Starlight Production of Green Bay

Starting my own advertising & promotions company in the northeast Wisconsin area. The goal is to be able to provide a service to local small businesses.

Short Summary

  • My name is Michael Larkin and like many other college students I graduated with a degree but was unable to find work in my field of study. I want to put the skills that I have learned to good use. So instead of looking for somebody to employ me I decided that I would go to work for myself.
  • This is a new start in my life and I want to use it not only to begin a new life for me, but for others that are like me.
  • This is phase one. If the company grows I want to branch out into entertainment and game development. Part of my vision is to set the industry standard.

What We Need & What You Get

  • I see that I need about $4000 to get started.
  • Better camera & stand        $2000
  • Boom mic & stand              $400 to $500
  • File to become a LLC          $450
  • Television advertising         $600 to $900
  • Company USB drives          $300 to $400
  • Business Account               $? (whatever is leftover will be used for miscellaneous expenses)
  • If you are in the Wisconsin area (northeast) I can provide you with a service. Sorry but I am limited to where I can go.
    • $25 donors x 20    Flash Photo Gasllery
    • $50 donors x 10    Flash Navigation Bar
    • $100 donors x 5    Animated Logo
    • $250 donors x 4    Basic Commercial
    • $500 donors x 2    Premium Commercial
  • If I cannot get my goal I will focus primarily on the equipment. Forming and LLC will help me to get a business account and the advertising will help get the word out that the company exists. The USB drives aren’t essential but help after a project is finished.

The Impact

  • I want to help those that want to succeed in life. Providing a service to help them realize their dreams is how I feel I can help. However I eventually want to provide a haven for those that want to enter the entertainment industry but find it difficult and those that make it in, so they don’t feel like cogs in a machine.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Cupiding and word of mouth will help me get clients and prospective team members.

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