Starship Farragut: Conspiracy of Innocence

Fundraising campaign to raise monies to be used during the filming of Starship Farragut's 7th live action film, "Conspiracy of Innocence" - filming this NOV.
John Broughton
Silver Spring, Maryland
United States
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Farragut Films and NEO f/x are jointly raising funds for Starship Farragut's seventh live action film, "Conspiracy of Innocence."

Starship Farragut
Conceived by John Broughton in November 2004 and officially launched in July 2005, Starship Farragut is an online webseries inspired by the original series of Star Trek, but instead of the crew of the Enterprise, it's the crew of the Farragut - simply put,
"Different Ship, Different Crew and Different Adventures".  

About Farragut Films
Farragut Films, a not-for-profit entity in good standing in the state of Maryland produces the award winning series, Starship Farragut web series. In addition, Farragut Films is also a co-producer on the critically acclaimed Star Trek Continues web series. Farragut Films has also collaborated with other film groups such as United Worlds Entertainment on the film, "POLARIS" and Big Damn Films, Inc. on "Z-Con".  In January 2011, Farragut Films entered into partnership with Dracogen, which funds creative projects and charities. 

Over the years and with each production, Farragut Films' episodic adventures have improved, the Starship Farragut project overall has evolved, and the body of Star Trek sets grown --- housed in Studio 2 located in Kingsland, Georgia, the Star Trek sets amass an almost 10,000 sq-ft facility --- it’s literally the largest collection of free-standing Star Trek sets on planet Earth!  Click Here to Take a Virtual Tour of the Sets!  Farragut Films is currently working to unveil Studio 3 in the Greater Washington, DC Area which will house the classic Star Trek movie era sets for filming in 2014. 

About NEO f/x
NEO f/x is a fast-paced company dedicated to providing high-quality digital visual effects and animations for corporate training/presentations, film, television, and the Internet. Founded in 2003 in Portland, Oregon, and currently supporting two offices in the Pacific Northwest, NEO f/x has consistently impressed their client base with their integrity, professional service, quick turn-around, and dedication to product quality. In addition to partnering with Farragut Films for their award-winning internet series “Starship Farragut”, NEO f/x has also provided visual effects for the feature film “Yesterday Was a Lie” and “Ex-Mas Eve”, along with internet films “R.U.R. Genesis”, “Browncoats: Redemption”, and a slew of Star Trek based fan-productions such as “Star Trek: Phoenix”, “Starship Exeter” and “Star Trek: Of Gods and Men” . Upcoming productions include a SyFy film entitled “Broken Spirits” , the highly anticipate original space adventure “POLARIS”, and the high-profile Star Trek film “Renegades” starting Walter Koenig and Tim Russ.

Fundraiser Purpose
Since inception, Farragut Films and NEO f/x has worked successfully over the last eight years to produce the Starship Farragut web series (live action and animated episodes). 

Folks that are familiar with Starship Farragut know that we don't typically solicit for donations other than exhibiting at conventions where we provide complimentary DVDs of our work, as well as promotional items, autographed memorabilia and costume swatches - all free. With the expenses associated with the Farragut Films Studio 2 facility, the costs to also put forth the films are quite considerate - hence this fundraising campaign. 

We’re looking to generate funds to cover ONLY the expenses associated with filming and post-production work with NEO f/x. This includes travel expenses of key crew personnel, lodging, catering, special camera-related equipment, and other miscellaneous costs associated with the shoot. We are not asking for funds to pay for the sets, wardrobe, props, and studio costs (e.g., electric, utilities). 

Why give?
We believe that the Starship Farragut project is unique and important to the Star Trek film community because we offer original storytelling based in the universe of Star Trek, but without the iconic characters of STAR TREK.  We go to great lengths and expense to make the sets and costumes as accurate and to what they looked like almost 50 years ago on the Paramount lot.  As our slogan suggests, we're doing our part to make, "CLASSIC TREK...NOW!"  

Farragut Films also has a proven track record of following through and producing each film in a timely manner, to date – we have released six live action films and two animated episodes.  Our second film, “For Want of a Nail” won Best Fan Film at the Wrath of Con Film Festival in Panama City, Florida in 2008 and our fourth film, “A Rock and a Hard Place” won the same award the following year.

We abide by ethical and honorable values, including the guiding principle that everyone regardless of position is valuable to the production.  To elaborate further on our values, since inception ---- we have always executed on the following three objectives: 

  1. If you are a cast member, you get a highly accurate and tailored Starfleet uniform or costume that is yours to keep upon completion of filming.  If you're working behind-the-scenes, you will get embroidered polos, t-shirts and/or ball caps. 
  2. During filming, we will make sure you are fed - everyone likes to eat! 
  3. We go to great effort to make sure everyone is credited properly in the film and that every volunteer receives a professionally-made DVD of the work they helped to create. 
We’re the only film group that does all three objectives; since we cannot pay folks for their time and contributions, it's the least we can do.  Fellowship, film-making and family, it's what 'Farragut' is all about.

"Damn the torpedoes, warp speed ahead!"

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Select a Perk
  • $100USD
    NEO f/x Viewmaster

    NEO f/x Viewmaster along with 2 reels (our demo and the animated episode reel)

    2 out of 20 claimed
  • $150USD
    COI Signed Cast Script

    A bound script of the COI episode & cast photo signed by the cast members themselves

    2 claimed
  • $250USD
    Farragut DVD or Patches

    You can either get From NEO f/x Starship Farragut--The Animated Episodes DVD or an official set of Starship Farragut patches

    0 claimed
  • $500USD
    Signed Cast Pix & DVDs

    A bound script of the COI episode & the entire Farragut DVD collection to include all live action and animated episode

    1 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Autographed Animated Script

    A signed script from the animated episodes by Chase Masterson & Tim Russ

    0 out of 2 claimed
  • $1,500USD
    Uniform & Walk-on Role

    Custom made uniform and the opportunity to be part of the “Conspiracy of Innocence” (Travel & lodging expenses not included)

    1 claimed
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