Sponsor Online Tutoring for People with Disabilities

We provide free online computer skills tutoring, anytime, anywhere, to any Canadian with a physical disability.
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  • $5USD
    Hall of Fame

    For the price of a coffee, you will be recognized on our 2012 campaign page for supporting the Distance Computer Comfort Program. Anyone donating $5 or more will join our Hall of Fame.

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  • $12USD
    Sponsor Windows and Office

    As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, we can provide Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2007 on a refurbished computer for only $12. You can provide a person with a disability this standard software foundation.

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  • $25USD
    Sponsor a Volunteer Tutor

    This program is made possible by numerous volunteer tutors. Last year, over 1,500 hours of one-to-one online computer tutoring were provided by volunteers. You can pay a volunteer's Criminal Record Check fee to get them started tutoring.

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  • $33USD
    Sponsor a Headset

    As all the learning happens online, participants and tutors use computer headsets to talk to each other. You can buy and mail a headset to a person with a disability so they can begin learning online with a tutor.

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  • $50USD
    Sponsor a Virtual Classroom

    Every participant has a private online classroom where they can give access to a tutor to see their computer screen. This allows them to learn together from anywhere in Canada in real-time, and to record all their lessons so they can review any class they have taken. You can provide this online learning space.

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  • $100USD
    Sponsor a Computer

    To date, we have provided over 600 people with disabilities a free computer with Microsoft Windows and Office software. With a donation of $100, you can provide a refurbished computer with an LCD monitor delivered to the door of any Canadian with a physical disability.

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  • $300USD
    Sponsor Accessible Technology

    Many people with disabilities cannot use a typical keyboard or mouse while using a computer. Instead, they use voice recognition software, a specialized mouse and/or keyboard to provide computer input. Some people use screen readers to hear what they cannot see. You can make a computer accessible.

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  • $1,000USD
    Sponsor a Participant

    Learning how to use the internet and Office software are fundamental computer skills we provide people with disabilities. You can change the life of someone with a disability by sponsoring their computer tutoring in these core areas, ensuring fundamental computer literacy. This includes all software and hardware accommodations and a personal computer tutor for four months.

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  • $25,000USD
    Sponsor a Program Coordinator

    Think of how the internet has changed your life. This program connects and changes the lives of people with physical disabilities. You can help us dedicate a part-time staff person to sustain the national impact of our accessible online learning.

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  • $100,000USD
    Sponsor the entire program

    For $100,000, you could support 100 people with disabilities anywhere in Canada for a year. A donation at this level would allow us to focus on delivering the program instead of sustaining it. We’d name the program after you.

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