Starship Corporation

Realtime Strategy Game - create the layout for Spaceships and Planetary Installations, train your crew for Emergencies and Battle, build a Business Empire!
David Murent
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Starship Corporation is a Realtime Strategy Game that contains 4 Elements:

  • Ship Design

  • Crew and AI Tactics

  • Ship Building

  • and Trade

The player is able to create the layout for Spaceships and Planetary Installations with multiple decks within the boundaries of existing fuselages. He can choose between (currently) 50 Room types in 6 categories . A completed Design can then be challenged by playing a series of missions to test the crews reaction to emergencies and the ships combat capabilities. The success of these missions determines the ships rating, important for a good price on the market or the ships performance in your own fleet.

Project Overview


Ship Design

Design Your Own Spaceship

Control every aspect of your ships layout on up to 5 decks and over 50 different Rooms in 6 Categories:

Core Modules
  • Bridge
  • Emergency Bridge
  • Engine Room
  • Computer Core
  • Power Relay
  • Armor
Technical Installations
  • Generator Rooms
  • Airtank
  • Fueltank
  • Watertank
  • Shield Generator
  • Hangar Bay
  • Cargo Unit
  • Emergency Escape Vehicle
Corridors, Hatches and Elevators
  • Corridor Segments 1-5
  • L-Section
  • T-Section
  • S-Sections
  • Cross-Sections
  • Lift
  • Stairway
Crew Quarters
  • Hypersleep Capsules and Living Quarters
    in 3 sizes for Pilots, Technicians, Medics
    and Marines
Medical Facilities
  • Life Support
  • Sickbay
  • Sickbay Extension
  • Galley
Military Structures
  • Armory
  • Cannon
  • Missile Bay
  • Missile Control

Screenshot Ship Design


Screenshot Technology



Crew Management

Hire the best pilots, technicians, soldiers and medics to run your ships, train them and the ships Artificial Intelligence for maximum performance during standard operation, emergencies or hostile encounters – Here are a few example missions:

Screenshot Missions
  • Technical malfunctions:
    Fire, pressure drop, power or engine failure
  • Medical emergencies:
    Radiation or Alien infestation
  • Emergency Response and Damage Control:
    Collision with Asteroids or Magnetic Fields
  • Defense against Pirate Boarding Parties
  • Ship to Ship Combat
  • Boarding of enemy transport or battleships and many more…

Screenshot Crew Management

The better your Ship Design and its AI perform during the training missions, the better their rating will get. A good rating sells at a good price, but also defines the outcome of emergencies encounters of ships in your own fleet, when travelling trough deep space.

Game Progress



Build your designs for your own fleet or for a number of clients with different requirents: Shuttles or small Cargo Ships, huge interstellar Transports and Tankers, Battleships of all Sizes, Cruise Ships, Mining Vessels, Mining Colonies, Terraformers, etc. Be the best producer at the lowest price and you will take over the market!


Buy or sell used (or captured) ships, set up trade routes or supply war parties. (preferably on both sides).


Become a powerful intergalactic corporation profiting from civil war and conflict between planets ruled by religious governments or prosper among the free societies in independent star systems, building gigantic ships with superior technology .



Be a member of the elite! By helping to finance this game you will get game content exclusively created for you. The Fuselages and Missions contributors will get are not included in the Core Game and are not available for sale later on.


How will the money be used?

Stretch Goals


Level 1

Level 1: $6.000

This is a very ambitious project and I need your help to develop its full potential. The funding goal of  $6000 will be used to finish the Core Game, featuring:

  • The Ship Design with 3 different fuselage types
    (Shuttle, Cruiser and Cargoship)
  • The Shipyard
  • Crew Management and AI Development with
    - 5 Standard Operation Missions
    - 5 Emergency Response Missions
    - 5 Hostile Encounter Missions
    This part needs the most work!

The Core Game will only be available as a Single Player Offline Version!


If the game surpasses its official funding goal for the offline version, you will get even more:Level 2

Level 2: $16.000

If the game reaches this much interest, I can fulfill my dream and turn it into a online multiplayer game, taking the idea to the next level:

  • Encounter thousands of different designs created by other players every time you play
  • Players can sell their Designs, Ships or developed Ship AI in an online marketplace
  • You can send your own fleet to trade, raid or destroy competitors
  •  Permanent Terraforming and Mining Colonies can be built

Because I have not much experience with this, I have to hire a backend programmer to help me with that.


Level 3

Level 3: $26.000

I will be able to implement a storyline inspired by Ayn Rand´s novel “Atlas Shrugged”, where your character rises to one of the most successful businessman in the galaxy, facing war, corruption and state power as the old world breaks apart and you slowly become aware of a new world far out in the galaxy…

The Story will be told in cutscenes like the teaser and played out in a lot of custom missions and additional game content.




Anything beyond that number will enable me to create additional game content, not only fuselages,  missions, and room types but also new kind of units, more complex gameplay, a great soundtrack and tons of stuff I already have in mind and you guys will definitely come up with…
Also I could then consider hiring more help to finish all the above mentioned content much earlier!


Your Ideas:

I am sure you have tons of ideas for scenarios, room types ship types, units, and lots of stuff I havent thought of.  Please let me know and maybe you will find your idea in the game a little bit later…

Use the Starship Corporation Forum or the Feedback Form to post your suggestions. 



My career started off with 3D Animation for advertising, then Character Animation for the Game Company Jowood - Neighbours from Hell. I created the Lasertag game company “LazerCombat” that is currently run by my brother Stefan. I had no programming experience prior to starting this project except a little scripting in Adobe Director and Flash, but I quickly learned to use the excellent tool GameMaker for my plans. I make this game because I am dying to play it – so you can be sure I will finish this project.


More Info:

The game isn´t done, but you can test the Alpha-Version very soon. Check regularly or follow me on Twitter to get the latest updates!

If you like to see more gameplay videos and video tutorials, screenshots and download the Alpha  – Please visit or


System Requirements:

The game will run on Windows PC. Temporary System Requirements are:

  • Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • DirectX 8-compatible graphics card with at least 32MB of video memory
  • Pentium or equivalent processor
  • DirectX 8-compatible sound card
  • 156MB of memory or greater
  • 1024x768 or greater screen resolution with 16-bit or 32-bit colors

Minimum System Requirements will be published, as soon as the first playable version is out and I get some feedback.


Help spread the word:

If you haven´t got the money at the moment, but still would like to help turn this game into reality, don´t worry – you can still help A LOT by sharing this content on Facebook and Twitter, or calling your friends in the middle of the night to tell them about this awesome game!

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    - additional Planetary Installation
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    - additional Mission “Xenomorph”
    - additional Installation “Atmospheric
    Processor II”

    - additional Installation “Mining Colony D”
    - online game access (if funded)
    - get “BattleCruiser Sigma”

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