scenes insight into the making of a film or TV production. 

If you prefer not to claim a perk, you can always just contribute any amount, we’ll be very grateful to receive it! And if you prefer not to contribute financially, you can help us in other ways as well – by sharing this campaign around to your family, friends and followers. 

Also have a look at, like and share our other homes on the web:  





And if you’d like to contribute on a more reality-based, get-your-hands-dirty level, get in touch – we’d love to have you with us.

Anything and everything helps! 

If we do reach our goal amount (and how awesome would that be!) you can still help out. Any funds over and above our goal will go directly back into making the film even better. Anything even above that (hey, we’re positive thinkers!) will go toward festival submission fees, so that we can get this out to as wide an audience as we can. 

This project has been living close to my heart for a couple of years now. I’m SO excited that it’s finally coming together, and I can’t wait to be able to show it to you. 

Thank you! 


The Cast

We can’t tell you all about the cast yet, it’s a secret!! Ok, not a secret, but we don’t want to get your hopes up until they’re 100% confirmed – in the meantime, we can HINT that you will be seeing some actors who are absolutely LEGENDARY in the world of film, TV and stage! Stay tuned to this page for updates!




Yannick Bisson

Best known and loved as the titular Detective William Murdoch in the hit “CSI in the 1890′s” series Murdoch Mysteries, Yannick has been a sought-after staple in the film and television industry since his days as a child actor. Other credits include series Sue Thomas F.B.Eye and Nothing Too Good For A Cowboy, and films Casino Jack and the dark indie Nothing Really Matters.

CHANTAL CRAIG as Billy's Wife

Chantal Craig


A few of the effervescent Chantal’s credits include series Forever Knight, Sue Thomas F.B.Eye, Degrassi, and the Murdoch Mysteries, and she is also an accomplished writer with a book and several television series under her belt.



Kristian Bruun


Kristian has appeared in such popular shows as Covert Affairs, Nikita, Murdoch Mysteries, and most recently played the duplicitious Donnie in the ecstatically-received smash hit series Orphan Black. 


IGOR PUGDOG as Blackie the Dog 

Igor Pugdog

Igor is an emerging Actor/Model who also works as a St. John's Ambulance therapy dog, as well as a Child/READ tested literacy dog who loves to have children read to him. 

The Team 

Tanya Lemke


TANYA LEMKE - Writer/Director

Tanya is a veteran of the Canadian film and television production community, whose many credits include Queer As Folk, The Murdoch Mysteries, Lost Girl, and Orphan Black. Her first short film, Happy Pills, part of the acclaimed anthology Little Films About Big Moments, premiered on HBO Canada in 2010 and screened in festivals around the globe.

She is a graduate of the Canadian Film Centre’s Prime Time TV Writing program, and was a CTV Fellow at the Banff World Television Festival.




Sonya Di Rienzo



Sonya is an accomplished producer who has worked on such milestone Canadian projects as Slings and Arrows and Blindness. She was the co-creator and co-producer of Little Films About Big Moments, and her short film from the project, The Translator, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. More recently, she has directed the half hour documentary Behind the Curtain, produced the films The Devil’s Delight, The Eyeborg Documentary, Little Mao, and written/edited the incendiary short film God’s Wrath.

She is currently the Director of Development at Whizbang Films. 


CRAIG WRIGHT - Director of Photography

Craig has been the Gaffer for a battery of beloved TV series including Due South, Queer As Folk, Rookie Blue and Murdoch Mysteries, and is currently the Director of Photography on Season 4 of Lost Girl. 

IAN BROCK - Production Designer

Ian is a highly-respected Production Designer in the film and TV industry, whose credits include Bruce MacDonald's iconic Highway 61, and the hit series Being Erica, XIII, Lost Girl and this year's smash Orphan Black.


The Practical

How IndieGoGo works: 

You decide how much you want to pledge, and choose an associated perk if you like.  When our campaign ends, IndieGoGo takes a 4% fee off the money we’ve raised.  If we don't reach our goal, the fee is 9% (which is pretty high, and also why it's important we reach our goal).  Another 3% or so also goes to IndieGoGo for credit card processing fees.  But everything else will go straight into making this movie (and making sure everyone gets their perks).

About the Perks: 

We'll cover shipping costs worldwide on things that need to be shipped. All claimed perks are estimated to be delivered around January, 2014, but this is film, so expect some flexibility! 



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    The Gas

    Ten dollars would buy some coffee for the crew. Coffee is what film crews run on, like the world runs on oil. It greases the wheels, as it were. If you purchase this perk (ha, perk, get it?!) you will help keep our crew going – and you’ll receive updates of our production’s progress, a thank-you credit in the film, along with my smiling, tummy-warming gratitude!

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    The Glue

    Twenty-five bucks buys a couple of rolls of gaffer tape. It’s probably the single most important tool on a film set, aside from a camera. We use it for everything. That new big-budget sci-fi film everyone’s so excited about? I guarantee you, what holds that movie together is tape. That’s the magic, right there! If you contribute this amount, you’ll receive all of the perks above, most especially the gratitude! Plus a .pdf file of the shooting script emailed directly to you!

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    The Goo

    In the production world, this amount buys a small bottle of fake theatrical “blood”. Seriously, that stuff’s expensive, and some movies budget thousands for it! Fortunately, this is not that movie. (Fortunately for us, anyway, that stuff’s sticky too!) A contribution of this amount will get you all of the perks above – production updates, a thank-you credit, a .pdf of the shooting script, plus a digital download of the finished film!

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    The Gab

    100 dollars rents walkie-talkies, so that crew don’t have to holler at each other over long distances. Back in the day, there was a guy with one of those big bullhorns and a lot of yelling. Now we’re civilized, and deliver hearing damage directly via a headset. (Believe it or not, this is preferable.) If you contribute this amount, you’ll receive all the above perks, plus a hard copy of the script sent to you, autographed by cast and crew members (so you can read it at home as loud as you like)!

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  • $250CAD
    The Go

    That’s about what it costs to rent a truck, so the crew don’t have to haul all the equipment on their backs. (I know, we all like our crew members to be buff, but…) If you contribute this amount, you’ll get all of the above perks, plus I’ll help YOU do some heavy lifting! Writing is hard work too, and everyone has a script – or their kid has a script, or their dog – so if you’re so inclined, I will personally, gratefully provide one round of feedback/coverage of your script for you!

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  • $500CAD
    The Green

    Buys a film or TV series a supercool greenscreen VFX shot – where a simple element is transformed digitally into anything the imagination can dream up. In this case, it could buy you a chance to name a character! Our COOKING SHOW HOST needs a real name – and if you contribute this amount, you’ll receive all of the above items, plus an opportunity to choose the COOKING SHOW HOST’s name in the script! (If we receive multiple name submissions, final decision goes to us.)

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  • $1,000CAD
    The Goodness

    Buys a day of insurance – SAFETY FIRST! If you contribute this amount, you will get all the above perks, AND you’ll have the chance to name BILLY’S WIFE! Rumour has it that BILLY is played by a certain notoriously handsome Canadian actor, so if you’ve ever wanted a dashing star to say YOUR name on screen, here’s your chance! (If we receive multiple submissions, final decision goes to us). This level also gets you an Associate Producer credit. All that gratitude, and fame too!

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  • $2,500CAD
    The Glory

    Would buy a cast. All of them, all the talking bits. And this level gets you an Executive Producer credit on the film! You’ll also be able to attend a screening of (if you’re in TO) OR have access to a rough cut, and have the chance to give us your notes! (Wishlist not guaranteed, we’ll have final say, but we promise to take your suggestions seriously.) Imagine the POWER! Not only from the credit, the notes, and the proud feeling you’ll get, but at this level, I guarantee it’ll make me cry. :)

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