Sphero - Peacekeeper Edition

Sphero Peacekeeper Edition is a super-sized, 3 foot tall version of Sphero - the world's first app-controlled robotic ball.

What is Peacekeeper?

Sphero - Peacekeeper Edition is a super-sized version of Sphero that you control from your smartphone or tablet. Measuring in at a whopping 3 feet in diameter, weighing over 150 pounds, and reaching speeds still unknown, Peacekeeper ain’t your average robotic ball.

Sphero - Peacekeeper Edition has all of the same features we know and love from the original Sphero, except they’re bigger. And we all know bigger is better. This limited edition robot is encased in a custom painted, high-impact polycarbonate shell for ultimate durability. You can drive the ball, play multiplayer games, entertain your pets, and more.

We're raising funds to offset the initial cost of parts and production. If we reach our goal, we plan to start selling Sphero – Peacekeeper Edition through our online store (store.gosphero.com) in Fall 2013.

For a manageable $10,000 pledge, Sphero - Peacekeeper Edition can even be yours as soon as August, 2013. It’s the perfect gift for the whole family or the serious tech enthusiast. 

Sphero - Peacekeeper Edition

Why Peacekeeper?

Because bigger is better…and because we could.

How does it work?

Mechanically, Sphero - Peacekeeper Edition is essentially a scaled up Sphero. It has two motors that are controlled by a Sphero board and communicate to the smart device via Bluetooth. Each Peacekeeper will have a separate "dead man remote switch," which another operator can use to shut down the Peacekeeper if it loses it's connection to the smart device or becomes unsafe. Sphero - Peacekeeper Edition is designed to stop if it loses control, but this is an added safety measure. Additionally, Peacekeeper requires the user to separate the two halves to charge the marine grade batteries – the batteries will last for over two hours of driving.

Since Peacekeeper is a Sphero, it is fully programmable via one of our numerous APIs and control languages including Objective C and Java – making the Peacekeeper an ideal robotic device for the classroom environment. While all the apps for Sphero will work with the Peacekeeper Edition, some are simply not practical. For an additional charge we can replace the Bluetooth phone control and use a longer-range hobby R/C link. It will be slightly more difficult to drive with this setup but will increase the range threefold.


Each Peacekeeper will be hand assembled in Boulder, CO and we can customize the graphics to your liking (depending on the complexity, there may be an additional fee). Driving the Peacekeeper takes a bit of practice. We will provide instructional videos or you may come to Boulder to pick up your Peacekeeper and receive training from our engineering team.


Sphero - Peacekeeper Edition is heavy and large. Caution should be exercised when operating Peacekeeper. It is not intended for use by children or people under the influence of substances that affect motor skills. Due to its ability to crush, we highly discourage users from operating Peacekeeper near small children and pets. This is not a toy.  Peacekeeper is a sophisticated, computer-controlled robot and should only be purchased by skilled robotic enthusiasts or technicians. While the video may depict moments of exhilaration and enjoyment, all scenes of crushing and destruction are real, the Peacekeeper can generate a lot of momentum that may be hard to stop. Sphero - Peacekeeper Edition is rugged, but not waterproof. Since the shell must be opened to charge the batteries and access the on and off switches, users must insure the inside mechanism is free from debris prior to use. Interested buyers can contact us for images of the interior mechanism if there are questions before purchase.

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