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As you may know, Stania Diffey, Tango dancer, teacher and dear friend, has had major surgery and is now in recovery.
I am calling out to friends and family, to the local and international Dance community, professional and amateur...To artists of all genres.
I know from experience: The Dance community is a strong one... ANY style: Tango, Belly Dance, Hip Hop et al. I have seen dancers all over the world come together to make incredible things happen. I would like to channel that energy towards this dancer. Even if you don't know Stania personally I would love for you to do this for a fellow dancer.
You will know that being unable to dance for any reason is a nightmare scenario. As dancers we need to dance, it's our passion, it's our lifeline. I believe we can help her through this difficult time by alleviating some of her financial worries.

Stania has been through years of great discomfort with utmost poise and grace.  Three years ago Stania had an abdominal operation to remove fibroids from her womb, but unfortunately over the past 2 years the fibroids have returned causing  severe symptoms and great discomfort, and limiting her ability to work.
After consulting a variety of medical practioners, Stania was referred to a private surgeon to undertake the procedure, scheduled in early May, followed by 7 weeks recovery. The operation went well and she is now at home. She will not be able to get back to work for a while, which means no income until she has healed, as well as  fees owed for the surgery.

Although the financial cost of this operation was daunting, it was fundamental that she receive the best possible medical treatment for her condition in order to end this long and draining experience.
The operation cost £5,500, the total sum has been lent by a friend but she will need to pay it back. in order to support her financially through this challenging time, we have decided to host this fundraiser and various Tango events.  

I am sure any self employed artists out there will understand how much of a struggle making ends meet can be, add to this the pressure of paying medical fees.

Please forward this on to other friends and family, the wider we can spread the word the better, via Facebook, Twitter, Email, Phone Calls, Word of Mouth, any way possible!


I am offering my first Tribal Fusion Private on line classes, one to one via Skype!

No matter where you are in the world, thanks to technology, we can practice together

You will find Tango perks on offer with the wonderful Fernando Guidi.

He is very kindly offering private lessons AND class cards for couples or singles (based in Devon). Perks for beginners and experienced Tango dancers alike.

As some of you know I make my own Raw Vegan Chocolates and will make up a few batches to send to UK backers should you choose that option (sorry I cannot ship my chocs overseas)

If you can only spare a quid, that's GREAT as I know times are tight for many of us these days. If each friend/follower/fan across social media platforms gave a little something, we could cover her medical fees and maybe even a little more to help Stania through her recovery. This campaign is very close to my heart, any contribution is GREATLY appreciated.

Thank you SO much.

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    Handmade Raw Chocolate

    8 pieces of delicious heart shaped, handmade raw chocolates. I use organic raw ingredients of high quality for superb taste. You'll never go back to 'normal' chocolate after tasting these lovelies. Full ingredient list will be shipped with your chocs. ONLY AVAILABLE TO UK RESIDENTS! I am sorry, I cannot ship my chocs overseas.

    6 out of 6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • £20GBP
    Handmade Pendants

    Unique work by Alyssum Pohl. She has kindly donated 3 of her handmade pendants to the cause! First-come-first-served, but indicate in order of preference, which pendant you like most, and she will do her best to get you your pick Go to and click on the merchandise page to see images. They are GORGEOUS.

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    Estimated delivery: August 2013
  • £35GBP
    Single Class Card

    Single Class Card: Five Tango lessons in Exeter Your card will be sent to you.

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    Estimated delivery: June 2013

    Private Tango Class

    One to one private Tango lesson with Fernando Guidi Any level welcome. He is a wonderful teacher, you will get a lot from a private session. You will need to get to Exeter (venue hire included) Contact to arrange your class.

    1 out of 1 claimed

    Skype Dance Class

    Samantha Emanuel is offering one to one lessons for Tribal Fusion Belly Dancers wishing to deepen their dance practice, work on technique, choreography... Anything you would like! This is a one time opportunity to study with Samantha via Skype! The lesson will be one hour long and you will be need to email in advance to discuss class content as well as time and date.

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  • £70GBP
    Couple's Class Card

    Couples Class Card: Five Tango lessons in Exeter Your card will be sent to you.

    0 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013

    Private Class with Bozenka!

    The one and only BOZENKA has very kindly donated a one to one Skype private! One hour long consultation with dance movement, demonstration and performance feedback (if desired) Please provide your email address so we can arrange date and time. Enjoy!

    1 out of 1 claimed
  • £400GBP
    Your Dance on Film!

    Wax Films have donated a dance film of you to be shot in Devon or London. 2-3 min dance piece or an interview with clips of different dances, this film would be designed for use on your website or to promote you as a teacher, or to express your passions. 1 day shoot, 1 location, 1 day edit. If it is shot in Devon you will need to cover my travel expenses too. Please have a look at my (please look on a computer not an I pad or phone)

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