Starved for Justice

Your tax dollars promote industrial ag and GMOs in poor countries. My book exposes this and explains the science behind why organic ag will feed the world.

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Help Make My Book a Reality

I'm two steps from the finish line, but I need your help to get there. Four years ago I embarked on a project that involved traveling to four continents and observing peasants engaged in both industrial and organic agriculture. The question: Which was the best way to feed the world? The U.S. is trying to get Africans hooked on chemicals right now, but scientists say that organic agriculture could double Africa's food production in just 10 years.
I've put well over $14,000 of my own money into this project and I've also peed outside, taken baths in buckets, slept in mud huts, scratched countless mosquito bites, and spent $2000 on rabies treatment after a dog bit me near Lake Titicaca. The book's mostly written, I've got a publisher and a book contract... but I can't finish without help.

What I Need

The goal of my book, Starved for Justice, is to expose the myth that industrial agriculture succeeded in feeding the world back in the 1960s and to show that an ecological approach is what we need now.

The first draft of the book is done, and my editor and I are in the editing phase of it. It still needs a considerable time commitment from me for a few more months to finish it up. The problem? I can't devote my time to writing a book (for which I earn no money until it's done, and not that much money even then) and do paying work at the same time. I need a little bit of help from others to get it done.

Other Ways You Can Help

Maybe you can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help:

  • Get the word out and make some noise about my campaign.
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools!

Together we can get the word out about how we can actually reduce poverty and hunger among peasants in the Global South while healing the planet at the same time!

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