Spork: A Mobile Food Truck for Charleston

Spork is YOUR gourmet mobile food truck in Charleston, West Virginia.
Charleston, West Virginia
United States
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A Spork Summary

Spork. Sounds funny doesn't it? Well, maybe a little. I wouldn't blame you if you don't yet take the spork seriously.

Currently, it's the utensil of the greasy-cheap chains inundating Charleston. Guess what? I'm here to show you why Samuel W. Francis patened the modern day Spork back in 1874 (WIKIPEDIA). 

My name is Sam Canterbury. It'd be easy to remember me by my height (a bit above average) but where I leave my most searing impression is on the tongue. I am a graduate of the culinary program at Hocking College located in the Appalachain foothills of Southeastern Ohio and have worked in kitchens across the United States.

My family roots are deep in West Virginia. Maybe that is why despite spending a lot of time in Ohio and around the rest of this country, I want to bring the wonders of a tasty, full-time, local food truck to Charleston. 

Why do I need your help? Well, simply put, chefs in Charleston aren't pulling Gordon Ramsay money. I've been cooking up some pretty hot dishes at local restaurants around the area and catering events of all sizes while building the dream that is Spork Truck. 

Now, I think it's ready. Almost. I've got a sweet truck to start this thing off, though it still needs a bit o'love-n-attention. 

It's the first food truck not associated with a brick and mortar joint to hit Charleston. On top of that, it's about to change what you think is capable not only of a mobile kitchen, but a kitchen altogether. Deep in the fires in the belly of the Spork Truck, I will forge only the finest tacos, sandwiches, salads, and sporkable items.

Look, I know all of those fancy words and ingredients trendy chefs love to toss about. That's a part of what chef-learnin' is all about, isn't it? I'm not going to need to do that.

We're friends right? I don't need to trick you. Spork food speaks for itself. Spork is what your mama made, but better.

If the devil went down to Charleston and saw me grillin' on a grill and grillin' it hot, I'd win a golden grill. Passin' up Spork Truck is what Meatloaf wouldn't do for love.

Spork Truck loves you and you will love Spork Truck. 

A Lovin' Sporkful

On my own, I've been able to put together about $7,000. I need another $10,000 to turn the Spork Dream into the Spork Truck. I need more equipment, some permits and a little bit of cosmetic work done on this beauty before she's ready to run. That's where you come in.

If I don't reach my entire goal, don't worry. Your money isn't going to be wasted. Every dime from this project will be sunk into the project. I'll do whatever it takes to open Spork Truck. Whether it's big or small, anything you can do to help out is much appreciated.

Here are some of the great perks you can earn for helping out with the project:

- $10 Spork sticker 

- $25 Spork T-Shirt (Small-4XL) 

- $50 All of the above and 10% discount for 10 visits 

- $100 Spork sticker, Spork T-Shirt, 25% discount card for 10 Visits 

- $500 2 Spork Stickers, 2 Spork Shirts, 50% discount which can be used up to 20 times

- $1,000 2 Spork Stickers, 2 Spork shirts, 2 free tacos per day which can be used for 30 days within a 6 month period, food provided for a taco party for up to 15 people

A Spork on the Road

Look, there's a lot of fast-and-nasty food out there in this world. You deserve better than that. West Virginia and Charleston herself deserves better than that.

I value your time, but I also value you. That's why Spork Truck is going to serve up fresh and local pork, poultry, beef and produce and we're going to serve it to you fast.

I love food. What I'm asking for here is you to give me the creative reigns to express myself through my food. Spork Truck will not only give Charleston an outlet for great food, but will also allow me to experiment and hone the art and science that goes into preparing fabulous culinary dishes. 

This is an untapped market. Sure, a few food trucks have begun roving around Charleston since I arrived, but I am ready to give you something completely different. Charleston, the food trucks are coming. Won't you get in on the ground floor of this great local movement?

Spork With Friends

I understand if you don't have spare cash laying about. I've been there. That doesn't mean you can't help out. Here are a few of the ways you can:

  • Share this page and tell all your friends about Spork Truck. 
  • Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter


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