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Let's invest in kids with 8 adventures that grow character from the inside out - improving our world One child at a time.
Diane Bedard
Tampa, Florida
United States
9 Team Members

The Goal

We are striving to reach 365 students in the next twelve months with Character GPS programs. We need to build the infrastructure and programming so that we can roll it out to over 1,000 kids in 2014 and 3,000 kids in 2015!

 Boys and girls Club Graduates

We need your help to get Character GPS into more schools and develop our on-line capabilities! We will train more mentors, parents and trainers to give additional children access to this life-changing program.

With successful programs in the Boys and Girls Club, Metropolitan Ministries Charter School, Berkeley Preparatory School, the Tampa YMCA and St. Cecelia Interparochial Catholic School, we have seen the results Character GPS has on today's youth - and it is inspiring!

After one Adventure a little girl came up to Jeff, one of our Co-Founders, hugged him and joyfully exclaimed, "Thank you - now I know who I am!"

Together let's stop the epidemic of apathy, bullying and victimization by teaching children how to find their true North and follow it. Join us in ‘Standing Up For Character.’  Let's work together to get children moving beyond their circumstances to living more successful, and purpose-driven lives.

 Partner Logos

The Need

Our children face tough choices daily. The examples set in mainstream society steer our kids into poor decision making:

Bullying: 23% of elementary students are bullied 1-3 times monthly

Teen Pregnancy & Abortion: In 2002 an estimated 1-in-3 teen girls got pregnant, resulting in 215,000 abortions.

Substance abuse: 61% of substance abusers are 12-17 years old and 5,000 youth die from underage drinking each year.

Suicide: There are 12 youth suicides and over 1200 attempted suicides every day.

Shootings: In the 1960's there were 5 shootings in elementary, middle and high schools throughout the U.S. In the 1990's there were 20!

Today's teachers often have to be caretaker, disciplinarian, educator and friend to our children. Unfortunately, character development gets pushed aside as the primary focus becomes reactive disciplinary actions.


So what can we do?


Imagine a program where kids are involved in making their world at home, their school, and their community a better place by using timeless principles and values to develop their own plan for life success.

Character GPS is an eight-week, skill-based intensive character education program that teaches kids how to “stand up for character”.  Together our co-founders Matthew Hoffman and Jeff Cain use their 30 plus years of experience in training and leadership development to help transform our kids.

Learning with Love


Using interactive, multi-media adventures, kids learn how to demonstrate key values like: respect, integrity honesty and goal-setting. Through a team approach, “Adventure Guides,” approved mentors, parents and educators work together to equip our kids for academic and life success.

 3T Viewing

We have piloted this program all around the Tampa Bay area with amazing results.  In some areas where 3% or less of the students are likely to attend college, 100% of our graduates are setting goals to complete high school and graduate from college.


 YMCA Graduation

 The Opportunity

We have partnered with some awesome companies to give you the opportunity to purchase a pair of fashionable sandals and sponsor a child’s single Adventure for only $50! It’s a win-win for all involved. Here's how it works:



Join the Stand Up for Character movement and select some awesome sandals from Our Perks

Look over our Perks and choose footwear that helps you Stand Up for Character in comfort, while supporting children in growing theirs!

Stand Up for Character with Cobian

$50 Perk Level - Men's & Kid's Sandal Choices from Cobian

 $50 perk Mens sandal choices


$75 Perk Level - Mens Sandal Choices from Cobian

 Men's $75 perk - Cobian Suede Puerto Sandals


Stand Up for Character with Lindsay Phillips

$50 Perk Level - Women's Sandal Choices from Lindsay-Phillips

Women's $50 Sandal Choice - Jordi


$75 Perk Level - Women's Sandal Choices from Lindsay-Phillips

Women's $75 Gwen Sandals


Even if your funds are tight you can help! Share the campaign on your Facebook page, your Twitter feed, or favorite social media site to help get the word out!


About our Co-Founders

Matthew Hoffman, Co-Founder of Character GPS®, has over 15 years experience as a Business Executive, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. His wide-ranging charitable interest in helping children includes working as a camp counselor and director, serving as a certified leadership development trainer, board member for the Children’s Advocacy Center and the Marcia P. Hoffman Performing Arts Institute, and Trustee for the Berkeley Preparatory School. As a father of 3 children himself, Matthew is passionate about empowering kids by helping them realize their unique gifts, develop a sound inner compass based on universal principles, and gain the skills they need to create inspired and fulfilling futures. Matthew has an MBA from Cornell University plus extensive business leadership and nonprofit experience.

Jeffrey Cain, Co-Founder of Character GPS®, has over 30 years' expertise in designing and delivering educational, business, and charitable training programs that profoundly impact the lives of all ages while transforming their social environments that they live and learn in. He has conducted continuing education classes and professional development workshops for teachers and professors at all levels of education across 3 decades. He studied Computer Operations Research Engineering at Cornell University, holds a B.S. degree in Secondary Mathematics and an M.S. degree in Adult Education Methodology & Statistical Research from Indiana University. Jeff is a Certified Master Facilitator for a wide-variety of programs including Stephen Covey’s "7 Habits of Highly Effective People" Leadership Development. Having served over 10 years as a VP and Regional Director of HR, Corporate Training, Jeff loves to teach and help people grow to their full potential. As a father of 2 children himself, Jeff has taught, coached, and mentored children of all ages starting with his first teaching position out of college in an inner city school, which ignited his true passion "to save our world, One child at a time."

 Stand Up for Character Perk Information & Logistics

How We Plan to Deliver your Sandals

We will collect information throughout the campaign for each perk level. When the campaign concludes, July 8, 2013, we will compile the information and contact each donor who has chosen a perk that includes sandals via email. Each donor will receive instructions on how to order the size/type/color of sandals appropriate for their perk level. Then the sandals will be shipped to the address specified.


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Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    I'll Stand Up For Character!

    Give up one cup of custom java to contribute to changing the world One child at a time, and we will send you the official "Stand Up for Character" image for your Facebook or Twitter account. Show the world that you Stand Up for Character - and encourage your friends to do the same!

    2 claimed
  • $25USD
    25% Off Sandals & More

    Donate $25 to Stand Up for Character and get a nifty coupon to save 25% on any Lindsay-Phillips (www.lindsay-phillips.com) or any Cobian USA (www.cobianusa.com) online purchase. Coupon good for one use/expires 12/31/13

    1 out of 1000 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $35USD
    Character GPS Adventure T

    When you choose this perk, you will be sponsoring a child's Character GPS Adventure and scoring one of our exclusive fashion shirts. Because character is based on solid principles, we chose to make our Character GPS t-shirts black and white. And because Matthew likes to look good, these awesome shirts are printed on soft cotton vee necks in mens or womens sizes Small to 2 X. Show your friends you Stand Up for Character in your exclusive Character GPS shirt and spread the word.

    1 out of 300 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $50USD
    Ladies Sandals

    Get funky and fun with the Jordi flip flop, featuring an interchangable snap system from Lindsay-Phillips. Choose from Black or Sand colors and contribute to a child's future.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $50USD
    Men Sandals

    Another opportunity with your $50 contribution is to choose from an awesome selection of Cobian's most popular men's sandals. Choose from the ARV2, Draino, or Astro Jump for men, and Draino Jr. or Jump Jr. for kids.

    4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $75USD
    Men's Suede Puerto Sandals

    One of Cobian's most comfortable sandals, Suedo Puerto is made for men. With a premium leather strap, an anatomical footbed of premium suede leather and a durable rubber bottom sole, the Suedo Puerto wraps your feet in soft comfort and lets your toes breathe with the world.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $75USD
    Ladies Gwen Sandals

    For your $75 contribution, you can choose a dressier take on the classic flip flop; the Gwen has a 1" wedge heel, tapered patent straps, and a fun silver footbed for added shine. Comes with a coordinating round snap.

    2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $110USD
    You Pick 2 (Pairs of Sandals)

    At the $110 donor level, you choose any pair of the Lindsay-Phillips or Cobian sandals from the $50 donation level and a pair of Suede Puerto (men) or Gwen (women). You will be Standing Up for Character with a friend and saving some green too!

    12 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $250USD
    Sponsor A Child's Journey

    Choose this perk and you will be supporting a child's entire Character GPS journey. To thank you for your generous donation, we'll send you a 4-pack of exclusive Character GPS v-neck fashion tee shirts to show you're whole crew is standing up for character!

    0 out of 200 claimed
    Estimated delivery: September 2013
  • $1,500USD
    Character Workshop 4 U

    Ever wished your company, school, church or community organization could take a deep dive into character? Coaches Matthewand Jeff are wizards at bringing every participant into the mix with their interactive, fun educational style. Now you can have Matthew orr Jeff give a half day interactive Character Workshop at your location! Contact us to work out travel details before purchasing this limited, popular perk.

    1 out of 10 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    Sponsor Your Own Character GPS

    Matthew is truly the shedazzle when it comes to Character Coaches. Coach Jeff's passion for people inspires us all. With this mac daddy of perks, one of our Co-Founders will give an entire 8-week Character GPS program to the group of children of your choosing. (Don't worry - if you don't have a group in mind, we have groups looking for sponsors.) Choice of location may require additional travel expenses, so be sure to contact us to work out the details before picking up this amazing gift.

    0 out of 5 claimed
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