Start the Global Conversation: Represent Direct-Entry Midwives at Women Deliver

Midwife International will talk with global maternal healthcare leaders about how to better network, train and support midwives worldwide - and film it!


Help us to inspire decision makers to support direct-entry midwives and midwifery education worldwide!

Midwife International will meet with global leaders about supporting midwives at the Women Deliver conference in May... and we are going to create a short video series about it!

Midwives save lives. From wealthy to poor nations, midwives offer affordable, compassionate and culturally-appropriate care to women during pregnancy, birth and the post-partum period. Yet the world lacks more than 300,000 midwives.
Midwife International representatives plan to sit down with global maternal healthcare leaders at the Women Deliver conference this May to discuss solutions, and to document their work in our video project "Better Birth for a Better World."
When we sit down with the global leaders, we want to talk about:
  • Their innovateive work related to midwifery, safe and peaceful birth modalities, maternal health advocacy and maternal health development goals.
  • Creating international standards of midwife training
  • Gaining governmental support for midwives and their training everywhere
  • How we can better network to learn best practices

Help us bring midwifery education to the forefront at the 2013 Women Deliver Conference this May in Malaysia

The Women Deliver 2013 Conference will host more than 5,000 participants from Ministries of Health, Finance and Development Cooperation, Parliaments, leading civil society organizations, global companies, media and more, who are all focused on improving the lives and health of women around the world.

Midwife International plans to represent direct-entry midwives in sessions and roundtable events at the Women Deliver conference, with the intention of garnering support for networking and training midwives who practice in homes and birth centers globally.

Your money will help us cover:

  • One registration for the 3 days at the conference
  • Transportation to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Modest hotel accomodations and food

The World Needs More Midwives

According to the UNFPA, “The evidence is clear: investing in midwifery saves lives.  A return on investment calculation has shown that across 58 countries as many as 3.6 million maternal, fetal and newborn deaths per year could be averted if all women had access to the full package of reproductive, maternal and newborn care. Midwives and the midwifery workforce are important in the provision of all these services.”

Midwife International's solution is to train midwives who will be equipped to provide high-quality maternity care in a variety of settings, especially in resource-constrained regions where birth outcomes can be improved, and the need for professional midwives is greatest. We need international support to make this possible.

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