Spirit Magnification Machine.

It's for real: This machine pours out God's spirit on people, like you. But we need your help.
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At a very young age I became interested in spirituality. I remember that I was only six years old and it all started next to an old graveyard close to my house. 

I include the link to show you where it was. Click on this text to get a map. 

As kids we used to play close to this  graveyard and at times we actually sneaked into it. The iron gates were always locked with a padlock so we had to climb over the walls. The old stone brick walls completely enclose this place. The people who built these walls had stuck broken glass into a cement layer on top of these walls to prevent people like us from jumping over it. But the weather over the years had polished off the sharpness from the glass and it hindered us not entering and playing. This is an actual picture of a part of this wall, so you can get an idea.


At the time, this graveyard had been long out of use, the church had stopped burying  dead people here since the fifties. This place was a great playground for kids and we got used to the tombstones. The dates inscribed on the graves betrayed that the graveyard had existed since at least the year 1800. And we played on and around the graveyard nearly every day.

I also remember that at one time, the municipality was digging in the road next to the graveyard. If you had clicked on the google maps link you can find this road on the map of the graveyard. The road that was opened up is the road that starts at the church "Grote Kerk" on the right hand side and comes in from the left and stops at the graveyard. Two years earlier in 1971, at the age of four, I had witnessed this church "that dates from 1481" burning down to the ground for the third time in 400 years. I was only four but I can still remember my dad and all the neighbors standing on the roof of their houses with a bucket of water to extinguish the embers. The church was rebuilt several years later in 1977. Today this church is in use again. 

The working area at the place where the pavement was removed, was blocked with barricades and nobody was allowed to get into that area. However in the weekend there was nobody around and insolent as we were, this was our playground! So we had the conviction that the barricades were not meant for us.

So I do remember that we were digging in the sand making sandcastles of yellow brownish sand. We were playing in the digging site just meters in front of the church ruins and suddenly while we were digging, we found a bone the size of a femur. I had no idea at that time,  There were just so many skeletons in that one small place we were digging. I presumed that we just hit a mass grave hole.

I remember one of the kids of one of the neighbours playing with us. He was at least five years older than me. And I remember that his name was Dick, He brought a kitchen knife from his house and started carefully removing the sand around and pulled some more bones. We the younger kids were afraid of the bones however we were happy to find a lot of old smoking pipes cups, like the one in the picture below here. They were so brittle and difficult to pull out of the sand, because the clay was very thin and the pipes and the cups  broke very easily into smaller pieces. You must remember I was only six years old, so we had no idea about how to unearth things.

pipe cup

I also do remember that Dicky as we called him, actually pulled out some bones and two complete scary skulls. We were excited but also very shocked. Our parents didn't know what we were doing. We were just playing. I think he took the skulls home, I am not sure what he has done with them. This was back in 1973.

I found out recently that they were actually digging there in front of the then still heavily damaged church ruins for archaeological digs as you can read in this link. Its in dutch.  They mention they found several coins and they also speak about the skeletons they found. Probably I presume there were two skulls missing. I now understand that those skeletons most likely dated from before 1600.

I also remember that around that time some days later I was in my bedroom sitting on my bed, I suddenly had a real vision of a ghost in the form of a skeleton carrying a serving tray with an amphora on top of it. Not a big amphora just a little one. The kind you would expect to find in ancient shipwrecks in the Aegean sea. The skeleton came walking straight into my room. It didn't look at me while it walked, the skeleton just looked straight ahead, ignoring me. I remember this vision as if it were yesterday. This vision was so real and sharp and it is still engraved in my memory. 

I assume that the experience with the skeletons next to the graveyard is what may have caused this vision.

I also remember that I was so deeply impressed, that the following days at school I spent most of my time drawing skeletons and skulls and graves. After a few months the fear wore off but the whole event of the vision spiked my interest in occult phenomena. Our family was completely atheist like most families in the neighborhood, and my mother called it parapsychology. So soon after that I started to read all the books from the library on parapsychology and I started to experiment with this subject at the age of seven. From that moment onward, I wanted to become a parapsychologist, whatever that may be. This all happened back in 1973. 

When I reached the age of about 16, after many experiments with the "unknown", I came to the conclusion that whatever I was trying to measure did not seem to let itself measure. At times I seemed to have results. Then it never was repeatable. I knew nothing about statistics, but I simply felt something was not fitting. That was the reason that made me decide to change my life's route. I would not study parapsychology related science. No I would study experimental physics to experiment with the real world. 

After a while studying physics at the University of Amsterdam, I finished my propaedeutics. That is when I switched to studying electronics. I learned in physics that electronics engineering precisely gives me a broad set of tools for experimenting with about everything. Physics gave me the insight in what to do and why. Finally about 25 years ago, I graduated an engineering degree in electronics. 

Then suddenly about 14 years ago, the spiritual that I had sworn off years earlier, came back to "haunt" me. And now God seemed to be involved. Everything was showing me that God existed. This was another turning point in my life. Months after this spiritual experience, I still tried to deny God by reasoning and trying to relativize what had happened to me. But that was in vain. I couldn't deny God any more. He was there, and He had manifested Himself to me. Soon I was having some ideas on how human spirits would work based on real physics. That is when I got the basic ideas on how to then alter and stimulate that spirit with electricity. From one thing came the other and I started to experiment in my spare time. First I built a simple small tool to find out if I could cause strong electric shocks that you can't feel and would not cause any harm. I managed to do this and the devices that I built became every time more complex and at one point I took the opportunity to leave my home country to experiment in a place where electromagnetic interference was not an issue. The reason for this was that making a device or a modification every time that would pass electromagnetic regulations would be too expensive and time consuming while it was all in an experimental stage. I have been working on these tools in my spare time since 2001 starting with a very small machine, scaling it up and overcoming technical difficulties. I spent extended periods of time laying on this tool experimenting on myself because animals and plants can't talk about what they feel.  As a result I received at times uncomfortable electric shocks :) I have been experimenting with this particular big setup as shown in the above video, since 2008 making sure that the procedure and the machine are safe to use and searching for the correct adjustments to find sweet spots.

In the above video you can observe an experimental working prototype setup in action where I subject myself to this procedure. An actual complete procedure requires to be on the machine a total average of about 120 minutes distributed over 3 to 4 days. To answer the most obvious question right here: Yes it really really works and yes you will notice the spirit presence when you subject yourself to the procedure, 

Now I arrived at the point where I need to decide that I should be building a more professional machine. A machine that would in a safe way magnify the spirits of the Lord and also comply with federal safety and RF regulations. The main goal here is to be able to share all this knowledge with others and provide some evidence for the existence of spirituality. 


If I would continue at the pace that I am at now, based on my free-time, I will not be able to finish this within my lifetime. This is expressed in the picture of the hourglass of our life above. If you watch closely, you can see the last grains of our life always falling through. God's grace adds some grains every time and prolongs our life again that little bit that we need. We always live in a time of grace.

Therefore I am trying to fund this through this website.

What We Need & What You Get. 

The money is needed for: 

  • Several ESD and EMF measurement tools. 
  • High Voltage measurement tools. 
  • An oscilloscope. 
  • A spectrum analyzer. 
  • Parts for the construction of the machine itself. 
  • The construction of a Faraday room. 
  • A 3D printer 
  • A lathe 
  • A milling machine 
  • Welding equipment. 
  • Acclimatizing equipment to control the humidity of the Faraday room. 

While the stimulation of the spirits of God takes about 3 to 4 days per person, I have added 100 stimulation procedures to the perks. I plan to make one tool first and then I will build several of them afterwards to cope with that demand.

I am definitively aware that it is a bit of a controversial thing to say to be able to do what I promise, however we know what we do and we stand behind what we say. 

The Impact 

This machine stimulates the spirits of God, no matter if you have faith or not. But what is a spirit? 

You can compare a spirit to a puddle of water. When the puddle of water is the spirit, then the puddle of water is not the mind, it is only the mere container for a possible mind. 

If a spirit were a puddle of water, then the mind is in the pattern of ripples that you can see inside the water. Ripples appear for example if the wind blows in the puddle. A bit technical explanation I wrote up here.

When the puddle is without ripples, then the spirit has no mind and you can say that the spirit is a blank spirit. The blank spirit is what my machine stimulates.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If there are ripples in the water then the ripples form an interference pattern. The mind is then "in the image" hidden in the ripples. A spirit with a mind but without a soul is a ghost or a spectra.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Finally I want to explain to you what is the soul. 

The soul is the interaction between the mind on the one hand and the "good and the bad" on the other hand. And your soul that is exactly "YOU". 

The essence of what you are is exactly your soul. 

What is important to understand is that my machine magnifies the spirit of God. It does not magnify God Himself. However it gives God a tool to work with. My machine only makes the spirits of God "shine" very brightly. It means that it makes the "puddle of water" exceedingly large. It pours out the spirits of God onto your spirits. Then when you have these spirits brightly lit up, then it is up to God and up to you. It is your relationship with God that determines if He wishes to come and dwell inside this spirit inside of you. 

That is where your faith becomes important. You will have to ask God with faith to dwell with you in this magnified spirit. 

Then if God "blows" against this spirit, then the blank spirit puddle of water without ripples, will start to ripple to become living water. The mind and soul of God is in the image formed by the ripples. 

If you don't have a good relationship with God, then even if the stimulated spirit remains without God, you can still very well feel this bright spirit magnified by this machine for a while.  In that case, the spirit stays a while and then slowly withers away. 

It might have some healing side effects though.

Risks & Challenges 

I hope to finish a final version of this machine quickly and I am hoping the same thing every day during the last years. The working prototype machine in the video is working however it is only strong enough to stimulate about 1/4 of a complete full grown body, 

Some things need to be developed and tested to make a final version that can stimulate the whole body in one session of three days. I estimate to finish this before June 2015 and hopefully earlier. 

Some weeks ago, a friend pointed to this site to raise funds for things like this. I have no experience with fund raising and also no experience with advertising myself. So I feel somewhat uncomfortable doing this. Not sure if I could make my point with this to you. I have been recommended to make a Facebook page. So I am working on that as well.


Other Ways You Can Help 

Pray pray pray.

pipe cup
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