Stars Voyager

A TV quiz show bringing space within everyone's reach

A Quiz Show That Brings Space Within Everyone’s Reach

Do you long to fly to space?   Have you been dreaming of looking back at the earth from the heavens?  Have you been dreaming about it since before you first saw Star Wars? 

“Stars Voyager” TM ©* is about bringing the possibility of space flight within the reach of ordinary people like you and I.   It is a simple concept, a daily Internet TV quiz show on YouTube.  *(“Stars Voyager” is Copyright XAVIERAX 2011. “Stars Voyager” is a registered format, all rights are reserved and protected under the Berne Convention.)


PHASES: There are Two Phases to the “Stars Voyager” Contest

Phase One is a qualifying tournament; the winners go on to Phase Two.    In Phase One we conduct 64 Missions to identify 64 Star Voyagers.    In each Phase One Mission there are only three Voyagers; the winner, the Star Voyager, qualifies for Phase Two



Phase Two is an elimination contest.   The 64 Stars Voyagers who won the qualifying Missions in Phase One battle it out in Phase Two.    In Phase Two there are four Stars Voyagers battling it out in each Mission but they do so over 3 Missions at each stage, to ensure everyone gets a fair go.     The accumulated scores of the three Missions determines the winner and the runner up and at the Quarter Finals and Semi-Finals, the top two scorers progress.  It is possible some one who was the second highest scorer in the Quarter Finals could eventually win the Grand Final and the ultimate prize.


Of the 36 webisodes in the Finals the first 24 are the Semi Finals and the last 12 the Grand Final.    The eight finalists are divided into two groups of four and compete in two three Mission, 12 webisode contests.   The two highest scorers in each go on to be the four Grand Finalists.    The Grand Final is a 3 Mission, 12 webisode contest with the winner being the accumulated highest scorer over the 3 Missions.  For a more detailed explanation please see PHASES. (In the unlikely event of a tie, there will be a three question tie breaker involving just the two or three equal highest scorers.)  


The Booster question in each Mission only doubles the score in that Mission and not the overall accumulated score of the preceding Missions.   The final score after 3 Missions is the combined score of the 3 Missions, this number decides the winner (and the runner up)


Grand Final

The highest scorer in the Grand Final, the combined scores of the final 3 Missions, wins the sub-orbital space flight!   This will occur on Thursday 27 March 2014.    The Phase One and Phase Two pathways are specifically designed to deliver precisely this result.     


There is a complete list showing every webisode from the first on Monday 4 July 2011 to the Grand Final winner on Thursday 27 March 2014 at the bottom of the DATES page.   We had planned to have a winner earlier than this date, but none of the spaceship companies are expected to carry fare paying passengers before early 2014.


We aim to raise US$29,800 to make the first 40 Webisodes of “STARS Voyager”.  This may seem like a lot of money but it is really very little to make 120-200 minutes of thrilling, edge-of-the seat entertainment for viewers like you.


You may think this is just another TV quiz show but please consider what we are really doing - and you are really doing if you get involved - is democratizing space.   We are creating a revolution; bringing space within the reach of ordinary people.


About us:


John Leonard

Is the CEO of XAVIERAX and the creator and EP of “Stars Voyager”. He also writes plays under the nom de plume Will Keyes Byrne (too many published J Leonard’s)


Nicole Le Thorn

Nicole is the presenter of “Stars Voyager” – the Mission Commander.   We are delighted to have a female presenter of Nicole’s caliber because we want female contestants and viewers to feel the show is as much theirs as it is the male contestants and viewers.


Kirby Ikin

Is the professional space industry adviser to “Stars Voyager”.    He is the CEO of Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants and the Chairman of the Board of the National Space Society headquartered in Washington DC.


Richard Hopkins

Is the Producer of “Stars Voyager" and CEO of the production company Mindfor.


What we will do with your money:

Pay minimal salaries to key personnel

Pay 3 months rent on a very modest production office

Pay a writer to compose at least 100 Twitter questions

Pay a writer to compose 220 quiz show questions for 40 Webisodes

Pay a PR agency to promote the show in the Sydney off-line media

Pay a website builder to build us a great “Stars Voyager” website

Pay a great composer to create the unforgettable theme music

Buy costumes for the Voyagers and the Mission Commander

Pay costs of shooting 4 Webisodes as a pilot for potential sponsors

Pay production costs, camera operators, sound, studio etc

Provide catering for a one day, 16 Webisode shoot (and another 20)

Create opening and closing title sequences

Post production, editing etc for 40 Webisodes

Upload 40 Webisodes to YouTube, one each day, every day

Place ads in the Mx commuter newspaper in Sydney & Melbourne

Begin recruiting Sydney & Melbourne contestants for the next shoots

Pay appropriate taxes, insurance, legal and accounting 

Team on This Campaign:

  • 956140
    John Leonard

    Executive Producer and Creator of "Stars Voyager"

  • 280239
    Richard Hopkins

    Producer of "Stars Voyager" and CEO of Mindfor

  • 839850
    Nicole Thorn

    The Mission Commander (Presenter) "Stars Voyager"