Spied Upon

What's it like to find out someone you've trusted for years is actually an undercover agent sent to spy on you and your friends? An expose of modern day spying.
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  • €1EUR
    Exclusive updates

    You will receive exclusive images and updates via email. Even those without much cash can help by spreading the word, thanks!

    5 claimed

  • €10EUR
    Exclusive previews, UK Poster

    Access to password-protected preview scenes before the movie is released, UK Tour poster pdf, exclusive email list with images and updates

    Estimated delivery: December 2013

    15 claimed

  • €25EUR
    Film Download, Signed Poster

    Spied Upon film download with bonus material as soon as it's finished in 2014. The director will sign an über-cool Spied Upon "Sneak Preview UK" Risograph poster, printed in Leeds by Footprint Workers Collective by people featured in the film. Poster send in Oct. 2013. Plus the above perks

    23 claimed

  • €50EUR
    Signed DVD, Stills+

    We send you a a signed DVD with bonus materials and e-home viewing party pack, 5 Production Stills used to promote the film, Riso poster and choice of above

    4 claimed

  • €75EUR
    Spy Pack, DVD+, Stills

    Spy Pack: additional information about what spies featured in the film really were after and their tactics, with detailed information we are not able to fit into the film. Spied Upon script when finished in 2014, Plus, the signed DVD, Riso poster, and choice of above

    1 claimed

  • €100EUR
    Name in Lights+Spy Pack+Script

    Your name will appear as a Supporter in Spied Upon film credits. Plus, Spy Pack, DVD, Spied Upon script when finished in 2014, and choice of above

    4 claimed

  • €250EUR
    Chat with Director, Spy Pack+

    You will be able to have an online chat with Director Jason Kirkpatrick, to cover any topics you like. Plus, name in credits, Spy Pack, and choice of all the above

    Estimated delivery: January 2014

    1 out of 70 claimed

  • €500EUR
    Producer Credits, Video Call+

    You will be listed in the credits as a Supporting Producer. Have a personal skype call with Director Jason Kirkpatrick or other film participants to discuss direction of the film, or any topic you like. Plus the above

    0 out of 40 claimed

  • €1,000EUR
    Meal/demo pack, credits+

    Join director Jason Kirkpatrick and/or other film participants for either an delectable meal or to go to a demonstration against spying together in Berlin, past home of the Stasi! Tell us where you are and maybe we can meet on the film tour. Credits listing as a Supporting Producer. Plus the above

    1 claimed

  • €2,000EUR
    Film Premiere pack, credits+

    You will be invited to a Spied Upon premiere event of your choice, thanked publicly for your vital support, and hang out "backstage" with the director and present film team members for the evening. Plus choice of above items (you cover your travel and lodging)

    0 out of 15 claimed

  • €5,000EUR
    Directors advice

    If you donate this much, you must take this issue very seriously. In addition to the above perks, you can either meet or phone Director Jason Kirkpatrick to have a serious discussion about which issues you think should be an important focus of this film, Plus choice of the above

    0 out of 7 claimed

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