Spud's Quest

A puzzle adventure homage to the games of yesteryear!

Spud's Quest is an adventure game for Windows that draws it's inspiration from retro classics like the Dizzy series, The Legend of Zelda, and Metroid. The game is scheduled for release in Spring 2013.

The Spud's Quest Indiegogo campaign has been set up due to requests from those who wish to support the project via paypal.

The Story

Players take on the role of Spud and his friend Prince Charming, who has been cursed by an evil wizard and turned into a frog. The pair set on a journey to uncover four ancient stones that have the power to banish the evil and remove the curse.



Some of the features include:

  • A large fantasy game world featuring varied locales and characters
  • Four dungeons brimming with puzzles and enemies
  • Day / night / weather system that affects characters schedule
  • Abilities / Powerups to further your progress
  • Control switching mechanic (Spud / frog)


Like the Dizzy games, it's a flip screen adventure in which you use items to progress (eg. use a hatchet found in a woodcutters lodge on a tree elsewhere to form a bridge over a swamp). Kind of like a point and click adventure game, without the point and click. It has powerups & abilities like Metroid, and the Zelda/Tomb Raider inspirations come in the games four temples.


The Oliver Twins (creators of Dizzy) ”Wow! It’s amazing to see you emulate our style of games 25 years after we created them. It’s clear that playing Dizzy as a child has made a big impression on you. So good luck with your Kickstarter, I hope you are able to make the full adventure you’ve always wanted to – but not too close to Dizzy please :) Make it your own.”

Markus Perrson / Notch (creator of Minecraft) - "It does look cool! It's obvious which inspirations you have, but you seem to make it your own thing, in a great way"

Thanks for your support!

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