Spilly Fights Hunger

Semifamous Internet Chef Spilly is raising money to help fund the Pittsburgh Area Food Bank. Help needy families and get your idea into a future Spillymeal!

This campaign is raising funds on behalf of Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, a verified nonprofit. The campaign does not necessarily reflect the views of the nonprofit or have any formal association with it. All contributions are considered unrestricted gifts and can't be specified for any particular purpose.


@NAWTADIGM has agreed to donate 10 packs of astronaut ice cream as a donation perk. Astronaut ice cream is easily a Spillyfood by itself, and yeah, you could just..you know...buy it yourself, but why not support a good cause too? It's only $10!


Thanks to everyone who has made this a success! I'm looking at doing some stretch goals to keep the ball rolling.


$2000 - I will do an "Ask Spilly" article. Ask me anything. Ask for food advice. Ask for preperation tips. I will compile them, answer, and post it for everyone to see. 


$2500 -  Chris Mueller (@937LateShift), the late night host of 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh will sing the Baltimore Ravens fight song on air. The calls immediately after should be absolutely fantastic.


What is this campaign?

If you don't know me, I am Spilly. A few months ago I began commenting on a website called ProgressiveBoink.com, in a weekly post about rating lunches. Each week I would make an increasingly terrible food item with awful processed food, along with pictures and a short writeup. It became popular, and I started making them every week for parent site SBNation.com. (You can see what I do here and here.)  I've met a lot of awesome people doing this and it's something I really love coming up with. 

The only drawback to doing these was that I ended up wasting a lot of food. Apparently no one wants Cool Whip and hot dogs blended together, and after tasting it, I threw most of it away. To counteract this, I'm starting a pledge drive to benefit the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank. I've been gifted a sort of fleeting internet fame, and I'd really like to use that for a good cause while it lasts.

What can I do to help?

It's simple. I'm looking for donations that will go directly to the Food Bank. I won't see any of it, nor do I want to see any of it. All benefits will end up being donated, minus any costs Indiegogo collects. I believe the payment processor will send tax deduction receipts, if you so desire. Right now, I'm setting the bar at $1,500. I'd love to go over that, of course, so I'm offering some rewards to people who donate. You don't have to get one of the rewards if you don't want. But it might be fun!

For a donation of $20, I will mail you your own, personal Tangball, lovingly handcrafted from the finest Tang powder and gently mixed with the purest City of Pittsburgh water. (basically water straight from the murky brown Monongahela River into your face). There is a limit of 25 of these because postage adds up and the Post Office is going to love me walking in with 25 tiny boxes of Tang. The postage and costs WILL NOT be deducted from the value of your donation. Consider it my personal gift to you. If you want this perk, you'll need to give me your address and name to mail it to, obviously.

For a donation of $50, I will put an ingredient of your choosing into a future Spillymeal. You give me some sort of simple food within reason (nothing abhorrently expensive or complex, please), and I will work it into a future meal. There is a limit of 12 of these, because I will likely combine 3 or 4 into one meal. 

For a donation of $100, I will do a meal around your theme. Maybe it's a final product ("Make me a quiche!") or an event/sport ("Do something for the Montgomery Biscuits!"), and I will make a meal just for you. Again, please try and be reasonable, I don't have access to an entire hog to blend. There is a limit of 4 of these.

One last thing. If we make our goal of $1,500, I will film myself eating something I've made. You've all wondered what the reaction will be. I can't wait. (oh god)

There may be other rewards as we go along, and if there's demand and time, I may raise the limits of what's there now (if I can).

If you're out there and you're willing to donate a reward of some sort, please let me know! Let's try to get this as popular and as funded as possible.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are tight on cash right now, I totally understand. If you want to make a difference, why not volunteer for a few hours at a shelter, or soup kitchen, or your local food pantry? Let me know what you're doing on Twitter (@IAmSpilly) and I'll see what I can do to make it worth your while. I can't offer much, but maybe I can write your name in Internet Paste on a tortilla.

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