Will be the scariest mystery film ever made. TWISTED like "American Horror Story" & WICKED like "Blair Witch", because this film is based off TRUE EVENTS!
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    Dream Comet Studios presents, Spiritual Woods,  This film is 2nd installment out of 3 and the prelude to Spirit in the Woods.  Written & directed by the up and coming Anthony Daniel which the film will feature one HELL of a cast that promises to bring this feature film to LIFE!

    We're seeking $5k for our dream budget of 10k (Anthony Daniel is putting in $5k because he believes in this project and wants to give it the best chance because it will most likely be an underdog at the bigger film festivals), and this is where we need your support.  Our plan is to submit Spiritual Woods to all the big time film festivals and some of the smaller film festivals in the bigger cities, which we know once anyone sees it, they'll love it in fear. The film is in the final stages of writing and will be ready to start filming at the end of May 2014.  Anthony Daniel plans to make the next era of mystery horror, which the budget that Spirit in the Woods had was only $1,200 and look how far it went, it is being seen by millions thanks to Gravitas Ventures.  The reason why Anthony has started this IndieGoGo was to hopefully raise the second half of the dream budget. 

    Where is the budget going you might ask? We plan to make every dollar count that is donated to us.  We’re in talks with a few up and coming actors that we know will help bring this film to LIFE! We will have to pay for their travels, room, and food while they’re on set. The funds will also be going towards permits (locations), equipment rentals, food, crew (3k towards this), and the cast (5k towards this).  We will also be holding casting calls mid-May for anyone in the Northern Ohio area that would like to audition for a few supporting roles we have open. Please check Dream Comet Studios FACEBOOK’s page for updates on when and where, and it will also be posted soon on the Cleveland Film Commissions website. We plan to make Spiritual Woods the first ever found footage that non lovers of found footage will truly enjoy it, because the reason they dislike found footage is because they NEVER seen it done right.  We dare you to enter Spiritual Woods…

This film will become the scariest film ever made to date because of the great story-line, locations that we will be visiting, an amazing crew, and one HELL of a  talented cast!  We feature a couple amazing locations around Northern Ohio we even have a castle in the film, which you can see what it looks like with the photo below.  A couple of the film festivals we plan to submit this film to Sundance Festival, American Film Festival, Bendfilm Festival (if done in time), Brooklyn Film Festival, and Fantastic Fest.  We have a list of over 20 film festivals that we will be submitting too.  It might seem like we’re asking for a lot, but to be honest we’re not really.  We still plan to make the film right with some changes if we do not earn your support and reach our goal.  If you are a horror fan and want to see something new and original please show your support and Anthony Daniel promises that he will deliver because he wants to show how creative and well he will do in this film, so that he can impress others.

(Where you enter to get into Spiritual Woods)

    ( A picture that a fan sent to us telling us that we should recreate this image into a scene, what do you think?)


    What perks might you get if you show your support, well we are offering amazing perks! Don’t believe us, check them out to the right.  Yes, we are offering death scenes as a package which if you show your support with this package you get to help come us create a death scene to your liking for ONLY $100 and plus you get a lot more perks in the very same package, but do hurry we only are offering 3 of them. Our t-shirt designs are coming soon, but we know you’ll going to love them. 

    If you have any questions before you show your support don’t be afraid to contact us on here or even sending us an e-mail at DreamCometStudios@Gmail.com.  Also, if you are interested in investing, please e-mail us any questions you might have for us.  We have big plans for Spiritual Woods, we are releasing the 3rd installment early 2015.  Thank you for looking at our IndieGoGo page, and we hope you show your support!


Spiritual Woods -Official FBOfficial Twitter, & IMDb page.
Spirit in the Woods - Official FB (GET THE FULL STORY HERE), Official Twitter, & IMDb page.
Anthony Daniel's - Official FB, Official Twitter. & IMDb page.

*We will be posting more updates during the 48 days, we will also be uploading a video by the end of next week.  The cast from Spirit in the Woods!

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    Thank you for your Support!

    Thank you, we will like to send you a copy of Spirit in the Woods with a personal thank you letter from Anthony Daniel, a special thank you on our IMDb page, & give you a shoutout on all of our social media pages!

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    Death scene package!

    You will earn the limited edition package, but you will earn a producer credit (limited remember!) + talk with the writer/director Anthony Daniel via skype/e-mails to discuss a death scene you would like to create for a character to die in the film! (Think outside the box!)

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    Executive Package!

    First off, we thank you so much! You'll earn all the above packages, get an executive producer credit on IMDb for Spiritual Woods and in the ending credits of the film, we'll go over some details about an investment plan for you for showing your support for Spiritual Woods.

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