Star Trek Titan - Bring Titan To Life

This project is to raise funds to cover the costs of producing the USS TITAN

We are the community behind Star Trek Titan, we are all fans of the many series and movies that have graced our screens for years, sadly absent for many years, and want to bring people together to show there is the interest in the show to bring it back as a series.

We were working with a very talented visual artist in the community, that created the CGI in our video. Sadly he passed away last year. We have enlisted the forces of Light Works, a name synonymous with the Star Trek franchise. They have agreed to produce a short animation of the Titan, in all its glory, and show our fans that Titan is alive, and deserves to be the next series on our screens.

This animation is the basic goal of this campaign, and to show that people still love and care about the Star Trek series. This will also be used to bring more fans to the fold, and connect us together in a show of support for it being brought back to our screens. As more money is raised, it will be used to help promote this even further, produce more content with Light Works, and to start to give back to the people that support us in this with more items to say thank you and give value to your donation.

We are using British Sterling as the company that will be undertaking the work is based in Europe. 

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